Zakynthos Airport

Places to Visit on Zante 

All UK Flights to Zante (Zakynthos) 2017
MondayEast-Midlands (EMA)TOM7106Thomson
MondayManchester (MAN)MT 1118Thomas Cook
MondayBristol (BRS)MT 1184Thomas Cook
MondayBirmingham (BHX)MT 1842Thomas Cook
MondayEast-Midlands (EMA)MT 1514Thomas Cook
MondayCardiff (CWL)MT 1142Thomas Cook
MondayManchester (MAN)MT 1112Thomas Cook
MondayGlasgow (GLA)MT 1314Thomas Cook
MondayLiverpool (LPL)EZY7159Easyjet
MondayGatwick (LGW)EZY8747Easyjet
MondayManchester (MAN)LS 977Jet2
MondayStanstead (STN)LS 1677Jet2
TuesdayNewcastle (NCL)TOM1276Thomson
TuesdayBristol (BRS)TOM6238Thomson
TuesdayManchester (MAN)TOM2268Thomson
TuesdayBirmingham (BHX)TOM7248Thomson
TuesdayGatwick (LGW)TOM4206Thomson
TuesdayEast-Midlands (EMA)TOM7222Thomson
TuesdayManchester (MAN)MT 1112Thomas Cook
TuesdayGatwick (LGW)EZY8747Easyjet
WednesdayBirmingham (BHX)MT 1432Thomas Cook
WednesdayGatwick (LGW)MT 1226Thomas Cook
WednesdayGatwick (LGW)EZY8747Easyjet
WednesdayBristol (BRS)EZY6129Easyjet
WednesdayNewcastle (NCL)LS 593Jet2
WednesdayEast-Midlands (EMA)LS 695Jet2
WednesdayBelfast (BFS)LS 335Jet2
WednesdayEdinburgh (EDI)LS 731Jet2
WednesdayLeeds-Bradford (LBA)LS 447Jet2
WednesdayManchester (MAN)LS 977Jet2
WednesdayGlasgow (GLA)LS 183Jet2
ThursdayBirmingham (BHX)MT 1432Thomas Cook
ThursdayManchester (MAN)MT 1118Thomas Cook
ThursdayGlasgow (GLA)MT 1314Thomas Cook
ThursdayStanstead (STN)MT 1492Thomas Cook
ThursdayBirmingham (BHX)MT 1842Thomas Cook
ThursdayManchester (MAN)MT 1112Thomas Cook
ThursdayCardiff (CWL)MT 1142Thomas Cook
ThursdayEast-Midlands (EMA)MT 1514Thomas Cook
ThursdayNewcastle (NCL)MT 1682Thomas Cook
ThursdayGatwick (LGW)MT 1226Thomas Cook
ThursdayBristol (BRS)MT 1184Thomas Cook
ThursdayGatwick (LGW)EZY8747Easyjet
ThursdayLiverpool (LPL)EZY7159Easyjet
ThursdayLeeds-Bradford (LBA)LS 447Jet2
ThursdayStanstead (STN)LS 1677Jet2
FridayBristol (BRS)TOM6532Thomson
FridayBirmingham (BHX)TOM7502Thomson
FridayEast-Midlands (EMA)TOM7512Thomson
FridayGatwick (LGW)TOM4528Thomson
FridayNewcastle (NCL)TOM1538Thomson
FridayManchester (MAN)TOM2504Thomson
FridayGatwick (LGW)EZY8747Easyjet
SaturdayStanstead (STN)MT 1492Thomas Cook
SaturdayStanstead (STN)EZY3053Easyjet
SaturdayGatwick (LGW)EZY8747Easyjet
SaturdayGatwick (LGW)EZY8745Easyjet
SaturdayStanstead (STN)LS 1677Jet2
SaturdayManchester (MAN)LS 977Jet2
SaturdayNewcastle (NCL)LS 593Jet2
SaturdayEdinburgh (EDI)LS 731Jet2
SaturdayLeeds-Bradford (LBA)LS 447Jet2
SundayGlasgow (GLA)TOM3314Thomson
SundayManchester (MAN)MT 1668Thomas Cook
SundayEast-Midlands (EMA)MT 1514Thomas Cook
SundayNewcastle (NCL)MT 1682Thomas Cook
SundayBristol (BRS)MT 1184Thomas Cook
SundayBirmingham (BHX)MT 1842Thomas Cook
SundayGatwick (LGW)MT 1382Thomas Cook
SundayStanstead (STN)MT 1492Thomas Cook
SundayGatwick (LGW)EZY8747Easyjet
SundayGatwick (LGW)EZY8745Easyjet
SundayStanstead (STN)LS 1677Jet2

Kalamaki Taxis

Kalamaki Taxis

Kalamaki Buses

Kalamaki Buses

Kalamaki Video Tour

Previous Videos:


Starting near to Villa Nostos then heading east towards the Crystal Beach Hotel and along the Kalamaki old road turning left at the roundabout, heading west towards Laganas along the main strip past the Vanessa hotel, Athina Apartments and Eurohire car rental turning left towards the Kalamaki Beach hotel and ending with a nice view of the beach.


Starting from the new Caretta Island Hotel heading east past Zepos taverna along the Kalamaki old road and turning left at the new roundabout. Then heading west towards Laganas along the main strip past Sophia's hotel and the Cronulla hotel eventually turning left past the Macedonia hotel and ending at the Kalamaki Beach Taverna.


The tour starts from on the main road close to the airport runway heading East towards the crossroads at Drunk Corner, going past the Zakynthos information Centre on the right, continuing all the way along the main strip turning right at the junction with the Kalamaki Old Road towards the Klelia hotel. Turning around at the Crystal Beach Hotel the tour takes the reverse route then turns left towards the Marelen Hotel before ending at the Kalamaki Beach Taverna

Kalamaki Early Evening Tour 2016

The tour starts from the Kalamaki Beach Taverna & heads back past the Golden Sun Hotel turning right before the main road & past the Caretta Star (formerly Pelouzo) Hotel then left towards Eurohire car rental then turning right onto the main road. The tour continues all the way along the main strip turning right at the new roundabout past the Meandros Hotel & onto the Crystal Beach Hotel ending with a view over the beach.

Kalamaki 1st Week of May 2015

It's the first week of May and there are very few tourists about. The tour starts from the Kalamaki Beach Hotel & heads back past the Louros Beach Hotel towards the main Kalamaki to Laganas road. Turning right towards Kalamaki centre, then a little detour through the Caretta Beach Hotel exiting onto the Airport road. Back to the main road turning left at Buon Amici then all the way to the newly constructed roundabout turning right onto Kalamaki Old road past the Cavo Doro Hotel then a quick look at the deserted Crystal Beach & ending at the newly built Carreta Island Hotel next to Stani restaurant.