Buon Amici - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Liz W

The food was GREAT and the service was great.. The chap who works for the resturant getting people in was really friendly and does his job well hence we went! As were all of the other staff..


Pandesia - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Liz W

Food was 7/10... Service well... the man on the street who got us in was really nice, had a chat with him even after the meal itself, such a nice man we personally tipped him for his hospitality ! However we recieved a cold, rather rude service from one on the waiters, I even think he was the man in charge.We felt rushed ordering, and felt an overall feeling of plain rudeness from him, - no smiles, no talk - nudda! Once the meal was finished we were straight out of there because of that we just didnt want to stay! 

However all other service, food, and location was good.
Hopefully if anyone comes across him on their visit the waiter in question is in a better mood!
Have a great stay for anyone who's going.... we've just come home to thunder and a lot of rain :( Wish we were there!

Zakanthi - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Liz W          10/10

This place is great, the food was the best I tasted all week. The surroudings were great, set back from the road, with a really pretty garden - a lot different and nicer than anywhere else we visited during our stay. We went on our last night, as it looked to be a more authentic greek place to go in comparison to the more commercial type places  - and we were not dissapointed. The service was great and the waiters were really friendly. I would recommend the stuffed chicken breast - with cheese pesto, white whin and mushroom sauce - it was absolutley delicious the best tasting sauce I have ever had !!  (in comparison to the other dishes I'd ate during the week, this meal looked small, however it was perfect so don't be put off!)

Whilst sat in the garden you could hardly hear the noise from the resort - and it really felt like you were away from it all.... such a nice place Thank you for making our last night a great one!
If your going to Kalamaki - Visit here you wont be disappointed
Zakanthi = 10/10 for everything!