Laganas Beach

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Cheryl B           

Laganas has to be the best resort/beach on the whole island....the beach is about 9kms long and all does get busy on there and the "traders" are a pain but they leave you alone if you say No.The beach gentley slopes into the sea,ideal bathing and the sea is clear and warm.You can hire a motor boat for about 70 euro's aday or 25 Euro's for an hour,there are also pedalo's to hire for 10 euro's an hour,and no end of taverna's.
If you prefer somewhere abit quieter,I suggest walking a little farther along towards Kalamaki..there are No taverna's or traders.Lagana itself is a busy place with lots of bars/clubs it really comes alive at night,a good selection of shops,there is a McDonalds,Pizza hut,& KFC,watch the flowers girls...they are a real pain...!!! But otherwise highly recommended,I've been there 6 times now and go back year after are remembered by the locals.


Laganas was a perfect beach, the only thing i missed was the romantic sunset...

Mandi S           

A nice beach with gentle sloping shores. We were at the turtle end and were surprised the turtles nests were not protected, although environmental volunteers did ask people to sunbathe away from the nests. We were lucky enough to see a baby turtle swimming into the sea on morning, but can't help feeling this beach should be protected from tourists as the Caretta Caretta (loggerhead turtles) are endangered species. They shouldnt have to contend with sunbeds, and litter.

John H           

Terrible beach,People trying to sell you something every 5 minutes. Beach wasn't very clean, Rubbish all over the place. Swimming was very safe, Shame such nice resort let down by the beach.


lovely beach, great people around to chit chat to and lots of nice places to eat. lots of topless ladies for the boys to look at and loads of honeys for the girls to check out

fit thai massage guy near turtles bar (the best bar on the beach!)

any speedo spotters out there?? get yourself to laganas beach, there are too many speedos patrolling this beach, soooo funny!

Kelvin S           

Great for just outside the hotel

Gooders G           

I agree with Rachel.

When you first see the beach it is dissapointing as it is narrow and not really very nice sand but the sea is absolutely gorgeous and I spent most of my two weeks floating on my lilo in the sea. Sheer bliss!

Rachel A           

This beach was possibly one of the worst I've ever seen. I might as well have gone to Weston Super Mare. The cars have ruined it completely and the water was quite dirty. People seemed quite happy to be sunbathing a few yards away from a car park but it's not my idea of a holiday!

Lydia M           

this beach was very busy!

Martin H           

The sand at Laganas isn't great it's pretty hard and not that nice to walk on for long periods of time. the beach can get really busy especially between 1 and 4pm if you want privacy walk towards the left hand side of the beach there are no sun loungers or people pestering you and you can get some peace and quiet. if you are after water sports there arn't any because of the turtles, i would recommend a trip to St Nicolas beach where you can do jet skiing, banana boat, rings or parasailing. there is also a decent snack bar there as well. the sand is also much softer.


The beach in Laganas is awful as its used as a road on a night but if you hire a boat out, take a picnic and go over to turtle island you will find the best beach in Zante which is not very busy and although there are no shops there or anything little boats pass regularly and they are well stocked if you would like a sandwich, drink or an icecream.

Rachel M           

Was there at the beginning of june. Don't be put off if you go to the beach via the strip entrance where all the bars are, the further you walk the better it gets. Theres a long stretch about half way along towards the kalamaki end where theres no sun loungers and no bars or resturants touting for you to come and use there spot. It's much quieter and cleaner with just trees behind, you can put your towel or lilo down for free and you don't feel like your being squashed into those regimented lines of sunbeds like sardines.

S M           

loved it went in june very long beach pick somewhere in the middle for the best spot 7 euros for two sunbeds but i would recommend getting lilos and sitting right next to the waters edge as its much cheaper and loads cooler.

Daniel K           

I took my younger sister there she loved the small water park and really enjoyed her holiday (i think all the boy watching) people are real friendly and we met some great staff there! clubs and bar are cool! we stayed in Marie's apartments they were small but right on the beach! the only problem i found there was no air con.

All in all ther hols was cool!

