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Alastair S          10/10

I am writing this whilst sitting at caretta on our last day in Zakynthos. This is our third time here during our two week stay. The food is lovely, and the staff and location equally so. We did get some joy out of watching the grumpy restaurant promoter of the blue wave across the street thump his sign in frustration at his lack of customers. Thank you Carretta Caretta for 5* food and service.

Manuel A          10/10

Very good restaurant and friendly people!!!

The boys from Switzerland!


Went to zante in sept, ww spent most of the holiday at this returant, as we wen on the beach everday and hired our sunbeds from there. very nice beach !!! the waiters here were really friendly and more than willing to help, got to now a couple of them quite well. Will defiently be going to zante and will make a trip to this restaurant.   would recommend to everyone, wide range of food and good prices.

Alisa S           

G'day Bruce! and the rest of the posse of course.

It's the supergirls here! Just letting you know we had a wicked holiday . We loved your restaurant and pool. Even though Beth (aka. Tutti Frutti) burnt her bum very bad and made her . The vinegar seemed to work though  - thanks for the advice.We are  to be back home, and miss you guys and Zante! We enjoyed getting  every night! Sarah (aka Zeus) had a good time, especially when she passed out on the pavement . Must have been all those orgasms you gave us . Brian showed Alisa (aka Boobs) a guided tour of the sunbeds, which she enjoyed . Bruce, can you please give us information about that place you suggested us staying? Gem (aka Morley) would like Bruce to be our personal assistant and walk round fanning us ! Hope your restaurant is not too quiet without us there, to play our drinking games, and spill drinks . Even though our hotel was rubbish, you made us
Miss you all.
Love Leeds Lasses, Alisa, Gemma, Beth and Sarah.

Kirsty B           

linked to Anastasia hotel where we stayed, Caretta Caretta was lovely, we missed our breakfast at the hotel near enough every mornin so wud go to caretta caretta where the food was lush but i could never eat it all-please don't think i didnt like it cuz i did!

hello 2 nick, nichos, bruce, brian and elias (aka Bandanna) get in touch if you can
would b gr8 2 hear from u, hope 2 com back soon.
  love kirsty and charlotte xxxx

Alexandra C           

I just loved this restaurant, its peacfull but not to quet, the staff is great and very friendly...the food is excellent. U really get more than what u pay for at Caretta Caretta.

Good work Guys=)Love from the 17 Swedish girls who loved U all=)

Andrea H           

just got back monday had a wicked time even though last week of season, we were looked after like propper lady's.  Perfect beer served all day and by a perfect looking man (brucey bonus). cleanest part of the beach considering the date again and very clean loungers. what can I say great end to the summer.  A must if you want the ideal day at the beach hope to return soon .Oh yeh and the food was great keep the good service coming guys 

John M           

defo best place next to the beach for snack and the guys are a good laugh.

Debbie M           

We spent most days here when we were on the beach, the staff are really good and the food is excellent and really good value for money. We always got our sunbeds from Caretta Caretta as they are good value and in good nick.

Rhys J           

Top class restaraunt. Quality food served with a smile. Superb. I had traditional greek salad followed by squid and octapus. Lovely

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