Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Dave K          1/10

the airport is a joke. The new arrivals terminal isn't too bad for a small provincial airport, suitcases arrived and we were out within 30 minutes.

Departures is a flashback to the sixties. You have to queue outside under shaded lines, by flight number. Your then called by the flght to check in which has TWO operational desks. You have to scan your own suitcase as you go into check in through an old scanner where the guard isnt paying attention. Security lapse number one. You could take a bomb in your hand baggage, and slip it into the suitcase before its checked in. You are only allowed one suitcase and you will be charged if its over 20kg. Once checked in, you go through passport control to the departure lounge, Its falling to bits, air condidtioning doesn't work and there are in sufficient seats. Beacause your name isn't on the boarding card, they don't know who has boarded and who hasn't, thats another security breach. I'm not flying there agian until the new terminal is open, something to do with the airline haven't paid the contractors who built it.

The Olde Vineyard - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Dave K          1/10

The Olde Vineyard was probably one of the worst restaurants my party have ever been too. One of my party was a trained chef. The starters were fine, the main meals however was very over seasoned with salt. I had the local fish, my partner had the chicken and my two friends had something else, can't remember what. Even the greek roast potatoes were over seasoned with salt. The waiter came over who we found out was the proprietors husband and we complained to him, he went off around the restaurant and came back saying that no one else had complained and why wern't we eating it. His wife came over and she said that his father was the chef and he was greek, and has been told before about over seasoning the food. We recieved the cost of two of the main courses back, but with the very poor and unprofessional attitude of the husband, I was in two minds not to pay for anything. I would definatelty not recommed this restaurant

Contessina Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Dave K          10/10

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Can't give this hotel enough superlatives. From the first day welcome and introduction by Nick at the front desk, to the goodbye on the last day by Jenny, the hotel was full on, giving customer satisfaction. The hotel has been recently refurbished and the cleaners do an excellent job of keeping it clean. Iilias and Nick at the bar kept us occupied with their supply of cocktails, and Melly was always helping with a smile.

The safety deposit box, air conditioning amd fridge are an extra 6 euros a day each. The beer was cold the weather and friendliness of the staff was hot.
Thanks for a great stay
Mick, Cheryl, Billie and Dave

Giorgios Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Dave K          10/10

ate at Giorgios twice. The wine was good, the food was plentiful and excellent (swordfish was superb). the staff are very friendly, and welcomed us as if they had known us all their lives.

well done and keep it up

Manos Grill - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Dave K  (July 01, 2007)        8/10

Ate here the first night of our holiday, the grill was good and the company was as usual excellent. The service was efficient.


Menir - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Dave K          9/10

Ate here on the second night of our holiday. The place was packed which is always a good sign as to the quality of the food. The manager got out his balalika and was accompanied by an accordian player, gave some nice entertainment. All in all a good dining experience and would go back

Popeyes - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Dave K          8/10

Had breakfast here once, was extremely good service. They have a misting system to keep customers cool, one of the heads came off and soaked everything in its path, but never mind, thats life. Food was excellent, as was the fruit juice.

Balcony Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Dave K          6/10

the views are spectacular, the service was good, my meatball main course was cold in the middle. 

Tsilivi Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Dave K          1/10

i do enjoy jet skiing but I don't like to buy the ski on holiday, 35 euros for 10 minutes, can get a cheaper flight for a return trip to zante

Cosy Corner - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Dave K          9/10

we had two weeks in Akanas, sampling all of the restaurants, we left Cosy Corner until we had tried all of the greek restaurants. I had fish and chips with mushy peas one night, and their Pork leek and cider pie another night. The full english breakfasts won the Zante best breakfast award, not something I give out lightly. All of the food is preared and sourced locally. Although I love cats, I don't think a restaurant is the best place to have them hanging around

Apollo - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Dave K  (May 20, 2008)        10/10

Ate here several times over our two week stay. Food is excellent, the starter for two was massive, enough to cure the biggest appetites. Chicken apollo is highly recommeded

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Dave K          4/10

so whats changed about the new departure terminal?

Yes its a new building, its clean and its cool. Yes the queues outside have gone.
Yes its still one person at the xray machine scanning all of the self loading suitcases.
Yes even though there are many more checkin desks, as with the old building only two are open.
So give and take the only benefit is that you get to queue, inside, in the cool.
Oh and of course, the old expensive cafe/bar has now become a very expensive cafe/bar. 8 for two coffee's and a crossant!

Alykanas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Dave K          3/10

our second visit to zante, our first to alykanas. I know the euro is strong against the pound at the moment, but does that support the great tourist rip off?

One bottle of Magners 5 euros.
standard bottle of sun screen 13 to 18 euros. No thats not for a pack of six, its for one bottle.
Tin of Tuna 2 euros.
Meals out 3-6 euros for lunch 8-16 euros for dinner
paperback book 13 euros
 yes everything is dear, but that shouldn't be helped by local greed

Mill Bar - (Bars in Alykanas)

Dave K          10/10


Greek night on the Friday was superb, finally left as 2.15 am after a session on sambouca. dancing and food was great. thoroughly enjoyed it, give it a go

Alykanas Beach Village - (Accommodation in Alykanas)

Dave K          8/10

Thanks to all of the staff at the village, in particular Gloria and Dennis the barman. A very children focused hotel set in idyllic surroundings. And for us oldies we could escape the noise of the reps by going to the circular pool. The cost of the on site snack bar was extortionate. 5 euros for a beer  and 3-5 euros for a toastie, you can get around that by buying beer in the supermarket and taking it to the pool area at 1.40 euros for a can of stella, met and made friends with some good people. would I go back and stay? no, stayed at the contessina in tsivili last year, it was a lot quieter. Looks like we've reached the age of peaceful holidays

Contessina Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Dave K          9/10

Just returned to the uk after two weeks at the Contessina.Both B and I had a wonderful time, Most of the rooms have been reconditioned, and are always clean from the army of staff, well done. Both Nicos and Illias remembered us from two years ago and made us most welcome. The receptionists, Diana and Rosa were always helpful and friendly. My only critiscism were the extra's, fridge was 4 euros a day, aircon was 7 euros a day and the safe was 20 euros a week, which added a considerable sum to the cost of the holiday. I also understand there will be a large price hike next year which will make the hotel less attractive for those on a budget.. the breakfast was average, not always hot and quality was not that good. You can get a good breakfast next door for 5 euros

Old Village - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Dave K  (July 18, 2009)        1/10

went to the old village last week and had spetzofai, a sausage casserole. It was swimming in a sea of oil and tasted disgusting

Contessina Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Dave K          10/10

the hotel is about a ten min walk to the beach, the hotel is fantastic, the only not so good comment is the quality of the breakfast, but there is a bar next door that does a fantastic breakfast