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Mike O'neill          10/10

We came to this restaurant last year on our first night. We then tried others but ended up back at Hera for the rest of the holiday. I wont single out a meal for praise they are all great. Try the lot.

Teri S          10/10

We had probably the best meal of our stay here, excellent value for money, attentive staff without being overbearing or pushy. Will defo come back here again.

Trish J          10/10

Hera's is the most fantastic restaurant. Family & staff are the best. The food is marvellous. W e eat there every night when staying in Kalamaki. Great place great people. Love you guys. Been home two Weeks but miss you all.

The B

Great restaurant.Brilliant food

See you all in August

Elaine W          10/10

 Hera is a fantastic restaurant myself and friends visited whilst we were in Kalamik for a wedding. The food is just amazing and the pasta is gorgeous. if you are vegitarian this placce caters well for you. Everything we eat on all visits was cooked to perfecction from a state of the art burger to a gorgeous steak. Our friends visited Hera before we arrived and was talking about it as a place to eat, during my visit I visited with friends twice and had the most fantastic evenings, the food, the service, the staff, and the ambiance were all second to none. Well done guyys you have a great restaurant and a great staff team.......... Would absolutely recommend anyone who is going to Kalamaki to visit this restaurant I promise you will not be dissapointed.  

Ilias K

many of you have  misunderstand many things but any way... 

George S          10/10

Great meals  always, see you all in September.

Lesley S

This is going too far, this is a site for recommending restaurants and giving honest opinions about their food and service. It is NOT the place to make libelous and obnoxious statements, there are other channels to deal with any issues you have. By commenting here you are not only damaging a families business, but damaging the reputation of the whole resort/island!!!!

Ilias K

First to blame someone for something we should know exactly how things were made ...
Τhis particular dog has invaded the garden and farm, restaurant and destroyed much of the crop while killed and many chickens,
regarding the destruction of property and LIFE of chicken's NOBODY was interested ......
When the man saw what had happened tried to drive away the dogs from there but the sadness of all this destruction made him out of his mind ....
I believe that everyone can ... it did , if we knew and understand how sad he felt this time... This man care many pets cats dogs parrots and chickens, but just unhappiness angered him ...
This was a very difficult time for ALL of us ...The man apologizes to all and already regret for this act ... The dog is fine , as well it was not injured !!!
Also, the Management and Staff apologize for that became ... And again sorry for the inconvenience!!!!!!

Judy S

   Coming over soon with a large party and i can assure you we will not be stepping foot over the doorstep and will certainly be spreading the word about the treatment that the owner dealt to a young stray dog lifting it high in the air and slamming it down on its head infront of customers, some who left after witnessing this vile act of cruelty. I hope the screams of this animal will haunt you

Herarestaurant Z          10/10

YOU CAN FIND US ON FACEBOOK : HeraRestaurant Zakynthos !!!! :) :)

Norma B

Hi Guys, not be long before we are back enjoying your wonderful food.  8 weeks and counting see you soon.

Tim L          10/10

We liked it here. Good food in good sized portions. The staff are friendly and the price competitive. Very good, highly recommended.

Debbie C          5/10

after hearing such great things about this place, i was dying to try it, unfortunately i wasnt impressed, the food I found average and bland, the staff however were very attentive, maybe chef having bad day.

Rachel H          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeOne of the best restaurants in Kalamaki. The food is delicous. The waiters are very dedicated and friendly. We went to Hera 5 days out of the 7 days we were on holiday. Thankyou x

Fraser C          10/10

Great restaurant.Brilliant food (espescially the Feta and Kleftiko) and friendly staff. Looking forward to going back again soon

Ilias K          10/10

HELLO TO EVERYONE... My name is Ilias Kalogeris... I am the mini boss of RESTAURANT HERA as the staff call me because I am the son of boss(vaggelis) and many of my customers know me as LEO... Actually I want to thank you for your comments... You wrote so noce things about us and the restaurant... We will no stop to try for the best... Also you can find me on facebook writing " Ilias Kal or Zakynthos Kalamaki HeraRestaurant"... We hope to visit Zakynthos and see you again... THANK YOU ! ! !

Kate F          10/10

click to enlarge

Hello to everyone at Hera,

We look forward to visiting you in July 2011, last time was in 2007. We know you have moved, so we have a bit of a longer walk.   See you soon xx

Lynda T          10/10

A great Greek restaurant! Food was fantastic! Try the meze for starters and the kaleftico for mains both to die for! Lovely friendly waiters made us feel very welcome! Had a free karafe of wine and melon with shots given on the house! Highly recomended! All round great restaurant for food, hospitality and price. Hello to all from the 3 diamond ladies xxx

S A          7/10

Lovely food but pretentious staff.Ate at Hera twice both times the food was good but felt very aware of the waiters  who looked like they they were going to faint when my son who doesnt like rice dared to push it on to his dads plate.

Debbie P          10/10

lovely food - large protions and very friendly staff. Nice to get a shot after the meal too.

Nicky B          10/10

One of the best restaurants we have eaten in. Very friendly and welcoming to the whole family. We ate here a few times buring our two week stay in kalamaki. Would def recommend this if your looking for lovely greek food. We even got given free wine when we returned. Well done, keep up the good work!!

Pauline R          10/10

By far the best restaurant in Kalamaki, Vengelly,  Natasha and  Fredi and all the staff are so friendly and the food and service is always excellent. Best kleftico and stamnas ever and we have tried a few! I don't know how they get the meat so tender and the pork steaks are enormous!  Roll on October.   Pauline & Alan

Simon E          10/10

Hera is another one of the three restaurants on the "must eat at" list for 2011.

Really was a fantastic setting and food to match. Top class service, treated like we were the only customers even though the place was full. It really is a place to try.

Ann H          10/10

We have just returned from Kalamaki and we ate at Hera 5 times.  It is by far the best restaurant in town.
The Staff were so friendly and professional.  The food was excellent.  Always made to feel very welcome.
Had a fantastic week and hopefully will return.

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