Debbie T           

Me and a friend went to Lagana last October when it was nearing the end of the season. We had a great time chilling out and found the local bar and restaurant owners very accommodating (got free cocktails most the time!). The beach is below average but if you can find a spot like we did where the sand was soft then its fine. It's only a narrow beach but it's a plus point as you don't have to go far for a paddle. We walked the length of the beach and found it relaxing and also lead to us other resorts. It's not dirty but some areas are best avoided (like the end near the strip) where it's a bit hard.

Tash S           

we had a fantastic time in laganas, fair enough the sand on the beach is a bit s**t but the water is absolutely gorgeous. hiring out a speed boat for a couple of hours is a great way to get a tan and see the turtles. getting a snorkle is a good idea, we went swimming with the turtles loads of times while we were there and doing that was what made zante so different and so much better than any other spanish or greek island. look out for the turtle with only 3 flippers, he sits on the bottom and it didnt seem to bother him that we were there. it was an amazing experience to swim with them and i recommend that you all do it. you will probably not go somewhere that has them again so make the most of it.
the sea water is really clear and calm and most days there is a bit of a breeze which you will be thankful for when the temperature hits 43 degrees!!
dont expect too much of your accomadation or of the food but if you are a fussy eater like me there is a mcdonalds down the main street.
probably wouldnt go back to zante but if i did it would be to see those cute little turtles!!!

Angela B           

Me n' my partner went to Zante for 1 week from 28th Sept 2003. We did really enjoy ourselves, loads to do at night if your looking to get langered. We mainly liked Cocktails n' Dreams, G-Spot n' Bad Boys. Also, a boat trip is a must - we enjoyed da shipwreck most n' even left our initials on there. There was a couple of wrongens wit da holiday, one was the sand on the beach (wot sand), the cars that drive up n' down it all day/night have ruined it. Oh, and not forgetting da old people - now tell me, why the h*ll would you put OAP's in the livliest resort of Zante, especially when they are the type to complain about the slightest noise, as we of course found out when our rep warned us to be quiet - WOT, HELLO (go home you boring old fa*ts!!).

Samantha P           

Well this was probably the worst beach I have ever seen, probably on par with weston super mare. The very dark sand was flattened totally with no loose and soft sand. The locals said it was because of the heavy rain we experienced at the beginning of the holiday, but I'm not convinced.
Beach also quite crowded and rather narrow but with plenty of sunbeds avaliable to hire.

Lucy J           

Went to Laganas mid sept for two weeks, thoroughly enjoyed it! Rescues is by far the best bar plenty of entertaining and good looking bar staff! I would recomend the cruise round the island and hiring a car as there is so much to see outside of Laganas.

Ben V           

Me and my girlfriend really liked Laganas beach, when we went there were no cars aon the main beach and it seemed clean with a nice atmosphere, i.e. not totally crowded.

Lauren P           

Hey, this message is mostly for the Tzante hotel! We want to say thanks for a really great holiday. Thanks for hours of entertainment at the pool bar and the great cocktails... and free shots!! Also a huge HI to the reps Leanne and Lindsey... hope you're still going strong! A couple of us are thinking of coming back next year so read your e-mail as we have asked for prices and such things. Anyway that's all for now. Much love, Lauren, Sally, Sam and Caroline (Essex bunch) x-x-x-x

Sarah S           

Me and my partner got back from lagana on the 13/9/03 we loved the whole place, the beach was nice, the reason the sand was a brownish colour was because it was wet! you could walk a fair way out before it got deep but it was really nice the water was lovely and clear. if you go to the beach at the bottom of the main strip near wakiki that is where the cars are parked but walk 5 mins in either direction along the beach and you will find that it is a lot nicer! sunbeds are about 8 euros for the day but it is well worth it.

