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Laura P (04 January 2006)

I was last in Zante almost 7 years ago, and my family and I are desperate to return this year. Last time we stayed in Kalamaki, where we would be ideally returning to - but what I really need is to get in touch with Spiros, the owner of Chaos bar, as we have lost his address and last known telephone number. I would appreciate anyone being able to help me get in touch with him! Laura

Kay C  (19 August 2003)         

where have you gone does anyone know if they are still around? we are going next weeks and would love to catch up and introduce spiro and nikki to our lovely new son!!if any one has any info please email us or does any one know the name of the apartment complex belonging to his brother thank you kay and sam xx

Campbell S  (05 August 2003)         

Haven't been to Kalamaki for 4 years. Notice there's no up to date comments on Chaos Bar. Anyone know if its still there? We have spent alot of time in there with Spiro in years gone by.

Amanda M  (01 October 2002)         

We have just returned after another two relaxing weeks in kalamaki.Thank you Spiro & Nicky for your great company. Graeme's liver has just recovered and my nails are still in one piece. Hope to see you both again PS Tell Tom,'I don't want to be a pie, I don't like gravy!'

Alex G  (03 September 2002)         

Hey, me and Ben used to play pool in here most days before we'd hit Down Under, and it's a nice chilled out place to go. Best pool table by far! (apart from when our dad's beat us!) See ya!

Mike P  (01 August 2002)         

Our favourite bar and bar people! A very warm welcome awaits anyone visiting this bar with a very friendly and personal service. If you have kids there is now a very large play area. Thanks to Spiro and Niki for you hospitality and friendship.

Dave B  (22 July 2002)         

Thanks to Spiro and Nicky again for a great time.Always attract a great crowed and hope to see ya next year. Best wishes to Shirley + Phiw (handy Andy),Simon + Kay (hope ya feeling better, slice of pear behind the ear might help). Dave + Sandra

Philip H  (09 July 2002)         

just come back after having spent two lovely weeks in kalamaki ,opposite chaos bar ,spent many a happy night with spiros and nicky .we,d like to thank everyone we met for being so open and friendly lawrence and sharon for teaching us a new card game ,and dave for letting phil beat him at darts,thanks spiro for the best pinacoladas and nicky for her lovely homemade everyone we met we will be back next may with the family .and a new set of darts for spiros.

Kay C  (08 July 2002)         

just come back and as always Spiro Nicky And Tom were as welcoming as ever. the village is very quiet this year but the bar remains the best ever!! If you are going take Nicky some pgtips!!! The food is fab you must try it.

Karen O  (02 July 2002)         

We have just come back from a week in Kalamaki during the same time as the comment below... was we in the same place? The place was empty everynight! Closed by 12:00 and deserted well before then! What time was it such fun? Did we miss it? Chaos? I don't think so!

Sharon B  (01 July 2002)         

Have just returned from a fantastic two week holiday for which was mostly spent at Chaos Bar. Thank you Spiros and Nicky for making us feel so welcome. Great beer, great company and so a friendly atmosphere. Have made some great friends. Just saying hi to Paul, Sharon, Phil, Shirley and everyone else we met! Thankyou Nicky for doing such excellent nails! Hope to see you again soon! Sharon & Lawrence Bowman (Scuba man!!)

Warren H  (10 June 2002)         

Best bar in Zante. Excellent, friendly atmospere. Spiros and Nikki are great and we made some great friends there, mostly same people very night who have been going there year after year, we all became good friends during our stay. Spiros keeps the beer and pizza's flowing and Nikki is supperb, she even had our eleven year old daughter for the day to give us a break, what more can u ask for. Superb bar, excellent people, just go there and chill. See you again next year... Warren, Michelle, Nicole & Vicky.

Debbie H  (09 June 2002)         

We really loved it in Chaos Bar. Spiros made us feel really welcome from our first visit, so we just kept going back. Spiros is an excellent bar man, he is great at mixing cocktails (we had a few of them). We had such a laugh with him and were there until 3 or 4 pm every night. Thanks Spiros for such a great time, Love Debs and Paul XXX.

Graham B  (31 May 2002)         

this is our third year in kalamaki spiro & Nikki his mum dimetras, and his dad john are the best people on the island we always have a wonderful welcome and the best of times with them. its spiros birthday on 28th august so send him a card he is not only the best barman on the isle but also a good friend and his drinks still fly see you soon spiro graham, sandra, janet,doreeen,jeff,elaine,arthur,peter,kate,lisa laura,philip and the twins jess and nathan say hello to Tom nikki's son if you go.

Katherine B  (07 March 2002)         

we loved it we went there every night the atmosphere and everything about was great. we love you spiros you made our holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Paul E  (26 August 2001)         

spiro always looked after you its just a shame we didn't get a line up on the fixed odds football

Gaz   (15 August 2001)         

we went to chaos 3 years ago while on our hols.unfortunately we have'nt been able to visit since,but we are going back in may 2002.spiros,you are the best barman on the island,jen can't wait to sample all your new cocktails, and I can't wait to beat you at pool!!see ypu soon. Gaz & Jen

Vicki   (14 August 2001)         

we went to kalamaki for the day, and we came and had a few drinks in here.... Well, it was SO boring i could've fallen asleep for a week and i wouldn't of missed "ANYTHING".... It's better on the night, but avoid it in the day!

Trevor W  (22 July 2001)         

Sorry this is a bit late, (we were there 4th June for a week) and i would say we were the lucky ones staying just across the road. Spiros was great, everything was done with a smile and a joke.We always ended up there every night just for a drink or game of pool or darts. Even when Greece played England he was still smiling. My son Layne kept drinking you out of Smirnoff Ice. Have to get that sorted yet Spiros? I was o.k. as you had plenty of Bacardi. I hope Nikki is well and she did not eat all the Mars bars my wife left for her son? Anyway all the best to both of you, and we will see you again sometime. Great Bar, Great Hospitality. Trevor. Barbara & Layne.

Julie A  (17 July 2001)         

we are visiting kalamiki for the fourth year running, in august. we visit chaos every night, to sample the delights of alchohol, company and music and the warm welcome that awaits us and our children. spiro, dimitri and johnny have become very good friends over the years. we look forward to seeing them in august to celebrate spiro's birthday yet again!

Ian B  (25 June 2001)         

Top bar as usual. This man needs honouring in the Greek royalties new years honours list. He also has a big packet. He should also be honoured in the Mirror newspapers bravery awards for putting up with all the late night sessions with jeff dorreen, mary ian, kim, graham, san, jackie and robert. Keep him upright nikki, we'll be needing him again soon love. I'll ring soon Ian

Adrienne F  (14 June 2001)         

Third time in Zante and once again Chaos Bar and Spiro are the best. Hope to see you next year (not forgetting Nicky) and a big WASSUP from the Lizard. Richard, Adrienne and Donna

James G  (13 June 2001)         

Highly recommended you go to the Chaos bar! The best bar in town. Great drinks and brill food. Spiro is the best bar man you can get out there and its tough competition. If you like coctails, you should try one called "It Wasn't Me!" which was created by Spiro while I was there and it is delicious. Its a definate two thumbs fresh!

Natalie H  (25 April 2001)         

chaos bar was ace we went there every night after we had eaten spiros was great he can mix some interesting drinks he is allways smileing i hope to beat him at pool again this year.

Ian B  (03 April 2001)         

We're all back there in a few weeks, and one of the highlights of visiting the Island is surely going to Chaos Bar. Sorry about Liverpool's result against Olympiakos Spiro, I'll make it up to you in June. Myself and Mary will bugger up your betting again!!! All the best to the best! From Ian

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