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Tsilivi Watersports
(Watersports on Zante)
9/10 Joe D
jet ski's are mintt ! very very fun ! mintt staff as well !  
1 post by Joe D ip - GB
10/10 Richard L
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Tsilivi watersports is fantastic!
This was the first time we have been to Tsilivi watersports and we will definately be coming back again next year so get the Crazy UFO ready!!
1 post by Richard L ip - GB
10/10 Ian R

I have been going to the island and used the watersports in tsilivi for around about 15yrs now, what can i say.

Tsilivi watersports the professional team for your watersport needs! With these guys safety is a priority! The team: Kostas the big boss, Ilias,Owen(Lazarakis) and Emilio, oh, and not forgetting Max the dog! They always have time for you even when busy and will always make you feel welcome. So I say give them a try!
1 post by Ian R ip - GB
10/10 Ken A
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2 Weeks in Tsilivi, staying at the Alamis just up the road and went to Tsilivi Watersports a few times!!

Had a go on the Jetski's, the Parasailing, the Rings and the Banana Boat....was really good fun everytime and the guys that run it are a good laugh.
Also went to Denis's bar which is a must (to get your pictures) and also for some good cocktails.
Will definitily be going back to see them again next time we're in Zante (next year)!!
Thank guys, from Ken & Lee Alder.
View 6 posts by Ken A ip - GB
 Becky T

Heyy (:

i went to tsilivi like 2 weeks like last week nd had a great time :D
went to owen's beach pretty much every day, went on  the jet skis 3 times & it was amazing
cant wait to go back to tsilivi to see all you guys at tsilivi watersports.
email me back to
and if were back in zante i'll email you!
YIAMAS malaka :D
Becky & Emma [Leeds Lasses (: ]
we'll send some pics when we get them on the computer.
& yes i just copied my sisters comment basically.
1 post by Becky T ip - GB
 Uzri R
click to enlarge

 nice place.

1 post by Uzri R ip - GB
10/10 Emma T

heyy guyss

got home last night from tsilivi, stayed in alamis for 2 weeks and visited owen's beach everyday in the last week, did jet skiing three times and loved it. can't wait to come back to tsilivi and vist all you guys down at the watersports.
Or we'll come back tomorrow and stay in the watersports shack
and if were back in zante i'll email you
see you guys sometime in the future.
Emma & Beckyy (Leeds Lasses)
we'll add some pictures when we put them on the computer
1 post by Emma T ip - GB
10/10 Gillian M

just come back from a wonderful holiday in tsilvi visited the watersports been on a jetski and did parasailing!!! my first time with both!! my boyfriend had done them before.the staff were so friendly and helpful plus get a good photo service,defo visited there again

Gillian and Dave from Cheshire
View 5 posts by Gillian M ip - GB
10/10 Jaymee W


omg i cant wait to see you in just 5 and a hlaf weeks ... i am thinking of coming out and staying for the full summer aswell!!! i will stay for full summer if i can find a good job out there... ask around for me and if you find one tell me and i will come stay till october!! hehe.....
me, you and zach are guna have a well good time together.. especially with that special present i said i would bring from england for you and zach hehehe... cant say it on here tho eh.. lol..
call meeeee when you read this .. i just txt you so hopefully will have a reply off you soons hehe..
missing you and zach like crazy!!!!!
roll on summerrrrrrrr
lots of love, hugs and kisses.. your favourite little blonde english friend jaymeeeeee hehe
p.s. anyone going to zante get your asses down to tsilivi watersports in the day and out on the p**s at night hehe... most amazing place ever!!!!!
View 6 posts by Jaymee W ip - GB
 Ilia K
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Hi there, it's Ilias from Tsilivi watersports, (I'm in England now, and its really cold).

Happy new year to all from kostas, me, owen and emilio. It's snowing in England, I wish it was the summer. Anyway its not a long way to go now so i'll see you all next year for another extreme action packed summer at Tsilivi watersports. All the best. Peace out brethins!x!x!
(written by Ilias with help from Mike).
View 2 posts by Ilia K ip - GB
10/10 Zandra S

Chedan! I will try that Jetski again! It was reeeally funny  .

