Alykanas Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Suzi D

having read the comments below, i was just wondering if anyone who's been in september rather than the high season has been bothered by begging etc? is it common out of season too?

Letsos Hotel - (Accommodation in Alykanas)

Suzi D           

i can't really believe some people on here. ok, the letsos isn't exactly classy but it's two minutes from the beach, within easy walking distance of alikes and not outrageously noisy. we paid 250 for two weeks and i don't really think you can complain about much for that. i mean, who wants to spend the holiday in the hotel anyway? it was a good base, the self catering was crap but food is so cheap why bother cooking? they could have cleaned it a bit better, and some days the water was tepid to cold, but this is greece.

Matinas Taverna - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Suzi D  (29 October 2004)         

i can't believe the rating this restaurant got! my food was disgusting - the fish was off, it smelt and i was ill afterwards. and it was more expensive than most too.

Costas Bar - (Bars in Alykes)

Suzi D           

i didn't ever eat at costas's but we had a mythos and watched the sunset here most nights. it was great, costas would call hello even if we were just walking past and we watched him put his fishing nets out for his dinner! there was hardly ever anyone else there, especially after dark, although his sunbeds were always packed when we walked past during the day. if you want a lovely greek welcome and a nice quiet relaxing beer, costas's is the only place to go.

Paradosiako - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Suzi D           

this place was lovely. i had kokkinisto (beef stew) and it was delicious. quick service, nice food and kittens! what more do you want? it isn't so intimate as other places and the turnaround is quick (you'll have to wait if you arrive after 8pm) but the prices are good for the standard of food you get.

Piccadilly - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Suzi D           

the food here was very different - i had squid grilled and stuffed with tomato sauce. very fresh and well cooked. service was terrible though - think we got the owner's son who was very half a**ed! prices are a bit more than in other places but the standard of food makes it worth it.

Anatolikos - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Suzi D           

i wouldn't say it was the best food on zakynthos by a LONG way! it's nice to eat by the sea but there are better places in alikes where you can do that (the asteria, which isn't listed here unfortunately). my calamari had bits of bone in and was undercooked, and we had to wait ages for our bill.

Fantasia - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Suzi D           

the comment below is incomprehensible! we had house rose, which came in a bottle (unlike most other places) and the whitebait starter was delicious. it's also got a playground for kids which is a nice touch.

Paporo Beach Restaurant - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Suzi D           

the pizzas are ok, big and you can't expect proper italian standards in greece! the waiter was lovely and the wine pretty good for barreled stuff. also a nice place to eat during the day - it's very quiet at night but i think that could be because it's so big!

Relax Restaurant - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Suzi D           

relax was very busy, but not the best restaurant in alikes. it was ok but the service wasn't so hot, the waiter was quite moody and we waited ages for our mains. a bit fumey if you sit by the road too!

Ponderosa - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Suzi D  (03 November 2004)         

can't remember if it was this place, but i had the most gorgeous sea bream at a place by the crossroads! i think it was here, it began with p anyway!

Psarapoula Lemon Tree - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Suzi D           

it's worth going here for the nice garden and lovely cat, but the food is nothing special really. my boyfriend ordered a 'stuffed burger' for some reason - the meal that came was surprisingly nice, he was lucky!

Mantelena Restaurant - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Suzi D           

i ordered roast lamb here and got two greasy fatty chops. the sausage stew was nice though, and the waiters were very elpful and moved us quickly when it looked like rain!

Neraida - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Suzi D           

the food here was lovely - we went on our first day and were impressed by the big roast potatoes and lovely stuffed veg. however, the drunk who kept playing his clarinet (abysmally) and asking for money put us off ever going again. the owner was giving him litres of wine at a time too!

Shoestring - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Suzi D           

the burgers here are great, homemade and you don't automatically get chips you don't want. quite cheap too, with a lovely view. and it's a nice place to have a cold mythos on your way back from the beach. crap name though!

Amoudi Taverna - (Restaurants in Amoudi)

Suzi D           

this place was s**t. it took an hour to get our food at a dead time in the middle of the day. there were 3 couples in there, all looking pissed off with waiting!