Ormos Bromi

Beaches in Zante

Laura N           

My husband and I ALWAYS go here when we come to Zante. It is quite difficult to find, but very very beautiful when you do get there. It is signposted Porto Vromi from Volimes, but there is no sign for the actual turn off, you'll just have to guess! It is a natural harbour and very very deep once you get in. Loads of different fish to look at once you have figured out how to get in (we used the fishermans ladder on the right handside that goes right into the water). Watch out if you don't like it cold - it's on the north of the island, so it can be FREEZING, although that's not always bad when it's 100 degrees in the shade! It's quite stony to get in at the shallow end, so best to use the ladder we did. Not good for kids as it's so deep and cold. BUT YOU HAVE TO GO!