Zante Town Shoppers Special

Zante Excursions

Jojo M

Hi Hanna, the word imiglykos means medium sweet that all. Not the name of the wine.

Fallen A           

We really enjoyed the trip to Zante town.  Yes, you can get the bus for less money in the day time, but the shops shut at 1pm until about 5 or 6, and the buses stop running very early so there is not always much point.  Who really wants to get up at the crack of dawn when they're on holiday and try and catch the shops in the morning before they shut to save a few quid?  It was 8 euros each (about 5) when we booked through Olympic.  The guide was very good, we got lots of time in the town centre and stopped off to look inside one of the town's churches.  No complaints whatsoever.  Recommended.

Jenna E           

not the best, food was not very nice at the resturant we went. dont go with a travel guide as it is probably cheaper to go by bus then have as long as you want there. some nice views though from the roof top hotel

Theresa S           

don't go with my travel, maybe it was just the rep we had,but she didn't want to be on the tour . as i saw and heard her remonstrating at a male colleauge on another coach that he should be on our tour. it took her an hour before she even spoke to us, and spent most of the time on her mobile phone arranging her evenings entertainment, once reaching zante we arrived at 18.30 we were told to be back by 20.15 as the coach had to leave at 20.30. 90 mins is not enough time to shop and have a meal.when we got back to her resort she left the coach not even saying goodbye. save your money go by the bus and get a cab back

Hannah G


Julie B           

DO NOT go with smiley tours because they wait till you get to Zante Tow nthen tell you you have 90 minutes to be back at the bus, its 5 euros per person when you can use the local bus and it only costs 90 cents each way. The staff in the shops are all quite friendly with the exception of the Hondos Centre, it's a bit like Boots but they are amazingly snobby there. Try TopShop if you're a girl and like cool bags, although it's not the same as our TopShop, but overall I liked Zante Town I went there twice,be warned go early cos the shops close at 2 and there's nothing to do!

Joanne G           

We went on the Zakynthos Town trip with the Kosmar rep. The town itself is OK, but the shops are not up to much really. However, you MUST go to St Dennis' (Aghios Dionisos) church - it is SPECTACULAR!! The interior is all gold and silver. Apparently they bring St Dennis out so that you can kiss his feet. However, he was still in his casket when we got there, though some others on the coach saw him. The exterior has some great paintings at the entrance. The church is so unlike anything you will see in England. I do think the trip would be better if they took you to the castle as well. We didn't go to the wine tasting.

Simone L           

We got a taxi to Zante Town and were very unimpressed.After walking through the dirty , smelly town we found the new shops that some of the tour guides were raving about. The shopkeepers here seemed very unfriendly and their prices were extortionate- many of the duty free items that the cosmetic shops were offering are cheaper in England, so beware !

David &           


You can get a taxi from 'T' junction to Zante town for 14 euros return but the 'trip' with JMC/TC costs 15 euros PER PERSON! The visit to the Callinico winery was rushed and clearly an exercise designed to sell bottles/boxes of wine. As for Zante town we were 'dumped' there with the Instruction to return to the coach in approx 3 hours time. We were given no direction and no advice on what to see. We saw as much as 3 days earlier when we visited Zante by taxi because JMC/TC cancelled the 'trip' (with less than 8 hours notice)

Sarah D           

Zante town is very pretty at night. We decided to go late as it would be cooler. Unfotunately we booked for the shopping evening and spring tours declined to tell us that shops close early on Wednesdays. We did manage to find some nice shops in the square but overall it was a little disappointing. If you want shopping dont go on Saturday afternoons or Wednesday evenings but worth a visit

Bernie M           

You can book with spring tours to go to Zante town twice a day at 10.30 am and again at 6 p.m. for 3 euros and they collect you and bring you back to Alikes after three or four hours......plenty of time to shop and eat

Joanne R           

We booked this excursion as we were given a free voucher to the value of 15 euro's.Basically it was only a free taxi ride into zante town.There was 8 of us so we had a nice meal then had a wander round the town then went in the oldest building in zante which happened to be a taverna it was called the village inn.It had loads of character and we only wished we hadn't eaten as we would have liked a meal there.While we were there we saw a local wedding taken place and the bride and groom were in traditional dress that was lovely to watch.The port is very picturest and we took a few photo's.The wine tour was a waste of time didn't really see much though we did taste several wines,I think they take you there just so you buy wine though it was cheap at 7 euro's.

Linda C           

We booked through our Rep and ended up going through Fidelity Travel. Basically, the coach dropped us off in Zakinthos Town at 7.00, left us to walk around for four hours and picked us up again at 11.00 to drive us home to our respective resorts. Cost 3000 drachmas each.