Say hello to the other at Tsilivi Watersports.
View 7 posts by Zandra S ip - Denmark
10/10 Su D
click to enlarge

heya eilos nd shaden ne every one x

watersports in tsilivi look really good!...the staff are reall nice aswell
expecially shaden!...i didnt go on the watersports my self but i realli wish i had now!
im coming back next year shaden to see you!...i miss yu:lol love yu lots george xxxx
here yu go shaden nd eilos my email
View 4 posts by Su D ip - GB
1/10 Dave K

i do enjoy jet skiing but I don't like to buy the ski on holiday, 35 euros for 10 minutes, can get a cheaper flight for a return trip to zante

View 18 posts by Dave K ip - GB
9/10 Daniel

Just returned back from Tsilivi and found the prices of the jet skis-They are VERY EXPENSIVE 50 euros for 15 minutes and 35 euros for 10 minutes.It was very good on the jet ski i would have gone on them more than  twice but it is too expensive.

View 3 posts by Daniel ip - GB
 Lexi J
click to enlarge  hi to elios, and everyone else at watersports its lexi an amy here is a pic
u would defo remember us i miss u alot i lost ur num elios an couldnt get in touch .we are coming back this year but will be working in kalamaci so we will call down an visit u all here is my email if u see this get in touch with me please would love to hear from u ecpecially wlios x  lexi an amy   my email
View 2 posts by Lexi J ip - GB
10/10 Ilia K

As a professional representative of Tsilivi Watersports, actually the 'Greek lad' mentioned in CryJay Garrett's essay of complaint, I feel I really must respond to this tissue of fabrications.  Firstly, on the aforementioned day, it was too windy to move the boat safely.  Therefore, Mr Garrett's girlfriend whilst being allowed to go up and enjoy the experience was, nevertheless, kept safe.  However, on succeeding days when there was no wind, conversely it would have been dangerous NOT to move the boat in case the client plummeted into the sea!   So, as is evident, the Tsilivi Watersports Health and Safetly Policy came into play.  It is unfortunate if Mr Garrett felt he and his girlfriend had been in some way let down.  Nothing could have been further from the truth! Laugh

View 2 posts by Ilia K ip - GB
  Fergus W
   Yo Yo Yo. Here,s some pics to show you all the best place to go in Zante. Tsilivi watersports is where its at. If your wanting to go out and have a laugh then go see ilias, bill and their crew down on tsilivi beach.  they have the best equiptment and watersportclick to enlarges click to enlargeon offer by a long shot. Peace out to Ilias. Nuf click to enlargerespect!!!!
1 post by Fergus W ip - GB
  Emma M

Just got back home from our 2 week hols in Tsilivi.

Watersports fantastic.
Went jet ski ing which was great value for money. Very safe and very friendly staff.
Watched other watersports from beach (banana boat, ringos, parasailing and loads more), would recommend Tsilivi Watersports to anyone going to Zante.
Shame had to come home, but going back next year!!!
View 5 posts by Emma M ip - GB
  Louise B
click to enlarge

Wicked watersports  was a laugh!!!

View 3 posts by Louise B ip - GB
  Rebecca T

I have been going to tsilivi for 3 years and never had a problem with the guys from the watersports, they are all fab, especially alfie, he's gorgeous  see you all next year love sandra and becki xx

View 4 posts by Rebecca T ip - GB

* can you be?

hahaha silly me, can't spell
View 3 posts by Ally ip - GB

heyyyyyy! zante watersports are wicked, can't beat them. me and my mate were there all the time, doing parasailing, scary but fun, jet skies 3times and did banana boat, its expensive but defo worth it. another good thing is the lads there! had alot of fun with them at the beach at night on the sun loungers wink. but whats with the moody guy at the till thing in the cabin thing, god how miserable and strict and you be?

pics c*mmin x x x
View 3 posts by Ally ip - GB
  Keith L

went paragliding for a whole 7 minutes---40 euro--- what a rip off

View 2 posts by Keith L ip - GB
  Rianne N
click to enlarge

It was very good...we have a lot of fun...

this picture is for elias...thank you!!
greets from holland...
View 2 posts by Rianne N ip - Netherlands
  Aoife W

Tsilivi watersports were the best thing about the beach down there.Well by that i mean the lads workin there-illius and his crew..... We got thrown off a few of the things alrite but it was all good..... make sur ta go ta dennis' bar afterwaeds too-ta see wee george!!!! if ya want ta no another good bar in tsilivi too ya hav ta try magdalenas-cant beat it....brill place!!!

1 post by Aoife W ip - Ireland
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