Sandra L           

Just returned from Zakynthos after being there 2 weeks.
I was really disappointed about the beach at Laganas. A large part of the beach is used as a road during the evening and night. During the day it's really crowded with sunbeds. The sand is really hard and unattractive brownisch gray. Smelly water drips out of holes in the sand, and the water stays shallow for a long way. The quality of the food is below average in most restaurants. Because of the large amounts of people that have to be fed in relatively short time most food has been cooking for a long time. If you like bars you'll love Lagana's, lots of nightlife. If you like a quieter pace I recommend going to Agios Sostis, about 30 minutes from Laganas (if you walk along the sea)

Steve C           

We got back from Zakynthos last night after 2 glorious weeks of sunshine and a heatwave plus a thirty minute downpour. The Driftwood down on the beach makes Excellent food and the staff are helpful, if not some times cheerful. The main drag in Laganas is a pissheads suicide adventure, if the shots don't get em, the mopeds will. The Kalamaki road, which runs east to west from the main drag, has many more superior bars. Hot Lips, Best kareoke bar, Amigo's bar, best shots you'll ever find, and then ther'es Luppers Pinte.
What i can't say about this friendly German bar aint worth saying, the host of this bar is, of course, german. He dont like em either. Most of the people who visit this bar are local workers and friends who've been before and continue to return to Luppers year after year.The food is varied, but great all the same. Further along the road are many other bars, including The River bar, just by the river on the way to the beach. This bar is a long established theme bar, Football. As many matches as you wanne see. Niko and Lynne who own this bar are friendly and welcoming, Niko, football mad ,by the way. Lynne an english ex-pat from Leeds make everyone welcome youg or old. The breakfast is a FULL english, for p-nuts, Dot serves with a smile, a wee scots lassie, cross her at your peril you yobs//.

Jody M           


Victoria L           

Didnt bother doing the beach much as was really wet! If you laid on a towel it would be soaked after 5 mins! Was ok in parts but was mainly clay like sand! Best beach was St Nicholas

Mark W           

One week till we hit the main strip in laganas once again can't wait. Anyone know who the rep is for club Freestlye this year as i have been their twice but missed out last year as i lost my passport what a p***** that was i know.
Wont make that mistake this year i know , anyway three weeks of work one week in laganas and then to blackpool for a stag night see you in laganas if you are going to be there from the 4th August til th 11th August.
untiol next time happy holidays and keep your pecker up!!!!!

Mik B           

ultimate laganas guide
mossies are a pain in the starfish. i used repellent and i got eaten more times than bill clinton. beach is really nice, sea gorgeous. go to fatso's on kalimaki road for breakfast, it's ace!!!!
(i'm taking a pellet gun next time for the dogs that kept barking from 3am till it's throat got dry at 9am.......swines.)
fags 1.60 a packet!!!!!!!! come on blair stop being a greedy t*%t no wonder it's always raining here, taxed to the flippin hilt, the sun dares not come out for fear of being taxed. i want to live in zante.
i hate this f*%"*ng country.....zante rocks.
take clothes pegs with you and try and flog them to the gypsies that sell flowers, it's a hoot.
boat trips are a must. me and my new wife went on the "mare mare" round the island, prices on board are expensive and parts of the trip are boring but the shipwreck was cool. take flip flops, the beach looks white and sandy but it is actually smashed coral type cack, it rips your feet. swimming at the oasis caves is ace too.
best place we found for sunbathing was along laganas beach towards the little island with a wooden walkway, sunbeds are 8 euros all day for two or 4euros for two (half day). waist deep, and some fish are a foot long!!! watch out for cd salesmen on the beach, i'm sure all they do is p**v on the topless women and check to see if you are sleeping, i had some sunglasses nicked by him i'm sure.
taxi journeys are hair raising, do greeks have driving licenses?
all journeys are 5euros (3.70 ish)
zante town is a dump. it looks nice from the harbour but it reminds me of those shots of war torn south american countries. they wont let you in the harbour front church if you have skin showing. my missus had a bikini top and sarong on, just because here norks were visible access was denied!!
you'll see in laganas shops, perfumes and aftershaves, these are 3 euros each, reps put you off buying them but they really are good. for 1.80 you get a bottle that would cost you 20, they are slightly weaker in pong but are quite good.
shop around, all shops charge differently. i bought a snorkel set, some shops wanted 14 euros others were totally different. after 5 shops i picked up a set for 6 euros. they are cheaper the further from the beach you go. them toy turtles you see. they range from 4 euros to 9 euros. trust me shop around, the shops are are conditioned so it's nice to just potter around them.
all the resturants are clean and the food is excellent! gyros are proper bo' i can tell thee. our chippies should do them. worst place for them i found was "cosy corner" halfway down laganas main street. the best was a little family owned joint on the left about 20 yards from the beach, facing the waikiki pub, i think it was called "the penguin cafe"
go to st nicholas's beach for your watersports it's brilliant.
we got back on sunday 20th july 03, we had an amazing week there with kosmar, i envy anybody who is going, in fact i hate you!! it's lush, i'm in telford at the moment and it's raining. i'm dreaming of zante.
think of me.....please

