Iguana Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Craig P          10/10

Hi to All at the Iguana bar,

Me and my wife loved this bar which was just around the corner from the Bitzaro hotels where we were staying during the last week of May 2012.
Loved the location overlooking the country fields and away from the main road. My wife loved her cocktails and I enjoyed the Mythos. The staff were very friendly and chatty and made us feel very welcome. We visited most days during the day and night. Enjoyed the Karaoke too.
It's an ideal sports bar and has a pool table and games machines + comfy chairs where you can just sit and relax. Also has a real Iguana!
Me and my wife would definitely visit again if we are lucky enough to visit Kalamaki again soon.
Thanks for helping make our honemoon a good one and keep up the good work

Zakanthi - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Craig P          10/10

Hi to All at Zakanthi,

We visited here for our last evening meal on our week's honemoon to Kalamaki and we are glad we did!
We intended to book a table at Michaelos as we were told they get busy but couldn't get through on the phone and was a little too far off the main road for us to walk not knowing whether we would get a table.
We weren't sure where this place was even though we had passed it most nights. Not sure why we hadn't visited sooner than we did but place didn't seem popular until our last night when there were loads being seated in the loverly garden area. Couples, families and even the local cats lay down nearby. We were welcomed into the restaurant by a very nice man with grey hair. I say this as he couldn't stop mentioning that I also had grey hair too and he said  that made us brothers!
We sat out in the garden which was very pretty with canopy, flowers and water feature. It was a small choice of menu but as the 'grey haired man' said. Why do other restaurants have so much choice? Less choice = better food. Well, his theory proved correct as the food was delicious. The staff there couldn't do enough for you.
At the end of a wonderful evening the waiter even noticed I had spilled a drop of red wine on my white shirt and he quickly squirted me with a special stain remover.  It was a bit like a scene out og Ghostbusters but it saved my new shirt from ending up in the rubbish bin!
Keep up the good work. I would say this restaurant along with Dias & Stani are on a par as best restaurants in Kalamaki for 2012!

Dias - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Craig P          8/10

Hi All at Dias,

Thanks for a lovely meal during our stay in Kalamaki during the last week of May 2012.
On a par with Zakanthi and Stani. Excellent quality food and plenty of choice on the menu. Good service and an enjoyable night. Seemed very popular and also I think was part of a hotel or studios behind the restaurant?!?
Would definitely recommend it.
Keep up the good work.

Stani - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Craig P          9/10

Hi to all at Stani,

We are glad we tried Stani out. It was recommended to us by a couple who have been visiting Kalamaki for years. It was on a regular night (not a Greek night which we were also told was a great experience with dancing, fire and music!). We were made to feel very welcome and enjoyed some very good food and good service.
The staff wanted to know more about my i-phone which I was using as a camera out on our holiday. They seemed fascinated by it. I think they were hoping to get one soon!
A very pleasant evening and good quality food.
PS There is no rubbish as pictured in the photos from an earlier review. This must have been cleared and the restaurant looked nice and clean inside and out. Very nice decorative wall outside with gardens and water feature.
I think the owners hire the sunbeds out on the beach and they own the shop next door too.
Well worth a visit

Oceanic - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Craig P          8/10

Hi Kev,

We visited you during the last week of May 2012 from Caerphilly, Wales.
We are glad we came to see you and the bar was everything we were expecting. Very nicely decorated, pleasant and extremely chillout. It is true Kev does great cocktails and will make any cocktail you want if he has the ingredients. We were there early evening and was told that most people got there later on after they had eaten. We had a good chat with Kev who I have to say is definitely the nice and genuine person everybody has been saying he is.
Glad to have met Kev and visited but passed the bar only one more time pn the 'old road' (little bit of a walk from the other side of Kalamaki especially with blisters on your feet!) but didn't fancy popping in that time. Nice to chillout and meet others but maybe just a little too quiet for us.
Still very good though and well worth a visit and keep up the good work Kev. We wish you all the continued success you deserve for all your efforts. Great to meet you.

Cave Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Craig P          10/10

I can confirm this bar was open the last week of May 2012. We went there on our first night and subsequently went there a couple more times during the week.

A nice young lady takes you up and down the short road to the bar in a buggy but you can walk the distance if you fancy as it's not far. Very welcoming staff and great variety of cocktails. It is a very picturesque bar with music playing and the views are fab. Great to watch the sun go down looking over Kalamaki and the sea.
Very popular and definitely has to be visited if staying in Kalamaki.