Kaminia Beach

Beaches in Zante


Location: About 6km south west of Argassi on the Vassilikos Peninsular

Getting There: It's the first beach you come across when taking the main road towards Vassilikos. It is possible to walk or cycle from Argassi, but be warned that the road leading down from the main road is very steep and not easy even in a car!

Access: The area between the beach and a car park is lawned with no steps so would be suitable for someone in a wheelchair

Sunbeds: Yes - free but you are expected to buy something from the bar in return for their use. All the facilities are provided by the owner of the bar and apartments

Showers: Yes

Toilets: Yes

Watersports: No

Safe for Kids: Yes

Food & Drinks: A limited, but traditionally Greek menu is available from 2 beachside bars

Turtles: No

Seaweed: Yes, but it's easily avoided

Sand or Pebbles: A mixture of sand and pebbles extending a few metres into the water then mostly sandy

Car Parking: The owners provide car parking close to the beach

Beaches near to Kaminia Beach:

Argassi Beach  (138 Comments)
Argassi BeachOften criticised, mainly because in many places there is no beach! At least the water is shallow with a sandy bottom making it good for bathing.
Dafne Beach  (28 Comments)
Dafne BeachA beautiful beach and an important nesting ground for the Loggerhead Sea Turtles, accessed via a long and bumpy dirt road. Definitely one for the rental car!
Gerakas Beach  (77 Comments)
Gerakas BeachAn important nesting beach for the Loggerhead Sea Turtles and very well maintained by the Marine Park. It's beach you should visit during your holiday.
Ionio Beach  (20 Comments)
Ionio BeachA huge expanse of sandy beach which is great for those who would don't need a sunbed, or a crowd.
Kaminia Beach  (6 Comments)
Kaminia BeachA beautiful location and not over commercialised. It's a perfect stop-off place and within walking distance of Argassi if you're feeling fit!
Mavratzi Beach  (16 Comments)
Mavratzi BeachFor a while in 2008 this was a deserted naturist beach, but not now the Zante Royal Palace Hotel has reopened.
Plaka Beach  (11 Comments)
Plaka BeachA tidy and well run beach resort. You pay for sunbeds on the beach, but sunbeds on the grassy area behind are free.
Porto Roma Beach  (7 Comments)
Porto Roma BeachNot as sandy as some other beaches in Vassilikos, but still a beautiful setting with greenery surrounding the beach.
Porto Zoro Beach  (28 Comments)
Porto Zoro BeachExotic looking beach with fine sand and good facilities. There are plenty of small fish to see if you go snorkelling at the rocky end of the beach.
St Nicholas Beach  (113 Comments)
St Nicholas BeachOffering a wide variety of watersports. There is a free bus from the main resorts but you have to pay for one of the many facilities in order to get the bus back!

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