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Andy C          10/10

Just returned from our first visit to Kalamaki. Had five or six visits to the Rose & Crown during the fortnight we were there. Great bar, free pool, nice staff and a good atmosphere.

Returning to Kalamaki next year, we will definately be going back in the Rose & Crown.

Lisa P

Hi to Leigh, Paula, Sam and Alan
Thank you once again for putting up with us, always a pleasure best bar in kalamaki, hope you have a fantastic season i know you will, see you again one day, take care.
Mark and Lisa York
PS Leigh if anyone conplains about johnny smiths goint flat tell them to drink it faster haha


just returned home from zante a week ago had a great time out there leigh paula,donna and alan made it a great holiday down at Rose and Crown sad to be home  hope u all doing well, hope to c u again 1 day

Gary W          10/10

just arrived home from zante 2day had a great time out there leigh paula and donna made it a great holiday too down at Rose and Crown sad to be home  are shaun will be out there all of ya in september so look out

 see ya next yr from gary and amy  28th june -12 july 2010
(PS stock up on woodpecker for next yr )
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Bill C          10/10

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Forgot to put the photo on.

Bill C          10/10

Just back from Kalamaki and the Rose and Crown is still going,and still run by Paula and Leigh helped along by Donna (ex Venus Hotel).All went by to quick though!

George P          10/10

hi everyone its george just to let you know the rose n crown is still running and will still be running for many years, some people r just jealous we r busy so they say we r closed, but as you can all see leigh paula and donna and my dad are all still there offering the best entertainment and drinks in kalamaki as always... see you guys at the rose n crown!!!

Raymondo P          10/10

hi leigh+paula r u still at rose+crown we where there in june 2008  we r  comming back on hols 16 may    with my wife sue plus son andy+ kayleigh who done a few songs there they r bringing there children with them cameron+carter+ new baby girl millie hope u r all well see u in may  best regards ray

Neil W          10/10

hi their could anyone tell me if the great leigh&paula are still running

the bar ? i was their 2years ago and hoping to get back this year

Helen O          10/10

Hi George you probably don't remember us but we finally got our buissness in Tonga ! tried to find you on face book but can't what name is it under ? mine is helen smits o'connor

i see from all the coments you guys are still the best place to be  might make it over for a top shelf night...... or morning !!!
take care
Helen, Paul and Tristan

Yvonne C          10/10

hi everyone. i cant wait to see you all in june. shame we will only see you george for afew days but education comes first. 

Claire B          10/10

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Kate L          10/10

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Piss head 1 misses his Mythos !!!!!

Kate L          10/10

Saturday nights will never be the same !! Sambuka shots and kareoke, love it !!click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Kate L          10/10

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Thanks to Matt and everyone who helped make our first holiday together so great !!!  Will miss you all and hope to be back next year !!

Love Kate and Dave  xxxx

Yvonne C          10/10

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and more xx

Yvonne C          10/10

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here are some more

Yvonne C          10/10

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here are some pics of everyone. cudnt get hold of you matt. sorry!

Rachael W          10/10

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went here every night and cnt wait 2 go bac missin yaz all
heres a couple of pics x

Katie B          10/10

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wikid bar!!!! soo friendly!!! leigh, paula, matt and george are so friendly!!

best bar in kalimaki by far!!
georgie on kareoke is a must see!!!
katie xx

Sammy J          10/10

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hello george and everyone!
george were back september 28th (sunday) so we will be here before you go back to school
hiya matt how are you im sure you wont forget meeee hehe 
can't believe i only needed number 6 in bingo to win 80 bloody euros !! i was gutted. theres always a next time isn't there?

see you all very soon.......we can't wait

sammy  & scott
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Matt W

Just to Let you all know, The Rose n Crown is now on Facebook

Come join our group and post your photos or videos
Search for the Rose And Crown Kalamaki
or go to

Rosie B          10/10

Hiya  Me and my sister are coming out in July for our 2 weeks of karaoke and cocktails. Looking forward to going into the Rose and Crown. Hope you remember us Leigh and Paula, we were the slightly maturer ladies who liked the karaoke and  who gave the young ones a run for their money.!!!!.. Great bar, great atmosphere, great hosts. See you soon.

Claire P

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Hi !!

We are coming out again this year - we fly out on the 3rd August! Me and barry can't wait!
So from what I can see here - lots of changes , but george your still around!??
Is the Karoke still going????
I have attached a picutre! In case you can't remember me and barry?!! - we're out celebrating our first years wedding anniversary!
We've missed coming out the past 2 years - 1st year we missed as we went to America , then 2nd we had our honeymoon in Cuba!
So where is spiros now?? In Lagnas?
I hear your still about George and your lovely family! Can't wait to see you all - after we've had the usual dinner next door

Lee J          10/10

Alright Leigh and Paula ,

This is Lee from the Gorton / Openshaw mob ..  (10 - 17 Sept)
Cheers for making us feel welcome and for the free drinks and making us us aware of the black Sambuca & Baily's (classic) i'm gonna have a look for the Sambuca over here ...
i will post some pics when i get them ..
so cheers for being the friendlyist Pub/Bar People in Kalamaki .... 

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