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Hels28 T          10/10

click to enlargeWe ate here mid August 2015 this year and could not rate it enough, the beautiful setting, delicious food and tranquil music is perfect. It is set back from the main strip so makes it feel even more romantic! We with our two children one who us 12 the other is 2 and they both loved it too my daughter especially loved the resident cats! The waiters male and female were so helpful, immediately we wanted to book this for our wedding reception venue next year and so happy this is going ahead we cannot wait to share this amazing restaurant with our friends and family. Thank you for making it a wonderful evening!

Jackie D

My daugther and I ate here on our last night - the setting looked so lovely, but we had to wait some time before we were served. The prices and the bill looked reasonable enough but on paying by card, I was told that the payment was declined TWICE, and as it was all printed in Greek. I rather stupidly believed them. On receipt of my credit card statement, I was told by the card company that there was nothing I could do as I had entered my pin. I wrote a letter to the restuarant, which was ignored, of course. DO NOT PAY BY CARD HERE AS THEY ARE UNTRUSTWORTHY!!!!!

Craig P          10/10

Hi to All at Zakanthi,

We visited here for our last evening meal on our week's honemoon to Kalamaki and we are glad we did!
We intended to book a table at Michaelos as we were told they get busy but couldn't get through on the phone and was a little too far off the main road for us to walk not knowing whether we would get a table.
We weren't sure where this place was even though we had passed it most nights. Not sure why we hadn't visited sooner than we did but place didn't seem popular until our last night when there were loads being seated in the loverly garden area. Couples, families and even the local cats lay down nearby. We were welcomed into the restaurant by a very nice man with grey hair. I say this as he couldn't stop mentioning that I also had grey hair too and he said  that made us brothers!
We sat out in the garden which was very pretty with canopy, flowers and water feature. It was a small choice of menu but as the 'grey haired man' said. Why do other restaurants have so much choice? Less choice = better food. Well, his theory proved correct as the food was delicious. The staff there couldn't do enough for you.
At the end of a wonderful evening the waiter even noticed I had spilled a drop of red wine on my white shirt and he quickly squirted me with a special stain remover.  It was a bit like a scene out og Ghostbusters but it saved my new shirt from ending up in the rubbish bin!
Keep up the good work. I would say this restaurant along with Dias & Stani are on a par as best restaurants in Kalamaki for 2012!

Ted C          2/10

This restaurant was the worst of all the restaurants we visited in Kalamaki. The menu was strange with either cheap dishes under 10 euros or 25 euros or Higher.There was a lack of traditional Greek cuisine and the cheap options were so poor and una[ppealing you were forced to the more expensive option. When the food was eventually received it was cold and inedible. To add final insult to injury when the bill came there was a 20 euro overcharge.When this was pointed out to the cashier he first insisted he was right and then realised he was wrong and slapped 4x 5 euro notes in my hand and swore at me the punched me twice on the head.I must say that all the other people we met elsewhere were fantastic and friendly and this was the only bad restaurant we experienced

Ted Cadman

Claire S          10/10

We ate here teice during our stay and wasn't dissappointed, tho the first time we had an unwelsome visitor to the table in the shape of a wasp(am not very good with these) but then we were sat in a very bushy spot but still enjoyed the meal enough to visit on the last night ( and was wasp free)... food fantastic had the stifardo, and the 4 dip starter service great and lawrence was a fantastic chap so say hi to him on passin .. will def be visiting again ,, see ya all soon x

Oskar K          9/10

The best restaurant in Kalamaki , by far. The setting is woderful, the food delicious and the price is average. Ate here 4 times in a week because food was devine. The staff are very friendly but the slight thing that lets this place down is the laid back service that you get. If they got the service right it would be spot on! I would recommend this place to anyone.

