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Speed Club (Tsilivi)
(Watersports on Zante)
  Kelly W

i went away with my friend and planned to go on jet skis...was a bit expensive (50 euros for 15 mins) but was amazing!! the guys were really helpful and friendly and we couldn't resist having another go the next day! full speed against the waves on a choppy day...rough ride but made it so much fun! make sure you check it out!

View 11 posts by Kelly W ip - GB
Can U Help?Jenny M
My son is joining us for a weeks holiday in early June he is 15 and keen to jet ski and other water sports do you offer a weekly seadon ticket or package for this. Many thanks
1 post by Jenny M ip - United States
  Joanne L

Niko's and Spiros run the best watersprts on the island, they're friendly and competitively priced, i personally thimk they've got the best jetski's too. They're there from dusk til dawn, and unlike others i prefer it when the sea's a bit choppy, you get a much more exhilerating ride, but make sure you hold on tight!!!

View 4 posts by Joanne L ip - GB
  Dawn M

This is a great place place for watersports my friend worked there over the summer and the people she worked with were so friendly and the jet skis and pedlo's are great. You know you are in safe hands.

1 post by Dawn M ip - UK
Can U Help?Mark N
hi, im staying at the santy maria apts on june 5th o5 i have heard that travellers cheques are not widely excepted can someone please clarify this for me please? p
View 3 posts by Mark N ip - UK
  Jennifer N
We loved it! I'd never been on a jet ski before so was a bit nervous as I watched a young girl and her brother venture out before us. It was a bit choppy but there was plenty of safety instructions before you go out. My boyfriend had done this before so I felt I was in safe hands! The water was fairly choppy so this is a real test of skill rather than pure speed. I had a fantastic time, so much that we went back for more a few days later. We got the really fast machine - don't know what it's called but it was the purple and gold one. See if you can get it!!
View 6 posts by Jennifer N ip - UK
  M B
The jet ski's were excellent. It's better to use them when the sea is calm, coz if it is windy your gonna have a rough ride. Jet ski's are not so cheap, but it's worth it for the experience. The staff there are friendly too.
View 9 posts by M B ip -
  Faye H
Hello Lia, Speros, etc. Thanks for the free rides on the jet skis and cheap sunbed hire. Thanks for keeping us amused with card games, kung fu fighting, etc, you all made our holiday extra special.

See you in September!!

Love Faye, Suzanne & Kelly xxxx
View 3 posts by Faye H ip -
  Sarah H
I went there in May of this year and spent most of my time on the beach, met the guys Nikos and Ellios that run the Speed Club and they were so friendly i was even offered a job there! if you read this you guys really missing you and cant wait to see you next year. If you are anywhere near Mango bar which is near the Speed club, it is a must that you stop and go in for a chat with the friendly staff, (which includes the owner Lisa, a geordie bird!).
View 2 posts by Sarah H ip - UK
  Julian H
Your on Holiday - Enjoy yourselves and worry about money at home! Just got back and its 35 Euro for 10 mins or 45 euro for 15 (thats per jet ski) Best when its calm as its like a pond out there. V freindly greek people run the centre from a rather pokey looking caravan at the very far end of the beach - he'll give you a discount if you go on a couple of times too! Have fun - and pull that throttle hard!!!!
1 post by Julian H ip -
  David G
the best and cheapest ski club in tsilivi is in tragaki on amboula beach run by the locals it is a secluded beach and like a pond on one of the less windy days. kalo-taxidhi.
View 7 posts by David G ip -
Rip off (although it looked fun)!
View 8 posts by Ben ip -
  Andy B
£24 for 15 minutes.
View 3 posts by Andy B ip -
  David C
Jet ski hire seemed expensive at the time, but seems cheaper than Spain. Best part of the holiday.
View 5 posts by David C ip -
Can U Help?Helen T
does anyone do waterskiing on zante?
1 post by Helen T ip -
  Rachel L
Forgot to tell you that Speed Club is located on the right side of Tsilivi beach (close to Mango Beach Bar.
View 5 posts by Rachel L ip -
  Rachel L
Don't know if Nikos has expanded this year, but prevous years he has had jetbikes only. Very friendly and won't let you go out without your life-jacket! Not sure on this years pricing, but you can but ask him!...
View 5 posts by Rachel L ip -
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