Tom S           

Alright, 4 lads going Zante on 6th Aug. Anyoje thats been whats it like out there? Whats the average age? Thanks

Darryl S           

this beach is s**t! the only thing its good for is pissing in the sea at night! it's full of cars, i've seen softer sand when mixed with cement! you can't walk along the beach without getting hassled by one of those little flower t**ts! " i don't want a flower you t**t!" "i'm obviously comin down here for a piss! do you think i should give it a send off by chucking a flower in the sea??!!" grrrrrrrrrrr

Dan K           

Just got back from laganas, perfect holiday. Pretty touristy but at the same time, pretty low key during the day. The beach wasn't too crowded (nor was it empty). A great place to stay.

Lisa A           

No, sun loungers on Laganas beach are not free. They are 4 Euro for the day.


The beach was our saviour in the day! The breeze is perfect, especially if you sunbathe on a lilo in the sea! Get a good tan too. Make sure you get a pedelo out. 4 of us went on one for 3.25 euros and seen 2 turtles! They're well worth seeing. The volleyball net is also a good idea, if like me, you can't sit still in the sun!! You're guaranteed a fantastic time here.

Nigel m           


Richard P           

It's party time. 1 week 3 days to go....
Anyone in Lananos around 6th to 13th July up 4 partying and want to meet up give us an email
We R 4 lads in Laganos for 1 week from 6th July. Email us.


below you will see a comment about me and my fiance going...
well the relationship is now over...
so having a holiday to zante on my own didnt look to great so my bezzie mate is coming...
we will be the ones passed out on the beach!!


went here when i was 16.. now 22 and off there again this time with my fiance...
going on the 13th July for 2 lovely weeks staying in Laganas... any other couples going to be there aroundthat time?
be nice to meet up with some other friendly couples there.
you can email me on if your going to be there.
although i love my man i sometimes do need to see other people to talk to!

Leighton A           

Laganas is wicked - Rescues is the best bar - Thanks to the mad Aussie + crazy Yid !! Thanks for all the shots !!

Lates + em

Samantha W           

Not been yet!! Goin out from Manchester on 3rd July for 2 weeks. 2 sexy ladies from Preston, we'll be the ones on the floor pissed every night n led on the beach recovering all day! anyone care to buy us a drink? e-mail me if u're gonna b there same time -

Jessica B           

Hey me and 4 gals going out to laganas on 1st july can't wait! up for lots of partying! hope to see lots of nice guys out there! cu all there lv Jessxx


Can someone help??

Are the sun loungers free on Laganas beach or do they charge you to have them for the day??

Michelle H

hi im 15 n goin on holiday on june 15th 2003 with my bro n dad any other kids goin round this time? i would like to no if u can hire out any sailing boats on the beach either post a reply or email me on cheers


Stayed in Laganas again from 18th-25th May 2003. It was fairly quiet really. Get in Cherry Bay club and see Gillian (the Scottish bird behind the bar). She is gorgeous and really friendly.

Ali R           

This resort is the busiest, dirtiest and loudest, but its great for a night out. We all went to the Rescue bar (the best) and had a right laugh with the brilliant bar staff. Watch out for their renditions of S Club - hilarious!

