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Tsilivi Summary:

Not so long ago Tsilivi was a fairly quiet resort. Now it's second only to Laganas in terms of size and nightlife. It's still a long way from being a Club 18-30 resort, for which most people are grateful, but it has such a variety of restaurants and bars that you will always find something to suit. It's still a good choice for families and couples, and most accommodation is located well away from any noise .The beach is one of the best on the island, but it can get very busy in July and August. Only a few of miles northwest of Zante Town, there is an hourly bus service to the capital. Road signs in this area are hopeless so make sure you've got a map if you venture out.

Reasons to Visit:

• Great Beach - Safe for kids

• Good Nightlife - Suits everyone

• Good restaurants & friendly bars

• Most accommodation in quiet areas

• Good for couples and families

• Good watersports - Paragliding & Jetskis

Reasons to Stay Away:

• Beach gets busy in peak season

• Not the quiet resort it once was

Beaches near Tsilivi:

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Bouka Beach   (7 Comments)
Tsilivi Beach   (230 Comments)
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Tsilivi Beach Hotel   (297 Comments)
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Popular Bars:

Paradise Bar   (852 Comments)
Planet Pub   (274 Comments)
Ark Bar   (251 Comments)
Joker Bar   (219 Comments)
Utopia Bar   (213 Comments)
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Popular Restaurants:

Popeyes   (368 Comments)
Family   (178 Comments)
Majestic   (160 Comments)
Olive Tree   (152 Comments)
Benikos   (139 Comments)
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Tsilivi Taxis

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Tsilivi Buses

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