Macedonia Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Lynda T          1/10

This is the worst place I have ever stayed in on Greece!! The owners are very rude and misserable! I traveled Greece for over 15yrs and lived and worked on Kefalonia for 7 yrs! Between 2and 5 in the afternoon on Greece its an offence to make any noise at all and after 12pm!! This accomodation played music and had the foot ball on at the same time all day!!! One night on my holiday this pool bar conected to this hotel had the kareoki blasting the place out!! (They cater for the larger louts that are not even staying at this accomodation!) I asked the owners son Nicos to turn the music down, he was very rude and threw his head up in the air!! I gave him a futher 10 mins to lower the music but he ignored my request, by this time it was 12.30 am. I rang the police to report the noise, the no is for the police on Zanti 00302695051251(so any one having problems with noise on Zanti ring this no) The police came stright away and warned them!! as they will give them one warning and if it happens again they will close the bar down!!! As you can guess they were not very happy chappys after this!! They were even more misserable looking than before!!! The place could be really nice if it had owners who were nice and polite to their customers at the hotel and not just wanting to make more money by attracting larger louts from other accomodation around their bar!! Not nice Greeks at all at the Macedonia Hotel!!!!

Hera Restaurant - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Lynda T          10/10

A great Greek restaurant! Food was fantastic! Try the meze for starters and the kaleftico for mains both to die for! Lovely friendly waiters made us feel very welcome! Had a free karafe of wine and melon with shots given on the house! Highly recomended! All round great restaurant for food, hospitality and price. Hello to all from the 3 diamond ladies xxx

Michaelos - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Lynda T          3/10

Went to Mikaelos 16yrs ago! It was fantastic then, but sorry to say it is very comercalised now! We had a meze that was good, but the main meal that was recomended, lamb in lemmon sauce none of us liked, all the waiters were recomending this dish to every one, so I think they needed to get rid of this dish! The waiters were having to run like headless chickens due to the head waiter Denis on their backs all the time! none of them had 1min to talk to us, unlike other restaurants we visited. Never saw Mikaelos that night. I was very dissapointed as I took my 2 friends here who had never been to Greece before and I had praised this restaurant so much remembering it from 16yrs ago! Sorry Mikaelos will never recomend your restaurant again!

Stani - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Lynda T          10/10

Went here on the Sunday of our holiday, it was the Greek dance night. The food was very good, we had steak that was to die for and a meze that was fab!!! The owner and waiters were very friendly and made us very welcome! I have lived in Greece and traveled Greece for over 20yrs, I can honestly say this was one of the best Greek dancing I have ever seen!!! The dancers got some people up for a laugh and it was great fun! Highly recomended all round for food, entertainment and hospitality!! Thaks for a great night at Stani, love to all, the 3 ladies from Manchester xxxx

Time Out - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Lynda T  (25 September 2010)        10/10

Hi Reno, thanks for some great meals in your place. My 2 friends love the English breakfast and rated Time out as fantastic for breakfast. I love Greek food and we had the best giros ever here! The Greek food was fantastic as good as any more expensive restaurants around Kalamaki! Reno and his family are very genuine Greek people very very friendly!!! If I had been on my own without my friends, I would have eaten here every night!! I lived on Kefalonia for 7yrs and traveled Greece for 20yrs so I know a little Greek, Reno I will keep practicing to ask for the bill! I hope you get your farrari soon!! Loads of love from the 3 ladies who love your place!!! Very highly recomended for English breakfast and Greek food!!