Big Boys

Restaurants in Laganas

Sexual H          10/10

Amazing..............What more can i say, Deano are you my Dad!! See you next year to make another tab up each week!!

Donna & Jim           

The service was really polite and speedy, the food was great, it was full ( always a good sign!) and very clean.

Sam B           

..huh pizza

Victoria J           

Could'nt fault the place-pizza to die for with as many toppings as you want.The price was good too.

Jayne B           

Garlic fries to die for!!!!

Elizabeth M           

Mmmm cheese and chips, if you go to big boys you have to try these! The pizza is good as are the gardeners sandwiches. Is there any chance of branching big boys to England as I am having withdrawl symptoms!!

Martin S           

We stopped here for a break from the restaurants, the Greek version of Mac D's, and good too. We didn't have the Pizza, but it looked O.K

Chris M           

Good place to go if you're running low on cash! Food is suited to those who like greasy, filling, fast-food, like we did.

Short B           

They serve one hell of a pizza! If you do go there, next door there is a cash machine. Have a look around the floor to see if there is still a stain on the floor! Nothing to do with Big Boys, I promise. More to do with Free shots and big cocktails, it had lasted almost a week before we had to leave!

Debbie B           

Trust me, once uve been in the sun after walking half way up Lagana road U will B soooo greatful of there delicous ice cream!! Chocolate and Vanilla is a must!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Vicky B           

Wicked pizza!

Lynne T           

Just like the English McDonald's

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