Kaminia Beach

Beaches in Zante


excellent beach  free sunbeds and unbrellas ((but they do expect you to buy a drink from there bar))  sea very clean but a few stones when you first go in but other than that excellent but when we went it was busey ((2nd week of aug)) but we were expecting that !  

Samantha H           

Nice sandy beach. Free sunbeds and parasols on the seas edge. Few stones when you enter the sea - but they have made pathways into the sea with sand bags! Taverna/bar on the beach - playing music (not noisy). Clear water for snorkelling.  No watersports when we went (1st week in June).


A bit of a gold mine this one. Fairly quiet & a bit remote, (without a car or staying there).

Best bits?
Free sunbeds & brollies
The best "cuppa" on the Island!!

If you want a good beach with peace & quiet, this is the place to go.

Elisabeth S           

We were at this beach during our holidays in summer 2002 and it was wonderful. The water was so clear and we could even swim with the fish!! From my point of view this is the most beautiful beach of zante!
The waitress of the restaurant nearby and the waiters in the bars were really friendly and the food was excellent with acceptable prices.

Nick A           

Kaminia beach is about 5km south of Argassi. We walked from Argassi. Our guide book said it was only 2km but I think 5-6 is a better figure. It took us about an hour. The signposts are all wrong!! The first signpost says 0.5km and the next one says 2km. I think someone has been moving them around.

The beach was very good, served by two beach side bars. Sunbeds and umbrellas are free to patrons.

The beach had few people on it and the waves were great fun.

Our two boys had a great time and we managed to convince them to walk back home


I went to this beach in the Summer of 2002, and it really turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Absolutely magnificient, crystal clear water with a million dollar view. There are a few rocks/pebbles to cross over to get into the water, but it was well worth it. There were lots of beautiful pebbles near the water.

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