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Gillian M          10/10

just come back from a wonderful holiday in tsilvi visited the watersports been on a jetski and did parasailing!!! my first time with both!! my boyfriend had done them before.the staff were so friendly and helpful plus get a good photo service,defo visited there again

Gillian and Dave from Cheshire

Jaymee W          10/10


omg i cant wait to see you in just 5 and a hlaf weeks ... i am thinking of coming out and staying for the full summer aswell!!! i will stay for full summer if i can find a good job out there... ask around for me and if you find one tell me and i will come stay till october!! hehe.....
me, you and zach are guna have a well good time together.. especially with that special present i said i would bring from england for you and zach hehehe... cant say it on here tho eh.. lol..
call meeeee when you read this .. i just txt you so hopefully will have a reply off you soons hehe..
missing you and zach like crazy!!!!!
roll on summerrrrrrrr
lots of love, hugs and kisses.. your favourite little blonde english friend jaymeeeeee hehe
p.s. anyone going to zante get your asses down to tsilivi watersports in the day and out on the p**s at night hehe... most amazing place ever!!!!!

Mick D          9/10

FRUIT SALAD, 2 EUROS 50!! - What a guy!

Only thing that annoyed me was the guys selling DVDs up and down the beach. Seem to find it hard take NO! for an answer.
Great sandy beach and crystal clear sea. 

Ilia K

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Hi there, it's Ilias from Tsilivi watersports, (I'm in England now, and its really cold).

Happy new year to all from kostas, me, owen and emilio. It's snowing in England, I wish it was the summer. Anyway its not a long way to go now so i'll see you all next year for another extreme action packed summer at Tsilivi watersports. All the best. Peace out brethins!x!x!
(written by Ilias with help from Mike).

Charlie B          10/10

Best beach ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its also very child friendly

by charlie batchelor
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Zandra S          10/10

Chedan! I will try that Jetski again! It was reeeally funny  .

Say hello to the other at Tsilivi Watersports.

Su D          10/10

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heya eilos nd shaden ne every one x

watersports in tsilivi look really good!...the staff are reall nice aswell
expecially shaden!...i didnt go on the watersports my self but i realli wish i had now!
im coming back next year shaden to see you!...i miss yu:lol love yu lots george xxxx
here yu go shaden nd eilos my email georgina_72@hotmail.co.uk

Laura B

cracking beach good tan fitttt stuff just go!!!!!

Sean R          3/10

Well I hate to say it but Tsilivi beach was a huge disapointment for us this year. This was our third time there and we were absolutely horrified when we saw what had happened to it. Tsilivi 'was' a beautiful, relatively unspoiled beach....... untill now. Who's idea was it to install the walkway half way down the beach and plaster the sand with rows and rows of ugly regimented plastic sun beds? It looks awful. The walk way is a good idea but needs to be along the back of the beach. We thought we'd taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in Laganas. 

Sorry guys but you've ruined one of the best features of Tsilivi 

Kirsty M

the beach was amazing. Could walk in the sea out a long way and still able to touch and see the bottom. Sun beds are cheap enought. 6euro's for two (for whole day).

If you do decide to go on beach, when you walk on turn left and walk up that way. If you stay in the middle or right there is alot of pebbles, stones and shingles on the edge of the sea which really hurts when walking on them. Only prob with going left is that it does get a little busy. Ensure plenty of cream on as the breeze hides the fact that your beginning to burn.
Onlty problem we found was the men selling copied DVD's but if your polite and say no they leave you alone. Just pretend your sleeping and they will just walk right past as thats what we did hehe x

Zandra S          10/10

Not so much to say, just that it's:

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Dave K          1/10

i do enjoy jet skiing but I don't like to buy the ski on holiday, 35 euros for 10 minutes, can get a cheaper flight for a return trip to zante

Daniel           9/10

Just returned back from Tsilivi and found the prices of the jet skis-They are VERY EXPENSIVE 50 euros for 15 minutes and 35 euros for 10 minutes.It was very good on the jet ski i would have gone on them more than  twice but it is too expensive.