John M          5/10

Ate here one in a week's stay in Kalamaki... what a weird meal!! - opted for the Meze for two at 25 euros and the waiter seemed perplexed when we asked him for a wine list.. actually for the price you get a half litre of house wine (white,red or rose)... the meze was OK, a little bland, but adequite.. the house red wasn't up to much, but the owner (who appeared to be absolutely plastered) deposited another jug and didn't charge us for it... the three chaps from Bournemouth on the table next to us weren't so fortunate, after they had struggled to drink the (warm and not very pleasant) litre of white wine, they too were given a second that they didn't want and were charged for it...they agreed that the food wadsn't up to much, in essence, good company, strange management, poor wine...

Tracey B          6/10

Beautiful garden setting, really romantic and pretty. However, this was not at the top of the list when it came to food hence why we did not return. Food was average and I was disappointed with the lack of vegetarian choice (I had to have pasta in a Greek restaurant in Greece!) My husband was also served a stone cold espresso which ruined the ambience somewhat. Staff nice enough.

Rachel           10/10

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My boyfriend and I ate here last year and also several times this year. We have tried many things off the menu and have never been disappointed, I would definitely say that this is the best restaurant in Kalamaki if not Zante. The hummous, tsatziki and stuffed peppers starters are all fantastic and probably the nicest moussaka I have tasted. The beef stifado was also delicious and the meat very tender. My boyfriend loved the octopus last year but they took it off the menu  but he has since found the kalamari and shin of pork which he couldn't get enough of!

We had the house rose and even though I'm not much of a wine drinker I really enjoyed it.
The waiters are all lovely, very friendly and helpful. I'm sure they must have been sick of seeing us at the end of our holiday! Sometimes the service can be a bit slow but you're on holiday! Enjoy the scenery and the company you are with! If you want to eat fast then go to McDonalds in Laganas!
If we go back to Zakynthos this will definitely be one of the first places I want to eat. I don't understand any of the negative comments at all - maybe things have changed a lot since 2006 but I could not fault it at all.

Liz W          10/10

This place is great, the food was the best I tasted all week. The surroudings were great, set back from the road, with a really pretty garden - a lot different and nicer than anywhere else we visited during our stay. We went on our last night, as it looked to be a more authentic greek place to go in comparison to the more commercial type places  - and we were not dissapointed. The service was great and the waiters were really friendly. I would recommend the stuffed chicken breast - with cheese pesto, white whin and mushroom sauce - it was absolutley delicious the best tasting sauce I have ever had !!  (in comparison to the other dishes I'd ate during the week, this meal looked small, however it was perfect so don't be put off!)

Whilst sat in the garden you could hardly hear the noise from the resort - and it really felt like you were away from it all.... such a nice place Thank you for making our last night a great one!
If your going to Kalamaki - Visit here you wont be disappointed
Zakanthi = 10/10 for everything!

Eve S          10/10

Best restaurant in Kalamaki BY A MILE. Can't fault it. Gorgeous surroundings, perfect mood, friendly, helpful staff, EXCELLENT food (and we tried many dishes) and the best restaurant I think I have ever eaten in. I would recommend this to anybody.

Lucy J          10/10

My fiance and I spent our first foreign holiday together in Kalamaki in October 2008 and became engaged the night we dined at Zakanoh. It was a wonderful evening, with an incredible atmosphere in the evening. we chose to dine in the garden area under the gazebo decorated with fairy lights. The food was the best I have ever tasted, and what a way to experience Mousaka and Baklava the traditional way. Unbeknown to me my fiance was trying to pluck up the courage all night to propose and although the restaurant was too busy for it to take place whilst we were there, it made the night so special. The staff were so kind, friendly and attentive.  