Jenny S           

Hey 3 hot girls going to Laganas on 10th July...cant wait. We are up for those parties so you guys betta be ready for us!!!!!!!!


Very crowdy!

Angela B

does anyone know of anywhere to hire a motor boat in Laganas or Kalamaki????Cheers.........


Hi Amy. Two lads going to Laganas probably 18th May for a week. I have been twice before, my mate once. Contact at

Fiona S           

hi , i am going to lagana in may and would like anyone who has been before to advise me how much money i need to take and how hot it will be and were the best places to visit are. i would be so gratefull. yammass !!!!!!!!!!!

Darren T           


I went to Laganas in May in 2002, we got there at about 7.30pm and it was 24 degrees, then for the whole first week it was scorching hot by 10.30am! The second week was a bit cloudy but still very warm.


We are a group of 16 yr old girls, is there anyone else going to Laganas from 14th July 2003 of a similar age?

Mel H           

Went to laganas last year in September. Laganas beach is great we walked right the way along the beach and found some really nice sunbathing spots. Lots of places to get something to eat and drink along the beach. The sea is a lovely turquoise colour and very very clear. we brought a lilo from one of the shops and used that everyday instead of paying for a sunbed, really worth doing because they are so comfy.


Hi Steph, theres 6 lads gong out the same time as u to laganas! do u have an email? maybe we could talk???? Please reply

Sara C           

Zante is a beautiful island, the people are extremely friendly, the night life was exellent, spoiled only by the Gypsies constantly bothering us to buy a rose literally every 5 minutes. I would love to go there again for my holiday. Oh, and we never bothered with Macca D's!

Vikki W           

That sounded really bad, I didn't mean we spent 600 - 700 in McDonald's! Just trying to answer people's queries all at once! Sorry!

Vikki W           

Yes there is really a McDonald's! It don't taste too bad either (unlike the one I visited in Gran Canaria!). Me and my friend spent about 600 - 700 when we went there last year and that was for two weeks. Depends on why you are going on holiday I spose. We went for the alcohol (being teenagers) so it's not surprising we spent so much. I am going again this year and I am taking even more money this time. Didn't actually get to the beach but I just wanted to answer your comments!

Gina C

4 of us are going to laganas (2 17yrs, 1 20yrs & a 1 and a half yr) Is the beach safe for a young toddler and will 300 each be enough to last us 2 weeks?

Caz L           

me and 7 of my mates went in July last year and we had such a cheap holiday.
We went for 2 weeks and i didnt spend more than about 350.
dont worry, if you go to most bars, they give you loads of freebies when your in there. food is dirt cheap and they have a mcdonalds too.
have a fab time

Rose D           

Steph, We went out last year in July. It depends on what you are planning on doing but our group of 6 got away with between 270 and 350, so anything in that region should be fine. That covered a meal each night, alcohol each night and a couple of turtle excursions. Any other questions, email me at

Zoe C           

Nicci! im jealous you will be there all summer. I love the place! Will be there june 2003! xx


to steph who is going to zante in june 2003... make sure u r staying in laganas cos everywhere else is kinda boring!
i'll be working in laganas all the summer of 2003! hopefully ill see you there!

Helen C           

we loved it there, the people were great and the beach we loved, after the first few days we found a great place to eat and ate there every night.the boat trip was bril and we cant wait to go back there again,(well i cant wait. I didnt want to come home. I would tell anyone to go there.

Steph A

we are a group of 10 who have booked a week's holiday in zante in june of 2003. As we are poor students we really need to start saving now for spending money and such like - if anyone has done a similar holiday recently it would be really useful if we could have an idea of how much spending money we are likely to need?!

Steph A           

we havent actually been yet so we're living in hope! Anyway, we are a group of 10 who have booked a week's holiday in zante in june of 2003. As we are poor students we really need to start saving now for spending money and such like - if anyone has done a similar holiday recently it would be really useful if we could have an idea of how much spending money we are likely to need?!

