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Wendi D          9/10


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We've been going to Amoudi for several years.  It's great if you're not into pubbing/clubbing.  There are actually two sandy beaches separated by a stretch of largish stones.  The southern beach away from the road/pier is better but, depending on storms, can be narrow.  The bay is sandy a long way out (perfect for kids) water calmest earlier in the day.  There are freshwater springs upwelling in the water so its not all that salty.  Snorkelling at north end very good. Food and owner's English at the Clear Horizon are both excellent.  Busy with locals at weekend.

Emma D           

Great beach, just down the road from the apartments we stay in, fairly quiet, crystal clear warm water and clean sand..... Can't wait to go again in July!

John W           

Good beach but smaller than most.

John W           

Absolutley loved this beach and will go again. Can get busy but you'll see why.

Robert H           

I've just got back from Amoudi (28/5/03) and stayed at the Achillion. It is a fantastic apartment if you need a studio (2 adults 1 child). Whilst there I popped in to see the Villa Amoudi and am happy to report that their swimming pool is now fully operational and everything will be finished within the next week or so. These too are beautiful apartments (co-located with Panorama) and these two offer larger accommodation with up to 2-bedrooms available.
Booking with AmoudiDirect couldn't be easier - just visit their website

Michelle D           

A clean, narrow sandy beach and you can walk out in the sea for quite a good way before it even reaches your waist. There are plenty of sunloungers/umberellas for hire at very reasonable prices.

Phil W           

Sam and I have been there twice this year, once in June then again last week. What a difference! The beach is very much man-made (sandbags and rocks beneath the sand to stop it washing around the bay) and in June was actually very pretty. It shelved very gradually into crystal clear, warm water, with patches of rocks here and there. You could walk out 30 metres or so before the water was above your waist. I don't swim, save float on my back and splash, though I learnt to snorkel around those rocks in water that was about 0.8 metre deep and upwards. A perfect introduction to the sport for a wimp like me! Come last week, we were a bit disappointed to find that after an unseasonally heavy storm in August, a lot of the beach had washed into the sea, leaving only 3 or 4 metres of beach before the water's edge. We found the beach (!) about 10 metres out to sea, forming a sand bar on which you could literally paddle, though there now a gulley between the beach and the bar, up to about 0.9 metres deep. The water around the rocks is even shallower now so snorkelling for the kids is really safe and there are still lots of fish to see. In September the water is warmer than June by a few degrees. Look for the rock that resembles a frog. The green sunloungers belong to the guy with the hut on stilts at the top of the hill beside Horizons. They do cost if he bothers to come down to collect. The orange ones are managed by a craggy little Greek bloke who knows little English besides 'hello', 'six euro' (for two longers per day) and 'thank you'. Don't think you can hide in the sea when he turns up because if your towel's on a lounger, he'll wait for you coming out to pay him! We know! He's OK though, I just wish I could understand him more. Maybe next time.....

Paul A           

great! its that quiet my wife and i were the only ones in the sea at one time, water is clear and shallow enough for the kids. green sunlounges are free and blue n pink are 2000drs each. well worth spending the day on if this is what you like,not for posers.

Inge F           

Further to previous comment, yes, the beach is fairly small, but when we were there (June) it was not crowded and there was plenty of room. Sun Loungers for hire at £2 each. Water clear, clean and warm. It was quiet and very safe for children, with a lovely view accross to Cephallonia. No water sports available - which makes it all the more peaceful!

David S           

We were very impressed we the beach, although its small and narrow it is clean, the water was really clear and only shallow so you can wade out quite far, and so can the kids. Christine my partner isn't a swimmer and she loved it. Also she liked the fresh fruit salad that they brought down to the beach from the Clear Horizon restaurant.

Christine M           

good cleen not to far from shops and pubs handy when yuo got kids p mcleod