Lizzi M          10/10

My god doesnt the sand get hot!! a bit pebbly in the sea, but the shallowness is good... good beach bar and watersports...sunbeds bit pricey..but thats not problem..just take a towel and lounge on the floor!! toilets are what youd expect from beach toilets...and changing rooms are nice...also a couple of showers dotted about the place... really nice, spacious and comfortable beach!!! thats why i keep coming back

Lexi J

click to enlarge hi to elios, and everyone else at watersports its lexi an amy here is a pic

u would defo remember us i miss u alot i lost ur num elios an couldnt get in touch .we are coming back this year but will be working in kalamaci so we will call down an visit u all here is my email if u see this get in touch with me please would love to hear from u ecpecially wlios x lexi an amy my email alextouchyjones@hotmail.com

Ilia K          10/10

As a professional representative of Tsilivi Watersports, actually the 'Greek lad' mentioned in CryJay Garrett's essay of complaint, I feel I really must respond to this tissue of fabrications.  Firstly, on the aforementioned day, it was too windy to move the boat safely.  Therefore, Mr Garrett's girlfriend whilst being allowed to go up and enjoy the experience was, nevertheless, kept safe.  However, on succeeding days when there was no wind, conversely it would have been dangerous NOT to move the boat in case the client plummeted into the sea!   So, as is evident, the Tsilivi Watersports Health and Safetly Policy came into play.  It is unfortunate if Mr Garrett felt he and his girlfriend had been in some way let down.  Nothing could have been further from the truth! Laugh

Fergus W           

   Yo Yo Yo. Here,s some pics to show you all the best place to go in Zante. Tsilivi watersports is where its at. If your wanting to go out and have a laugh then go see ilias, bill and their crew down on tsilivi beach.  they have the best equiptment and watersportclick to enlarges click to enlargeon offer by a long shot. Peace out to Ilias. Nuf click to enlargerespect!!!!

Emma M           

Just got back home from our 2 week hols in Tsilivi.

Watersports fantastic.
Went jet ski ing which was great value for money. Very safe and very friendly staff.
Watched other watersports from beach (banana boat, ringos, parasailing and loads more), would recommend Tsilivi Watersports to anyone going to Zante.
Shame had to come home, but going back next year!!!


 Fourth time to Tsilivi (3 to Laganas) and one of the best beaches around.  I'm not a strong swimmer so the fact that it is really shallow for a long way out, is great - never mind good for the kids - good for the adults too!!!!
Spent most of our sunbathing time at the Local Bar - free sunbeds so you're still on the beach, and good snacks when you want!


The beach is great were there practically every day. There are at least two bars directly on to the beach in the middle section. Watch out for the DVD sellers. We bought a few and some of them have Greek sub-titles that we cannot get rid of.

Emma T           

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this is my fourth time bak to tsilivi, and spent nearly every day at the beach gettin a tan. the beach is just the best, its clean, and not overcrowded, which we loved. here are some pictures i toke of tsilivi beach

Louise B           

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The beach was beautiful !!! I woke up on the beach the one day after and night out and it was nice watching the sun rise . . .    Heres a photo so you can see

I didnt like the fish in the sea though . . . they scare me!!
Watersports was so much fun

Louise B           

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Wicked watersports  was a laugh!!!


Joanne P           

Search the beach for the best bits.We liked the narrow strip by the little harbour cause was fab for our little girls.My baby daughter cried every time a DVD seller came so they kept away a little but were annoying.Thought the fruit salad man was ace.Fandabidosy Juicy Lucy cheaper than Asda.

Sarah L           

centre of beach less stoney then southern end. showers/toilets okay. fruit seller okay but doughnuts expensive. cd/dvd hawkers very annoying. sunbeds too close to sea in some places making it difficult to walk along. water great

Rebecca T           

I have been going to tsilivi for 3 years and never had a problem with the guys from the watersports, they are all fab, especially alfie, he's gorgeous  see you all next year love sandra and becki xx

Karen M           

we absolutely loved it this is the best beach we have ever seen or ever been to, there are so many places to see and so much to do in tsilivi, if you have not already had a look you should go up the mountain to the st johns villas where we usually stop, very friendly people worth a visit

