Laganas Beach

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Ellie A          9/10

really long beach and shallow warm sea. on the end left hand side you can be alone from the crowd

Mr B          5/10

Looking back at my comments made a year ago, you would hardly recognise it as the same beach. The Sirrocco is gone, and a lot of sunbeds as well. The resort is quiet, the beach is less busy, and less noisy.

But at least there appears to be more room to move on the beach, which may not be a bad thing !

Nick E

Cant really afford car hire so anyone know if bus service from Laganos any good to see rest of island - will be going in October this year? Very successful doing this in Corfu a few years ago. Thanks

Sammi D          9/10

We visited this beach twice & loved it. We got sun chairs outside the Cherry Bar. The sea was lovely and warm. It was so shallow for so far out which is great for kids. The water is so clear that we could see the little fish swimming near our feet. Theres no pebbles either which is a bonus, i hate standing on stones with bare feet !! Its just pure sand at the bottom of the sea too which is great. Theres plenty of places to eat and drink on the sea front. This beach is miles long so you wont have trouble finding a spot. The only downer was the guys trying to sell you fake stuff, and the massage woman but a polite no will make them go away (or just pretend to be asleep like i did ) This is one of the best beaches i've been to.

Sammi & John - Northants

Mr B          7/10

click to enlarge If you're looking for the perfect spot on the beach, choose sunbeds in front of Sirocco restaurant, beside Hotel Australia. They're 5 euros for two, and you get looked after by the amazing George, who runs after you all day. He will fetch you drinks, food, ash trays, chase the stray dogs away, and watch your belongings while you swim in the sea, or nip off for a snack. It's also a lot quieter here, than further along the beach where some bars play loud music all day !

Dan K          9/10

This beach is great. Sand wasn't the best, bit the sea stayed shallow for far out. loads to do and full of places to eat and drink.

Mr B          8/10

Our favourite beach in all the Greek Isles we've been to. It's an extremely long beach, so everyone has plenty room. Sun loungers for hire at variable prices ( about 5 euros for two ). The sea is shallow for a good way out, and if you venture further, you might be lucky to spot a turtle !

The DVD/CD men will pester you many times a day, but a polite no thank-you normally does the trick !

Sara A           

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Have to say we loved this beach¬ :) xx

Jessica G           

 it was a good holiday for the family apart from my sister slipped 3 times and hit her head the beach was clean and the sea was nice and refreashing.

Jo C           

This is the nicest beach i've ever seen! Gorgeous!! If you dont wanna pay for a sunbed lie on the sand, its comfy free and nothing to complain about.

If you spot jimmy outside the andreolas hotel, say hello...very friendly!!


we loved the beach but the sunbeds am a bit of a rip off 8 euro for 2 sunbeds and an umberella wen if u carry on walkin up by this fresh fruit salad bar on the grass by tht it only 2 euro for 2 sunbeds and an umberella apart from tht u can walk in the sea for ages and it only comes up to ur belly the luky luky men are anoying but ignore them lol  and the motorboats am good we went on them twice and add a great time they go guite fast newayz lv ya  

 xx $ammi xx
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Charlotte D           

we have just arrived home and are already missing the beach. when the sun was too hot, we would walk up the beach for miles. it seemed the further you walked, the nicer the beach became. clear sea and soft sand. what more could you ask for??????

Laura O           

beach here is bad . Very dirty. lots of rubbish . terrible that people leave rubbish everywhere! saw a rat! Is very busy full of young people.Visit kalamaki , much cleaner, quieter and nicer.

Bexs I           

i loved the beech as i could just chill on there after a night out... the sand is lovely except when its hot and you burn your feet lol... the sea is beautifull and safe to swim in, i was in it every day... 

the only downside is people trying to sell you things, when all you wanna do is chill, it can get you angry after a while...
other than this i would recomend it....

Zoe W           

The sea is lovely, especially around 5pm - the water is really warm then!

Not keen on the fact that the beach is used as a road overnight.  It makes the sand really crap.  I believe they don't do this all year round, but we went early June and it was really annoying!

Av I           

who ever says the beach beach was crap should get there eyes tested

if you say its crap you don't have to go there again
 you no its true

Lisa A           

all th ppl that sed dis beach woz crap r all mental, obviously u all need ur hedz testin its th best beach eva! cnt wait till nxt year, goin bk YAY!

Rachel J           

its da worst beach on da island

Av I           

i think that the beach is gr8

wen you c*m ome u miss walkin down it
and its the best place 2 get a tan
cant wait till next year

Jenna E           

Got back from Laganas last fri 8th July. Gutted to be back, Lagana is fantastic, stayed at Yakinthos apartments, bit off a walk up the main road but was worth it. Beach is fantastic can go on for miles. Sunbeds vary in price, most charge 5 euros a day for 2 and an umbrella but if u walk a bit further up by greek islands resturant they are 2 euros for 2 and an umbrella. Sea was lovely and warm and can walk outfor ages and still be in your depth. cannot wait to get back! All you lucky ppl who still waiting to go have a fantastic time! 2 weks wasnt long enough!!

H X           

Lush water lots of sand and we saw SO MANY TURTLES! Just snorkel out a bit and look around, easier to see from a pedalo/boat. Then get out and swim alongside the turtles!

Lovely sand lots of fitties. All good.

Jade E           

We went to stay in lagana a little while back and loved it. I would recomend lagana beach as the sand was seemed that it never ended.  It was also great the all the planes flew over head so we could see the type of the plane (thomas cook, british airways) then it would land behind us some where. Any one going there will have a great time !! It was great pitty to leave


I went a few years ago with 14 lads.  Going back again 14th July with some girlies this time.  Highly recommend the place.  Nightlife is quality - something for everyone! The sea is absolutely gorgeous - crystal clear!....highly recommend getting a pedallo.  Pedal far out to find turtles and you can still see the bottom.  Not so many fit men when i was there but we can live in hope.  Look out for the bar 'Cocktails and Dreams' - v.cheesey but guaranteed good night!

Martin S           

Well going back for my 7th time in august, great place. For those who have not been before, there is something for everyone. Most hotels and apartments are upto 10-15 minutes from beach or nightlife. The main area is "THE STRIP" which runs up from the beach, here you will find shops, bars and clubs. The beach  is good however the sand is hard and most people hire sun loungers. sea is usually calm and clear nice for swimming. If you want any information about Laganas email me at and I will try and answer any questions you have.

Av I           

me & my family av bin there 3 times & its bin a gr8 beach every time weve walked on it. The people who try to sell u stuff and the people who try to get u 2 go into there bars r gr8 and they do take no for an answer.Every mornin we were there we walked on the beach its a gr8 place 2 sun yaself if u want 2 get a tan.
One man who works on the beach (his names yaniee) was there evry day
and he always spoke to us.
the MARGARITA HOTEL IS DA BEST HOTEL EVER if u aint bin there go and book now

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