Restaurants in Laganas

Ian D

Was in Laganas for a week in september and the first day we walked around the strip, we got loads of people trying to ask us to come into their places for food, we tried a few different places before stumbling upon Sirrocos, and i wish we found it the first day! Such a friendly atmosphere, great service, great food, great drink and a very good price. Oh and we always got a cheeky shot at the end of it ;) There first few times we went it was just 3 of us, but we met a bunch of people from our hotel and ended up taking 8 every day, and 10 on the last 2 days, and they were so happy for us to bring them extra people 10/10 Must go to this places atleast once to start of your night out! its brilliant!

Shelagh G          10/10

what to say about the sirocco  i met my husband at the sirocco 25th august 2008 got married 25th august 2009 we always eat at the sirocco when we are in laganas the service and food is fab and valentine and all her staff are very friendlysmile  and my husband ken always looks forward to his raki after his meal so valentine u better get some in ready for him as we will be there on 1st ov september about 8pm lots ov love shelagh an ken xxx c u soon xxxxwink rhondda valley xxxxxx

Yvonne Y          10/10

Well where do i start i have been visiting Laganas for the past 13 years and i have made some very good friends and Valentina and her husband are 2 of them. They are the most kind and considerate people i know and they strive to give you the best service when you eat in their restaurant. I could go on and on but i think most of you know who have eaten there will know exactly what i am saying.  Keep up the amazing food guys cause i will be back to see you all very soon x

Melvyn T          10/10

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Go to laganas twice a year &always visit the sirocco, always good food ,run by family &friends who are always very friendly & helpful ,would recomend the sirocco to any one who go,s to laganas.looking forward to see,ing you all in may.lot,s of love .thirza &mel ,p.s. have the brandy & bailey,s ready please.xxxx

Richard V          8/10

Food was excellent, good and friendly service. It's packed every night, though you have to wait a long time for your food. 2 points deduct for the long time waiting.

Djc           9/10

 This Restaurant 'Sirocco' is lovely.  Try it.  On the Main Street.  yum yum & more yummy food.
Foods Great -  Zante Lambe a Fav.
Service is Good
Prices  Normal for  Resort.
Its also does a great Breakfast.

Lynn and craig *          8/10

 ok theres two siroccos   one on the beach and one on the strip.   the one on the beach used to be owned by the one on the strip  but is now owned by albanians  went there for a full english, not good at all.  service slow  meal   i suppose reasonable  but to have chips appear on ur plate for a  breakfast   no thank you.  did tell them u have hash browns  so they went away  and fried some  grated potato  still not the same  hash brown   but tasted it  so not to dissapoint.   but  didnt go back for  another helping.

Sirocco on the strip   great food   had a sunday dinner there as well as  greek food  both nicely done  prices  average  and the service was good, would go back and hada  choice of  after  dinner drink on the house  ranging from ouzo   to wine.

Rosie S          10/10

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Excellent as usual. Valentina and family work so hard and still manage to smile, whatever time of day.

we love you loads.
Love to Malcie and Hazel as well xx

Kevin M          10/10

Only ate here once but it was great all round.

Beki M          10/10

hello sirocco gang its beki n katie eya, just thought we wud write u a little note!!!

well katie wanted 2 say hello 2 u all n say she's missing u all like mad its been a while now, but she is going 2 try come out next june with me 4 my birthday!!!! well she bloody betta!!!! she wants 2 c baby helena n babi loads but if she come over she wont be bringin her new arrival my gorgeous goddaughter skye!!!! she will want 2 party 2 much!!! lol oh n if malc n hazel c this tell them katie says hello n sends big kisses n hopes 2 c them very soon!!! anyway we both love u all millions, billions n zillions r vodka is gettin cold so we have 2 go now!!!!!!!!!!!
lots of love kisses n hugs 2 u all love,
beki n katie.x
p.s gamiseme!!!!!!!
oh n tell chris katie said hello!!!!xxxxx

Robert W          10/10


We have just arrived back from a month in Laganas and our eighth time to Zakynthos. We foung the Sirocco last year when it opened.
Mila and her team make you feel very welcome from your first visit to your last. We ate there over 20 times in our month trying breakfast, lunch and dinner and never had a bad meal so I would ask you to give this restaurant a try.
Food is freshly prepared and at very affordable prices, being from Scotland the usual Sunday Dinner is not normally important, however, you must try it here............magic!!!!!
Mila............Ryan wants to know if the job is still open for him...........................we will try harder next year.
All the best for the rest of the season
Robert, Audrey and Ryan
PS To Ian.............Man U have spent enough!!!!   