Jay G           

Weird one! Half of the beach is full of stones and not the best while the other half is really beautiful and sandy right in to the very shallow sea, ideal for young children to play. We rented our loungers by the Zante Maris Hotel, the best part of the beach we thought (real soft sand right into the beautiful clear blue sea), off a really friendly old Greek feller who would reserve us our prefered spot everyday by leaving a towel with him.  Even though we weren’t staying at either the Zante Maris or the Pheonix Beach, situated next door to the Zante Maris, (both very nice hotels) we would regularly use their pools which nobody seemed to mind. Also the beach wasn’t to over crowded at all, no where near as crowded as the beach in Stallis (Crete) where we went last year. Overall though I’d say an excellent beach just have a stroll up it first to find the best parts. (Also read my reports on TSILIVI WATERSPORTS, avoid like the plague!!!!!!!!!).


* can you be?

hahaha silly me, can't spell


heyyyyyy! zante watersports are wicked, can't beat them. me and my mate were there all the time, doing parasailing, scary but fun, jet skies 3times and did banana boat, its expensive but defo worth it. another good thing is the lads there! had alot of fun with them at the beach at night on the sun loungers wink. but whats with the moody guy at the till thing in the cabin thing, god how miserable and strict and you be?

pics c*mmin x x x

Kelly W           

i went away with my friend and planned to go on jet skis...was a bit expensive (50 euros for 15 mins) but was amazing!! the guys were really helpful and friendly and we couldn't resist having another go the next day! full speed against the waves on a choppy day...rough ride but made it so much fun! make sure you check it out!

Keith L           

went paragliding for a whole 7 minutes---40 euro--- what a rip off

Rianne N           

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It was very good...we have a lot of fun...

this picture is for elias...thank you!!
greets from holland...

Aoife W           

Tsilivi watersports were the best thing about the beach down there.Well by that i mean the lads workin there-illius and his crew..... We got thrown off a few of the things alrite but it was all good..... make sur ta go ta dennis' bar afterwaeds too-ta see wee george!!!! if ya want ta no another good bar in tsilivi too ya hav ta try magdalenas-cant beat it....brill place!!!

Eleanor H           

  Stayed at the Alexander Beach Hotel. Fantastic place, the beaches were first class. There is a guy cleaning the beach from 7am, clean, clean nothing was a bother to them, so safe waters.

Took the opportunity to Jet Ski and Paraglide, they were exicting, that watersports were good but left very much to be desired with the horrible photos. They were a fraud, we had to go and buy a drink at their bar in the town and collect our photos.  From a "pile" we had to choose ours. We could not make out anyone, some yes others they could have been anyone.  Pull up yur socks it was a rip off. other than that we had a wonderful time. If you go on the watersports, get someone you know to take your own photos.

Mark W           

1st we went on the fly fish and this was a very good time as i came off 2ce, but there was 4 of us and u were onli suppose to have 2 at a time laying down and 4 of us were sitting up one behind the other, dangerous if one landed on the other, but very good ride would do it again, then jet skies, there not cheap 10 mins - 30 euro not the best but other wise very good, fast nd was just before a storm so the seas were very choppy

Sharon W           

The beach here is so lovely, really soft sand, fairly quiet too.  The water is very clear and you can go out a long way and it is still shallow.  The hire charges were €6 for 2 sunbeds for the whole day which was pretty good.  The guy who walks up and down the beach all day selling the fruit salads and donuts has been there for donkey years!  Donuts are ok but can be dry – but the fruit salad is nice.

Jenny M

My son is joining us for a weeks holiday in early June he is 15 and keen to jet ski and other water sports do you offer a weekly seadon ticket or package for this. Many thanks

Garry C           

This year i went on the flyfish.It was as extreme as it gets and certainly not for the light hearted.It was excellent fun but hanging on like you have to makes your knuckles rub up and down and also you come off feeling like popeye with pumped up forearms.If you like extreme sports then i would say go for it but for those who are thinking dare i or daren't i the message would be opt for the ringos instead.The only bad side of the watersports is of course the price but for a one off time what the hell cos at the end of the day you are on holiday.Happy flyin!!

Emma T           

My boyfriend and I went to Tsilivi at the end of July and loved it. The beach was gorgeous and the sea was lovely and warm!!

