Restaurants in Laganas

Carol B (02 November 2005)

Does anyone know the name of the restaurant which was inbetween the perkes hotel and the Dia supermarket on the main Laganas road. The restaurant had a moped hire place next to it(not the ionion). We visited in october and would love to write a review,most places had closed at this end of the road, so if anyone noticed it was open and thought to look at the name, could you let us know. thanks

Stephen C  (14 October 2004)         

We were staying all-inclusive at the Margarita Hotel but before I left I bought a copy of the Rough Guide to the Greek Islands and we followed the suggestion of trying the Zougras Taverna to see if a traditional Greek taverna offered better food than the Margarita Hotel. The Zougras is the last building on the left hand side going out of Laganas towards Kalamaki. The food was no better than our hotel and you loose the benefit of the help yourself buffet service. The price was similar to a pub lunch back in the UK.
It was a disappointment and I cannot recommend it to anyone. The food in the tavernas of Laganas appear to be all of a muchness.

Katie J  (24 August 2002)         

I recommend the spaghetti napolitana which is a managable size portion and then the idea of a pint of juice is great!! However, not all was good. Service VERY slow, even though not busy, and deserts not up to standard. Supposed greek singing, and we watched eagerly as they set up the stage and instruments. However, it got to 10.10 and dad asked when the entertainment would start. "oh, much later", she stated, as if expecting ot to get busier before it could start, but by half ten, no busier and no entertainment, so we left.

Roderick J  (23 August 2002)         

What a disappointment! I had wanted to go here to experience the Greek singing, but it didn't start till late, so we missed it. The food was OK, but from a supposedly "traditional Greek" restaurant, I expected better. The beef stifado was probably the best thing we had here, and the Schnitzel. Yogurt with honey was all 99.99% yogurt, with a tiny dribble of honey. Worst of all was the service. Only 4 tables occupied, including ours, and yet it took them half an hour between courses to clear our dishes away, the rest of the time the staff just seem to stand around doing nothing. I was left with the distinct impression that they only like serving fellow Greeks, and the English are not really welcome. So a 6 out of 10 for the food, and 1 out of 10 for the service. Price was cheap to average, but would not go back.

Barbara R  (16 June 2002)         

Good selection of food. Owner and son provide to entertainment which leaves only a couple of waiters so it was very slow. Music was excellent. The lights went out half way through our meal so we had to finish of by candelight. Similar prices and standards to many other restaurants in the resort.

Jo   (02 October 2001)         

Zougras is on the Kalamaki Road in Laganas, by the Bridge. Its well worth the walk - the food is good but the highlight of the evening has to be the traditional Kandadhes singing with guitar and Mandolin. The style of singing is unique to the Ionian Islands and is a really romantic accompaniment to your meal. You need to hear it, its a magical thing.

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