Rosie S          10/10

great place and great food. staff lovely

rob rosie and amber x

Beki M          10/10

hello vali,pano,dirty harry,flamo,ian,ronaldo lookalike,costa
 n baby helena. hope u r all o.k? we r missing u all loads n loads even tho we neva spent
 so much time with u this year so,so sorry!!!! anyway this is a note 2 anyone that knows
vali n pano there baby girl helena is so beautiful its untrue! shes like a little doll!! oh n a
spitting image ov her pappa!!!! a note 2 anyone who has neva visited this place b 4 its a must
try, the food is great, the service is smashing n the staff well what can we say they r
flippin fabulous!!!! and just some others we should mention r malc n hazel a lovely
english couple who u will b sure 2 meet in this place good friends ov vali n pano n who have
become like a second mum n dad 2 us n looked after us 4 so many years now such great people
 who we miss dearly! anyway thats it from us 4 now lol!!! we miss u all so so much n
cant wait 2 c u all again,
love hugs n big big kisses 2 u all c u all soon only 19weeks 2 go cant wait
gamisemse love beki n jodie. big kisses 4 costa n helena.xxxxx

D &          10/10

   OkBaby 'Helena' is here 7/3/07 -  Valli is back in small trousers

So lets talk Restaurant for all those that have not yet experieced THE FOOD - HOSPITALITY etc
Where is this RESTAURANT you might ask???????????????????????????
ANSWER:  Right next door to the Victoria Hotel at crossroads (approx) the middle part of the main street.
The Food 10/10  
The Hospitality 10/10 
The Venue 10/10 
Is it Busy?   YOU BET 

Joanne G

   oh gami bloody seme how much can we not wait 2 come over!!!!
well not much longer now n we will b there livin it up n  sirocco n medousa!!! lol
oh we r all just at joannes now talking about it we r counting the days till we get there !!!
 we cant wait 2 c every 1 espeacially baby helena
 anyway love n miss u all lots n lots c u all in 5 wks!!!
lots ov love beki,jo,jodie,josh,jamie n claire
big kisses lots ov hugs n loads ov love.xxxx

Caren W          10/10


Can't wait til 7th June so we can see her
Hugs and Kisses
love from
Huw, Caren and Mared Haf
P.S Thanks Bekki for letting us know even though I don't know you

Beki M          10/10

hi jean guess what???? after all that waiting shes finally had her at
2'oclock this afternoon, babi let me know earlier and they r both doin fine!!!
not sure how much she weighs yet or a name just waiting 2 find out!!!

so congratulations 2 vali n pano on the birth of there
daughter. wishing them all the best
lots of  love, hugs n kisses
beki n jodie.xx
p.s we cant wait 2 c the new addition.x
only 9 weeks 2 go!!

Beki M          10/10

hi jean hope u n david r ok? i spoke 2 valli last nite she said she was
fed up n really board now bless her!!!! she said either weds or thurs hopefully!!
me jodie & claire r goin on the 13th n then me n jodie r goin end of october
i think so we can see more ov valli while there not as busy!!!! so we mite not c u this time but theres always next year, have a good one tho!! we r goin june 4 my birthday i think!!! anyway im sure i will
speak 2 u b 4 then take care n i will b ringing valli 2night or 2morrow so will 
post anything on here if i have any news!!!!!!!.x
lots ov love beki.xx
oh n jodie she will shout at me if i 4get her name off!!!!!!! lol.x

Djc           10/10

We are all still waiting -  Hi Beki spoke Valli she is very board and fed up just sitting around.  Still no movement/arrival.  Hopefully this is the week.  If you hear 1st or visa versa will let you know.  Won't see you May as not going out until 10 June (anniversary etc)  Hope see you's Sept.   Jeannie & David

To Anybody going to Zakynthos - You MUST try this RESTAURANT.  You will certainly go again

Beki M          10/10

hello all
valli rang last night shes getting board of waiting for the little girl
she has longed for she says shes all ready 2 push!!!!! {lol}
shes really excited! bless her!!! n so r we, we cant wait 2 hear the
news from pano n see the new addition 2 the family in may only 12
weeks 2 go now n we have already bought loads 4 the new arrival.
we will b ringing valli some time this week so if theres any more news
we will b sure 2 let u no but its lookin 2wards the end ov the month!!!!
she says shes big n fat now but we very much doubt that!!!!!

cant wait 2 c u all especially the new addition
all r love beki n jodie.x

Jeannie & David

Hi to all.  No news on Valli & Pando;s awaiting addition.  Pando is going to call us so will let you have info this month.  They all had terrible colds all over xmas & new year but are slowly recovering.  They will be raring to go in May.  With the expection of Valli who will be tired with the baby.  Oh by the way it will definately be a girl Valli said.

Caren W          10/10

Hi everyone at Sirocco,

Just wondering if there was any news of Valentina and the baby yet ? Can't wait til we come over again in June. Can someone let me know if Valentina had a boy or a girl

Emma R           

oops meant to put  the food was Excellent , service was Excellent and the price was too

Emma R           

we went most nights for a meal ...the food was great , the staff was lovely and soon got to know us

good luck with the baby !! 
Emma and Colin ( the lager drinkers )  

Keith M           

We had a very nice time while we were in zante we visited sirocco on a number of occasions and the food & atmosphere was exelent and the staff were great highly recomend the visit.

all the best with the baby
Keith, Amanda, Lucy, Jonathan & Stacey

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