Annmarie S           

I had a good time at the beach met loadz of good people who were up for a laught it was well safe to swim in the sea there was no freaky biddies in the water i felt completley safe i went on a peddlo and we went well far out and then i jumped in it is a really good place to go for a good holiday i would recomend it mainly to the younger people with no kids or if your older and want to go leave the kids at home have a nice holiday if anyone is going next year i no for shaw that i am going back love Ann-marie

Blue W           

Laganas Beach was ok but a bit dirty and smelt of sewage near Darius Bar. However, it was actually better when you were out in the sea. It is not a pebbly beach just sand all the way out and the waters are very safe. However, once we found other beaches on the island we never went onto Laganas beach again. I thought Daytona Beach was the only beach in the world people drove along, but no they do in Laganas too!!! A good holiday but it is the worst beach on the island - go and venture to Gerakes and port Vromi a nice secluded little bay they are lush!!!

Steph N           

We stayed at the LOUIS ZANTE BEACH HOTEL so whatever beach it was on, was the beach we posed on everyday, lol all inclusive so we had 2 remain close 2 the bar !! It was great sand and sea and sun !! Anyone else there from October 10th --> 25th ?? get in touch - Also anyone who remembers the SALAD man, he walked up and down the beach shouting SALAD everyday [fruit salad] well thats it, byez, luv Steph x x x


an all round ok beach, though a bit dirty in places. we were lucky in that we went in the last week of the season and the sunshine was fantastic, so we spent quite a lot of time down here on the beach. hire a motor-boat (all day if you can) and go out to the island to the south, there's a lovely beach right round the back of the island which, if you go at the right time, is practically deserted - but take your own food and drinks!! plenty of shops and restaurants along the main beach to keep you going, which is good. only things against it in my mind are the guys who constantly try to sell you dodgy cds (they seem to think you might have changed your mind in the 20 minutes since they last asked you) which can be very irritatiing, and the amount of dogs wandering around the beach and s**tting everywhere. otherwise ok!!

Colin P           

Reading the other comments on this page we must have been very lucky. We stayed at the Louis Zante Beach and the sand on the beach was raked every day outside the hotel and the sun beds made ready. No fag butts or any other rubbish in fact the chap whose sunbeds they were removed any rubbish as it was left. Great swimming in safe waters with the fish swimming around your feet. Great and safe for kids. No complaints.

Abby M           

lovely beach sea was gorgeous and you can ley in the sea wehilst also catching the sun i loved it

Kelly S           

Got back from Laganas on the 26.09.2002. Beach was lovely, sand wasn't too great, but the weather was fantastic so who cares. Go and see 'Freddy' for your sunbeds, lovely guy, will cost you 6 euros for 2 beds - not bad. Lots of restaurants along the beach if you fancy a quick bite at lunch.

Laura P           

We had a great time in laganas and would recomend it to anyone. The beach isnt the best in world but definatley not the worst by a long shot. We stayed in louis zante beach which was a great hotel. I would like to go back in a few years but not till they have made a new airport as the one at the moment is a joke!!!


Like everything else in Zante it was nothing special. Quite dirty and lots of rubbish lying everywhere. The only time it looked nice was at night because it was dark and you couldnt see anything. A big bonus!!!

Jennifer L           

My Fiance an I went to Zante for a quick 2week break before the arrival of our first baby which we are expecting in November.When we arrived in Laganas we were taken back by the friendly locals and scenery,the beaches were very clean and we couldn't wait to see more of laganas.With Laganas being a small Island I expected to be limited in sights, but we spent everyday doing something different and even though we had no kids then, we are definately coming back to Laganas with our little one as we noticed that its a place that all ages appreciate....a fab place to experience and see, Gav,Jenny and Little Lu who will be here in November.

Lynne T           

Found the beach to be pretty ok really considering some of the comments we read before going. However if you want a tip to save a little money, the further you go along the beach for a sunbed the cheaper they are, the most expensive being by Daresis Bar/Vezal (8 euro) then getting cheaper down to (5 - 6 euro) the further along you go, so keep walking for cheaper beds and the beach is a bit better along there aswell at the cheaper end. And if your a smoker they also give you an ashtray as well, so there is no need for fag ends on the beach.

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