Cheryl C           

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we went on the banana boat and didnt fall off, maybe next time eh?, jade rambo and monty went on the flyfish and they thought it was great, here r some pics xx

Fallen A           

Lovely beach - kept very clean!  Sunbeds reasonably priced and staff friendly.  Didn't go into the sea, but my friend did and loved it.  You can even get a Chinese massage on the beach!  Toilets leave a lot to be desired, but there are plenty of restaurants and bars around whose you can probably use.  we liked this beach so much we went there every day in favour of looking around for nice pool bars instead.

Mike G           

There IS plenty of choice, as much as Ive ever seen, and our go on the double ringo was great fun and very much enjoyed. 

We didnt get thrown off but then if you're eager to be so (as evidently the last person to post comment was), I would suggest letting go
It appears well run and safe, and we went up to Dennis' Bar that evening and collected two free photographs which they took from the boat while we were enjoying the ride! - Great service.

Rachel J           

tsilivi beach is lovely the sea is shallow for ages and the beach is nice and sandy and very clean sunbeds are only 6 euros for 2 and a umberella there is only one bad thing the annoying fruit salad man

Sara M           

my three boys went on the banana boat they found it so boring they didnt even fall off what a joke i had a word with the man and he was very rude.

Steph D           

The beach is the best beach I have ever visited in Greece.  We sacked the pool and went on the beach whenever we could.  It's really safe for children too, it's shallow quite a way out, goes up to your thighs and then goes back down to your knees again.  No jellies in there just  few fish.  Not many stones, depends which part of the beach you sit on.  Go towards the east part of the beach for the best bits.  Sunbeds only  6 euros for two beds and an umbrella!

Ger G           

: Our first trip to the island was made all the better by the guys at Tsilivi Watersports. We tried the jet skis 3 times, the para-sailing and the waterrings! I thought I would not end up thrown in the sea but Illius knows how to use the speedboat to drag u up and over and though the biggest swells clinging to the rings! Dispite my bragging i couldn't hold on - next year guys, next year. Thanks to u all especially Illius and the Liverpool Fireman!

Ger(Irish Fireman & Dee)


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Hey People, This A Pic Of The Watersports! If Ya Want Any More Pics Or Info Ask Me!


Laura K           

Tsilivi beach is a really pretty beach in the morning, afternoon and night. There is a harbour at the end of it and no sea urchins. Sometimes little, tiny fish swim round your feet and tickle you. If you need a drink or some food there are lots of beach bars which sell delicious things. It is excellent for kids because you can go out really far into the sea and it only come up to your knees. The sand is really nice and there aren't too many sunbeds but there is just enough. Also there are watersports and pedaloes with slides. All in all Tsilivi beach is a really good beach. We are going back there on the 18th of august for 2 weeks.

Kait F           

a gorgeous beach, clear safe and beautiful


we stayed at the zante maris hotel which backed out right onto tsilivi beach. It was a fantastic beach!!!

Joanne L           

Niko's and Spiros run the best watersprts on the island, they're friendly and competitively priced, i personally thimk they've got the best jetski's too. They're there from dusk til dawn, and unlike others i prefer it when the sea's a bit choppy, you get a much more exhilerating ride, but make sure you hold on tight!!!

Chris S           

Worked in tsilivi for the last 10 weeks.The place is great and the people are even better.Enigma is not the most lively night club ive been in but the staff the are the best,and you can always rely on them to make it a top night great music.With the likes of Judges jules,Alex P,Brandon block playing there you have to check it out.

Laura K           

hi this is the best beach ever.wide range of stuff to do like water sports  theres pedalos,speedboats  its a realy good beach bye from lauraxxxx

Deanna B           

Really nice beach sea and sand very nice safe place to take children


Went to Tsilivi 2 years ago and had a great time, stayed at the Tsilivi beach hotel which was amazing. Club Enigma had only just opened and to be honest had a maximum of 25 people on a good night, but if your like me and you can make the best of any situation then your fine.  Loved going to the planet bar, the bar staff were friendly and funny, when you walk past the bar man rings a bell to get your atention then shouts across the pub to get you in.  All in all the night life is great its not too busy but busy enough to have a great night out 

Dawn M           

This is a great place place for watersports my friend worked there over the summer and the people she worked with were so friendly and the jet skis and pedlo's are great. You know you are in safe hands.

