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Mark A          10/10

We are in Kalamaki right now sat in the Black Pearl and having a wonderful evening. This is the 2nd time we've been in and it wont be the last time,this place is brilliant as are the staff,nothing is a hindrance.....the owners are local and the friendliest people you could wish to meet. 2 tv's and a huge big screen(always showing live sport)...get ya aris down for a great night.

Karen O

It is not run by a Scottish couple they are only hired to do the karaoke.

Hayley W          1/10

This bar has now been taken over and is called the 'Black Pearl'. It's so rubbish now! There is an old Scottish couple that now run it and they try to sing karaoke all night, it sounds like they've let some cats out. Such a shame because Coconut Joe's was such a great bar.

Jade H          5/10

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I came here in 2005 and it was such a great place and was always packed with entertainment, however since coming back in sept 2008 it seems to have changed ownership and has lost the once heaving atmosphere. Dissapointed this year although the cocktails were still good.

Mandy W          10/10

hi sara mel and craig - mr dj and the boss
love you all had a great time best pub/club in kalamaki made us feel like vip's - sad to be home it is raining here.  gonna miss you all - and don't forget to keep in touch with your mum's !!!!!
want to be there now 
love ya
mandy (dancing queen) & dave (the stripper) & gang (oh and don't forget jack - old sick chops)

Sarah W          8/10

click to enlarge Went here a couple of times to get the party started before laganas, staff are really friendly.

Hope Craigs elbow is better, if u read this say hi to james for us and no we dnt want his menu

Sara R          10/10

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Big up Coconut Joes best bar by far and def best staff..thanks to everyone who came this year, we had a rite laugh with u guys! Ive been asked to say hi to Becki , Kelly, Jamie and Ray so heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Come back next year..we'l ahev twice as much fun Mwah! 

Katie O          10/10

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heyyaa every 1 missin u all lik mad?? its really weard not bein there cnt wait 2 c u all again i mite b ova in aug 2?? o yh alex im stil up for that job nxt yr yh lov yh all 2 bitz eres sum pictures??

Elouise F          10/10

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coconut joes is such a great bar lovely people spiros, alex and mark! see u all soon xxx

Jenna S           

dis bar is a mazin lol nd you get loadza free drinks which is also amzing .

every part of the bar staff are amazinlyy frendli n you can easily have a convosation with them. they even gave my frend a bttle spinning lesson which was quite entertaining and when they set the counter on fire its reali gd

Brain &           

click to enlarge click to enlargeThanks for the cocktails, great atmosphere & music. Always our first or last stop to & from the Pelouzo

Craiganator R           

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hey dudes, its craig thanks for all your messages on the GIANT coconut joes web page.
For the people who dont know me, im the crazy guy who stood on the door for three crazy months.
 hope all who knew me are okay and not suffereing as bad as me from the almighty shock of returning home.!!!!!!!
its poooooooooey   traffic,  tax n thunderstorms  yehaaaa
I had an amazing time in zante this year especially working at coconut joes. . would advise any fun seeking holiday-maker to visit and get to kno all the staff, there brill !!!!!click to enlarge
When i was not working me and my room found stupid ways of entertaining ourselves one was by collecting stupid posters from the street and placing on our walls!!!
Here is the creepiest 1 of all and me doing a pose

Laura J           

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss u guys already. hope ur tryin 2 hav fun widout us! lol defo c u in the yrs 2 c*m tho itll b my time soon workin there

spyros greeks r the best. from ur best greek friend
lv lv lv

Becky B           

hi guys,

   that's for such a fantastic time at coconut joes, it was brilliant. i am definetly coming back to see you all and dance out front with craig!!! lol!!!

spiros, i hope your behaving!!! lol!!! many gd times by the air conditioner! lol!!!!
des, keep smiling and dancing !!!!!
miss you all soooooooo much!!!! have fun!!!!!
love you all,
p.s me, laura, ariana and the gang are coming back, so watch out
(the babes were only excellent cause we were the main ones lol)

Thea S           

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will come back some day, we had a great time! you have a really nice bar!
we miss kalamaki


shame this place was always full of couples great dance music tho n the boys behind the bar definatly get job satisfaction! craig really is the only reason to go in this place he definatly livens it up! also a shame u got kicked outa our pool with ur m8 dj from soda but then u beta know ur place "worker"! hope you have a great season looking to come bk before it ends n ye we myt stay in there for maybe more than one drink!

love kirsty and sally (the girls that always left after 1 drink to go to fire n then got too hammered to remember to c*m get u wen u fininshed work at 1...sorry bou that craig! x

Lisa S           

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thanks guys felt ropey ALL the way home ! !

adams missing the place stayed any longer i'd have had to put him on the pay roll !!!!!!!!!!!!
carry on i say
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lisa stuart and adam
p.s wheres me bloody whiskey

Lisa S           

had a fantastic time felt bloody ropey having to catch a plane home though, hope you all had a drink on us!!

craig your a hunk, adams missing you loads he's got his t- shirt and cap on his bedroom wall !
carry on
much love to all
lisa stuart and adam

Kayleigh H           

Had a Great time in Zante Coconut Joes is Ace! Craig that works on the door is a rite hunk gonna miss him loads! if ya reading this Craig dont be forgetting about me and hope to see you when you come to leeds soon ring me youve got my mobile number 07886615745!

Everyone go to coconut joes its fantastic all the staff are brilliant and you'll have a great time
Kayleigh, HULL,

Rebecca W           


i GiVE iT 11  GoOD TiMES iN THERE !

Richard O           

What a fab place to chill out at the end of a hot sunny day and a good meal. Maria worked so hard all night. My wife sampled almost every cocktail. They were fab and frequently brought out free shots to us. Also maria gave us a free cocktail and drink on our last night how many others would do that havimg taken our money all week. Good luck Maria and Spiros maybe we will see you again next year.   


coco joes....was a blast we ended up behind the bar wit spiros and luca!! we loved the cocktails guys but when we come back next year have plenty of men drink stirrers ready so we dont run out this time!!!! maria was a top bird from newcastle, we felt really welcome and us mackems showed them just a good a time as they showed us!!really missin them already!!

Lauren E           

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I went to Zante in July and I enjoyed every minute of was a class holiday. One ov the best bits was Coconut Joes....the fire on the bar....excelent music....quite often we got free drinks n free pool, o yea n free CJs merchandise, lol....the friendlest people in Zante spesh Spiros, obsessed with high fives, lol.....We went there nearly every night...even got a song dedicated to us by a live band.

Twas loads of yall at CJs
x x x x x x x

Emma F           

hi spiro and maria its emma i just wanna say thank you 4 your help with yanni and the boys from hera

     we will be back next year
  love to all
   love emma xxx

Emma F           

hi to all at coconut joes its emma hayley and susan the three sisters we would just like to thank every1 there-spiros,maria and luka for an amazing time and for being supportive when we had troudle with yanni and the boys from hera-sexy simon and alex anyway thanks for sooooo much fun and spiro thanks for the strip with lucy on the bar.    the sex on the beach went down a treat

thanks again love emma hayley and susan

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