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Carol W (08 June 2009)

They seem to have closed and gone.

Julie J  (04 July 2008)        10/10

hi Mikas, Catherine, Adriana and Irene

what a fantastic place, we were made to feel so welcome, like part of the family!!! The food was brilliant, I recommend anyone gaing to Kalamaki to visit you. thank you again for everything, see you next year, we'll keep in touch.

Lesley S  (30 June 2008)        5/10

Got persauded to eat here as they have the "only real wood oven in Kalamaki". Went only the once, the baked tagliatelli was mediocre, and my husband wasn't keen on his pizza, as previously mentioned, there are far better pizzas to be had in the vicinity We ate upstairs, where it is quite noisy due to the thumping music from the Fire Club downstairs, ah well, can't say we didn't try, but we are pretty sure we won't go again, sorry

Mark D  (03 September 2007)        7/10

Ate once at Castello's. Food OK...nothing special. Seemed pretty quiet when we ate there, so not much atmosphere. Better pizza's elsewhere.

Sarah T  (13 July 2007)        10/10

Came back to Zante for the 7th time this year, ate at Castello's 3 times - food still really good - Miak's Pizza is great!  Well worth a visit.

Mark R  (27 September 2006)         

Excellent food & very good value for money, we ate here twice, sit upstairs you get a good view of the Kalamki 'strip'.

The 'singing guy' at the front was a scream, well worth a visit, plenty of choice, try the lamb, its wonderful.

Graham W  (25 September 2006)         


Brian A  (14 September 2006)         

click to enlarge

Check out the guy in the picture - he's a scream! Ask him any subject and he has an opinion on it! The food is great to - especially the roast lamb. Feel free to speak to the chef - he will tell you how to do it. Great place, give it a go

Jessica   (25 August 2006)         

'The Singing Man' as my sister called the man outside!! He was always lovely and sang to us as we walked past!! We ate there one night and the meal was nice and the staff were friendly!!

Leigh A  (19 June 2006)         

One of our favourite places to eat - every time we ate there it was first class - the lamb especially, was beautiful and tender.  The pizzas are also good value, freshly made and cooked in a wood burning oven, a good takeaway option if you are in a rush.  Thanks to Sakis for the private Greek tuition at no extra cost!

Nigel W  (01 June 2006)         

we ate here twice  during out stay in kalamaki and both times the food was realy nice must admit to going back just for the risotto starter

the lad at the front is realy nice  not to pushy but very freindly

Stephen V  (26 May 2006)         

Truly brilliant steaks both times we visited the restaurant. Worth every penny. Hope to visit again someday.

Matt W  (10 May 2006)         

Hi all,

Just returned back from Zante for a week .
Went to the castello twice and the food was brilliant,
The guy on the front is doing his job and he does it well.
Our food came out piping hot and service was quick.
The only thing that put me off slightly was the bar next door
Alot of swearing and sexual remarks from there staff to there customers.
Music also loud if you sit towards that end.,
other than that a spot on place,
Would recommend the pizza as its wkd.
Anyways all the best

Sheila B  (10 October 2005)         

We ate here several times and each time the food was excellent - beats Mermaids!  Plus they accommodated 7 of us each time.  The mousakka was great!  Kids enjoyed the heart shaped pizza.  Can't fault the food or the staff, extremely freindly and accomodating ... I wish I was back on Zante!!

Michael T  (29 September 2005)         

we have arrived home today and we miss the food and friendly service already top class restaurant.

Juan L  (29 September 2005)         

Everything was great in there.

From the beginning, at the front door, the person standing there was really kind and helpful.
The food was perfect and the attention form the staff working in there was amazing.
Really very recommended.

Jack A  (22 September 2005)         

  We ate here 4 times in the 14 days we were here and thoroughly enjoyed it each and every time. The guy on the door is very amusing. The roast beef and the roast lamb is excellent.

Dawn   (14 September 2005)         

what a great place the man on the door was ace , he made us so welcome with our five children he went out of his way to talk to them , we went about five time we were there and had very good meals, hope to see you next year dawn shaun billi joshua leo athena sophia x

Leigh A  (09 September 2005)         

We ate here on a night out in Kalamaki.  For us, the service was very good and quick.  The food also was very good, the lamb in particular, which was the best I have had in a long time.  Must admit we weren't keen on the bloke outside trying to entice people in, but unfortunately that seems to be the norm now. 

Lindsey P  (22 August 2005)         

Yes the man on the door is nusance, The meal was nothing special but perfectly pleasant, sevice was slow but it was very full we could see this before we desided to try it though, i really liked my dinner chicken risotto, they do say theres no cover charge on the menu but there was very naughty!

Declan G  (21 August 2005)         

Would have liked to try this place, myself and the family got so annoyed with the guy trying to ram his restaurant down your throat everytime you passed by, in the end we just ignored him, how much business do you lose like this???????????. Do yourself a favour mate and just be polite and say hello, if people stop to look at your menu, by all means intervene and speak with them about how good your food is, otherwise leave them alone, you might just get more business this way.

Lucy S  (27 July 2005)         

One menu between 7, unneadable food, slow service-waiting 20 mins to order with an hour wait for the main course. A disgrace.

David G  (26 July 2005)         

Generally the food was good and I would recommend the Pizza. However steer clear of the Lasagne asd thery seem to feel that it should not have any tomatoes in it. never trust a place where they have to have a seller ouside. If the place is good it doesn't need someone to drag you in.

Tony N  (23 July 2005)         

sorry to be the only person that had a bad meal here but im afraid its true

the man at the front could sell yellow snow to an eskimo its a shame he didnt cook or serve as there was nothing i enjoyed at all about the meal,
never mind

Gill T  (30 June 2005)         

This is definitely the best restaraunt in Kalamaki if not in Zante.  This was our second year hear and we ate at Castello's almost every night, we are always made to feel so special.   The Salmon pasta is my favourite but then again so are the spare ribs!  Mikey made our anniversary very special.  The family are lovely and we would like to send our best wishes and good luck to Flora, Katerina and Dinos and all the staff for a very good year.   We hope to see you all again very soon.   Love and best wishes Gill and Laurie.

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