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Sue B  (08 July 2008)        10/10

We ate here for six nights and the food & service is fab . Nothing was too much trouble for the staff they were friendly & helpful .For a starter the special potatoes are a must they are to die for !!  Also the Mexican & Mushroom a la creme steaks were gorgeous roll on next June we'll be back for more !!

Anne S  (29 May 2007)        10/10

We ate here twice as have visited it lots of times in the past.There was 8 of us and had great tbones,fillets and mexican.We were given a huge pudding free and offered a free drink the next night.Will go back on our next visit

Sandra P  (28 May 2007)        5/10

Very disappointed with this one, had excellent meal on our last visit in 2004, but this time it was not that good. the mixed grill my husband had was poor, the special (greek sirloin) which incidentely was on the board most nights was not what i expected. we went just the once and probably wont bother trying again when we go back to kalamaki   

Erin W  (19 October 2006)         

I was in Zante in June and ate at the BBQ Steakhouse most nights! I have just returned from another week in kalamaki and this is still the best restaurant on the Island! I also have to agree with Michelle the waiter's are gorgeous especially Vasilis!  so anyone who is planning on going to zante you must try this restaurant or Vasili's own restaurant if he opens it next summer!

Michelle P  (28 September 2006)         

The restaurant is gorgious the service perfect and the food delicious,i dont know about the one who also had the specials and charged more but when we had them we got the price written outside,maybe they had something different than the specials.

Michelle P  (24 September 2006)         

The waiters are gorgeous, made it the best holiday ever!!

Michael B  (22 September 2006)         

The food here is very good, the only thing to watch is your bill, they advertise "specials" outside on a board but when you get the bill you will find they have charged you the menu price which is a lot more than the special price  

Kaylie A  (13 August 2006)         

here we are ......well will be once i get the pictures sent to me!

Kaylie A  (12 August 2006)         

Hello, Vasilis do you remeber us kaylie,laura(troupha) katie,Harry,Matty,Justine,Double Tim and Carol???  We remember you thank you for a great meal and for being an AMAZING waiter! We hope to come back next year im already looking in the brouches!

lots of love Kaylie and crew.

Colin A  (18 July 2006)         

   What a place!!!

Got back from Zante yesterday morning and I can still taste the amazing food I had two nights ago at this place!
Me and my girlfriend felt that on the main road in Kalamaki most of the restaurants served the same food and had pretty much identical menus however this place was different!
It had a more specific menu that focused on the meat and chicken side. They did do the usual foods as well but the range of steaks they had was amazing! 
The value for money was superb and you got a full plate with every order!
The staff were all very friendly and had good sense of humour! It seemed like a fun place to work!
I would defy anyone to go to Zante and not give this place a try!

Erin W  (09 July 2006)         

 I came home from Zante on Thursday night after having a great 2 weeks! The Steak House is the best restaurant in Kalamaki. I ate their most nights as the food and service is really good! A Big Hello to Vasilis! Hopefully i will be back soon for some "grilled chicked" ha ha

Erin from Scotland
x x x

Kate   (09 July 2006)         

click to enlarge Would just like to say a BIG thank you to the lovely meals and brilliant waiter service we recieved at the BBQ Steak House! Hi to Vasilis and Danny, our new friends lol Hope to be returning to kalamaki next year so we'll pop in n say hi lol heres a pic just incase u dont remeber us lol!
Take care, luv the widnes lot x x

Tina B  (26 June 2006)         

Had a fantastic meal here on our first night - the steak was cooked to perfection.  Went back again during our stay and had the special which was only 18 for garlic bread, salad and a massive plate of spagetti bolognese.  The waiters were all really friendly and the guy standing outside the restuarant was really friendly and not pushy at all  Wink  Would recomend this restuarant.

Louise   (13 June 2006)         

Best steak we'd had in our lives!!!  T Bone was huge which my boyf had, i tried a few different steaks, which were all delicious!  Service excellent, the young lad with the black ford focus served us both times and he couldnt have been more freindly!  Thank guys!

Fam. D  (11 June 2006)         

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

We visited this restaurant several times during our holiday in May 2006.

Thank you, Vasilis and friends, for your hospitallity and your kindness.
We remember most the bottles of Imiglykos and the excellent non-alcoholic cocktails for our kids Rick and Jessica.
Maybe we will meet again during a next holiday. Zante is very beautiful and we had a great time at Kalamaki.
Kindly Regards,
Kees, Elly, Jessica, Rick from Holland.

Anne S  (30 May 2006)         

Great food huge portions.We went twice as the service was great

Nick   (01 December 2005)         


Sharon W  (02 October 2005)         

 Another good restaurant.  The service and food are very good and it is a great place to sit and eat whilst watching the world go by.

The guy outside the restaurant trying to persuade people to come in is very good - not too pushy and yet appears very friendly.  He remembers faces as well.  The next night as we walked past he asked us did we enjoy our meal the night before and were we coming in again tonight.

Helen K  (03 August 2005) , friendly service and delicious food

Peter K  (26 July 2005)         

good food and friendly

Paul M  (24 June 2005)         

After trying lots of different places in Kalamaki we all decided this was one place we had to go back to.  The steaks were excellent, the starters were varied and tasty and the service was good, what more can you ask for?

James T  (20 June 2005)         

Clap Always a friendly welcome. The food is superb, and Christina & Shaun give the best service in town

Rod S  (14 June 2005)         

Friendly faces in this restaurant! Since steak is the speciality, we had the t-bone, which was very good, and the Pacific Island sirloin, which had a pineapple and sweet chilli sauce - very tasty, must try this at home! If you want a steak, definitely worth a visit.

Lauren N  (08 March 2005)         

hi all just have to say that the night we spent on her was the funniest we had lol all cause of my mate deckin it on the way to the toilet lol

Maria A  (10 February 2005)         

hi shaun your food was great i loved it we are definatly coming back to see you and the other staff soon. Any one who goes to zante, try the bbq steak house the food is great and the staff are excellent.
lots of love maria, steve, luke, amber and billy x x x

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