Keri Beach

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Pete H          6/10

Seems to have gone down hill since our last visit in 2007.  

Sue F          9/10

Keri Beach very laid back and peaceful atmosphere one of our favourite places on Zante to just chill.

Bev C           

  This place is absolutely picturesque! We have been to Zante four times and this was our first visit here. It is beautiful. Yes its more pebbles than sand but it is so clean, peaceful and quiet that you cant go wrong here. Its definately worth a visit

June M           

I absolutely love Keri beach. It was my favourite place so peaceful and pretty. The sand is a bit pebbly but my kids managed to build sandcastles. The water is lovely shallow for a distance and had warm currents running through. John and the girls went out snorkelling. Greek waters dont have a lot of marine life as the beaches are mainly sand in the sea. Theres the odd little fishes. There is a few tavernas, a couple of tourist shops. Keri has two parts one is where the boats are and the other more quieter end.

The view from the beach is gorgeous. You face straight onto turtle island and Keri is flanked by huge cliffs on both sides. Its a joy love it there. There is also a little storm drain river which runs to the see. It had bigger fish, turtles, (not obviously the giant loggerhead turtles) bright green frogs, giant dragonflys. Lots of wildlife. If you drive back through the villiage of Keri and up past the lighthouse restaurant to the road end you will arrive in a make shift car park the views from here are stunning and the sunset amazing definentely worth a visit.

Kerri I think would be apreciated by older people or younger families. I loved it there. We stayed in Laganas but drove round twice to spend some time at Keri I think its only about 12 KM from the top end of the Laganas strip. Enjoy!

Samantha H           

Keri village beach is a small strip of sand, backed by pebbles - it was ok.

Really went to see the turtles.  Took a boat trip on the 'Marina' boat - Keri Cave Tours (30 euros for family of  4 for 1.1/2 hours).  Boat took us looking for tutles - which we found and have the picures to prove it! The trip was worth the money just for that.  They surface every 5mins for a breath.  Stopped at the turtle island of Marathonhsi for half an hour on the beach, could have stayed longer, the boat returns later in the day - beautiful beach fantastic clear blue sea, white sand - fantastic. Little motorboat set up as a snack bar, moored on the beach.  Lots of people had hired there own mortorboats.

Simon P           

Beach not that impressive, just a narrow strip of sand. Best bit is hiring a motorboat from the front and going out to the turtle island: There are 2 beaches on the island to stop at: One is next to caves, which you can go snorkelling in (watch out for other boats!). Worth spending 50 euros & staying there all day


This beach was a disappointment to me. Very pebbly sandy area with quite cold water. To make up for it, drive all the way up to see the lighthouse at Keri, get out of your car, and walk on the cliff area to enjoy the views. There are many paths. Then stop at the taverna just below the lighthouse and enjoy the most spectacular views with unbelievable water colors with natural whirlpools. No doubt you will be fascinated by the town of Keri leading up to the lighthouse.

Mike O           

Not the best beach, Dive centre ok, Seems to be more Germans than other nationals A boat trip to "Turtle Island" is nice


Not much of a "beach" area -- more pebbles than sand. The water was crystal clear but quite cold.

Roger A           

Went on a boat trip to Keri caves from here and it was great - A WARNING about the beach - when you get to Keri the beach on the right looks nice its sandy and shallow and looks great for the kids - BUT it has an oil problem - we were told its a natual occurrance and the oil comes ashore when the wind is off the sea - its blown out to sea if the wind is off the land - our grandson got covered all down his front and it took some getting off - bought soap from local shop but didnt do much - told later it comes off with olive oil

Ian G           

Mostly pebble/shingle, so not good for kids, but a lovely spot, with fantastic views and crystal clear waters. Our kids liked to paddle but we moved on to Gerakas for a decent kiddy beach.

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