Tracey B

I am getting married on Cameo Island in June and would like to have my reception in Kalamaki. The Zakanthi has been recommended to me but I can't find a website/contact info for them. I see from the reviews that other people have had their reception there and would like some advise. Thanks

D B          10/10

Had the most amazing lunch here (22/9/8) We wanted an authentic Greek meal so asked them to surprise us with a selection of small dishes, meze etc.  What followed didn't initially appear to be a huge amount but we enjoyed every single mouthful and couldn't even finish the plateful! We crawled back to our hotel as we were so full and then proceeded to sleep for a whole 16 hours!!! (not bad for 25 euro) This is in no way a complaint as it was one of the most delicious meals we had in Zante, the house red wine is delicious.  Only sorry we never made it back to eat in the evening.  You must try here for an authentic, freshly cooked meal, with helpful friendly staff 10/10

Zoe G          10/10


The best restaurant in kalmaki. went there twice and was fab on both occasions! the atmosphere was great and the location was perfect,
i was wondering if anyone could help me with the name of one of the waitors. he was very chatty and nice! if anyone knows the waitors names please let me no thanks!
well worth the vist! 10/10

Caroline M          9/10

click to enlarge

Hope someone can help...... Had a fantastic holiday in Zante in May, and Zakanthi became one of our favourite restaurants.....  The service and food was fantastic and we were served by a very friendly Greek waitress called Helen.  We took photos and promised to email them to her, but somehow I lost her email address somehow....
Can any one pass to message to Helen, I'd love to get in touch with her once again

Helen B          10/10

i so love it here i have been to zante 7 times but the thing is i have not been 4 about 5 years need to go back again i would so love to live there miss it so much the last time i went there was an earth quate dont know if i spelt that right sorry but i so loved the people everything about zante i love miss you ps i am going back this year sorry so love this resturant one of the best love it when we was there last time my husband loves football greece was playing in the uro couldnt get served ha ha everybody was watching the football but what a brill night cant remember who won xxx see you all soon helen and john from nottingham england

Ross L

Could you please email me the full white wine list you have.

Thankyou ... i have


Ross L          10/10


This place is fabulous, the food & wine was superb along with the service. There is not one fault to pick with the place. I promise this, my fiance and i always seem to be jinxed when we goto restaurants as it always goes wrong one way or another. This place though was perfect.
I would really love to get hold of the white wine we had with our meal. I believe the bottle was a thicker bottomed than normal, green in colour with Greek worded label. It was fantastic! and i want to buy more more more. Please could someone email me if know which one it is.
YOU HAVE TO VISIT THIS PLACE 100/100click to enlarge

Sue F

Unfortunately we only ever had a juice here as we never made it back in the evening as we ran out of time. Lovely location especially sitting outside and very peaceful. The owner could not have been more friendly or informative.

Gail N          9/10

we visited this restaurant twice this year and would recomend the mousaka. the service was very good and the suroundings are lovely. Thankyou to Martin who prepared a table eslecially for us (well Lauren really).We have been to Kalamaki 3 times now and always try and visit this restaurant.

See you all again next year!!
Thanks Gail,Alan and obviously Lauren.

Joanne C          10/10

 Fabulous Food and Fabulos people who own and run Zakanoh. We got married on 6th June and had our reception there . I know its corny but was best night of my life they could not do enough for us plus we booked on greek night so there were greek dancers and live greek band. Set in the restaurants garden it was a night to be remembered and not over the top expensive. Really good food and a good price would pay alot more at home for the same standard

Julia B          10/10

I don't understand why this resturant is getting such bad markings.  It's our second trip to Kalamaki and we have visited this resturant 4 times, we even got my parents and aunt and uncle to visit this resturant.  The food is fab.  We have tried so many different dishes among us it's hard to remember the names but we have never had a bad meal here.  The setting is very beautiful and they have a small play area hidden away for the children which my son loved.  The staff are very friendly and attentive.  They even recognised us from our trip last year.  The only problem I had was the tables felt quite high compaired to my chair.  I am however a short person. 

Kerry A           

 i went to kalamaki with my boyfriend last year and thought it was excellent everything we had was lovely couldnt fault it at all we went a few times but unfortunatly only discovered it on the last week. The waiters were lovely and were happy to do anything for you it was like we had known them for years very catty but also hard working the best resturant we found happy to go again!!!!


hey its laurens friend!  laurens told me all about the restuarnt and it sounds really nice any body going to kalamaki should go there from what i have heard! hi martin hope everythings going ok take care love nina x x x

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