Helena W           

plenty of beach bars along tsilivi beach - all servinf drinks snacks and ice creams etc. You will be spoilt for choice. It is a beautiful beach. Have a lovely time.

Mark N

hi, im staying at the santy maria apts on june 5th o5 i have heard that travellers cheques are not widely excepted can someone please clarify this for me please? p


Beach and sand perfectly safe. Just what you expect sand to be not gritty or anything.
Person asking for a map of Tsilivi should be able to find it on the Just Zante Site.

John L           

Oh, and for Laura Hards and Sarah Reids - we will post some pics of the lads up asap!!

John L           

We have visited Tsiliv 3 times in 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed each trip. The staff on the watersports made us feel extremely welcome and we have made some good friends there. I would strongly recommend finding out for yourself how hospitable and friendly they are. As for value for money, I can guarantee you will find no safer place to do watersports!! And to the lads on the beach Yamas! And heres to the next intake of sheep!!!!! See you all in August 2005. John & Liz xx

Karll S           

The beach in Tsilivi is beautiful. If Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire could be downsized, have increased amounts of sunshine and fun people then you might be there. Freddies beach bar is a must. Small brown dog called Freddie (with a bar named after him!) mantles about accepting gratuity rubs off all and sundry. If you like football the Utopia is good. Very Nice people. Mediterranea Hotel where we stayed was good. Its not the Hilton but wild and woolly enough for you to understand the island and the lovely people.

Probably the best holiday we've had in the past few years!

Sue, M           

Beach was clean and tidy and the kids loved it, we really felt at ease letting the kids run around the beach water was nice and shallow. And was surprised to find it being cleaned at night when everyone had gone.


Of all the beaches we went to this holiday... we kept coming back to Tsilivi. Best part of the beach... out side the Mango Beach Bar. Sunbeds only 5Euro for 2 beds and an umbrella. Sea was so warm last week that it was like taking a bath! Fantastic. Will be back again next year...

Ann S           

super beach even though a little busy. try the fruit salad very refreshing, sold by guy walking the beach. a few stones as you step into sea but soft sand after that. very sallow can walk out quite a long way. happy days.

Helen G           

lovely beach. two sunbeds cost 6 euros for the whole day

Kiara H           

got back ysterday so glad i went on jetskis i ot a date out of it he is so sexy going bak in may can not wait 2 see him again!!! x x x

Brian R           

This is our second visit to Zante but our first visit to Tsilivi.
We are flying on 23rd sept, 2004 for 2 weeks staying in the Mavrias apartments which sound lovely from the comments i have read and the beach looks wonderful, we only booked it 2 days ago and will add some comments on this site when we get back.

Katie A           

Excellent beach, really clean, the water is really clean too, lots of fish!! really shallow to quite a way out so safe for kids!

Sue S           

Tsilivi beach was great.we were 180metres from the it.The sea was lovely and warm and blue.The watersports were ok but we only saw them a few days.All in all the beach was excellentand we have booked a fortnight next year.

Neil, julie & declan L           

We really enjoyed all the watersports that we tried - Para-sailing, jet ski, canoes, banana and the best of the lot ringos!! All a little on the expensive side which I think put people off as rides/times were short. The staff were generally friendly and helpful except for the Cat Weasle look alike ( see comment by Adam Hills) who was incredibly rude on more than one occasion.

George T           

This is PARADISE!! Not much sand, but the water is clean and warm and you can even stand 100m out and watch the fish with the water only reaching your knees! The place is so clean that they even have ash trays on the tables you hire with the beds and parasol for 6 euros!

Lisa R           

dis is MI beach! dont ne1 touch mi space on that beach! (which is everywer!)


This was our fav. beach on the island. As well as the water sports and volley ball nets, the sea also rose and dropped again which made us able to walk out a very long way! The *life* beach bar serves up massive portions of food which are very cheap!! There was always plenty of sunbeds but if you don't pay then your stuff gets put onto a newspaper! It is a long beach and you can walk for a while!! Not to stony but there are a few pebbles hanging around the place!

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