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Sue J (12 January 2010)

I have ben to Kalimaki for 10years and have not heard of this restaurant.

I think I have missed out -could someone tell me where it is?

Kate S  (11 June 2009)        10/10

The best food I've ever had. We went there several times and on my last night I was asked out by the waiter  Unfortunately I had bad sunstroke and never made it. The people there are very friendly and welcoming. I recommend this restaurant 100%

Sharon B  (01 August 2008)        10/10

  Only ate at Petrino once but wished it was more.  Fantastic food and service here, would certainly recommend this place to all visitors of Kalamaki.

Sharon, Peter, Tyler and Carter

Mick R  (30 July 2008)        10/10

Beautiful. Amazing, so good we came back, and we're into our food!! The first meal we had was a beef ragout, and it was incredible, the veggie option was a winner with my lady, and both my kids had a top class home made burger. The second night we went back, I had rabbit Kokkinisto, and again I was blown away!!

Who could ask for more??

Lee F  (10 July 2008)        8/10

Meals were great - beef ragout was lovely even went back for it twice. Service was good.

Nick   (01 December 2005)         


Brought me a starter instead of main meal, told them it was wrong and they just walked off.

Barbara G  (14 October 2005)         

Well another summer has come and gone, when in Greece I never miss the opportunity to eat at the Petrino. Their Menu is second to none, their service always warm & friendly. Remember, it is an A la carte menu, but good food takes time. If the locals recomend it it must be good. The best kept secret in Kalamaki.......but don't believe other people's comment (including my own) try it for yourself, you will not be dissappointed. 


Zac G  (31 August 2005)         

   Just wanted to add that the comments registered for Feb of this year must be referring to another restaurant as this particular one is not open in the winter, therefore closed in Feb.  Was there comment an after thought from the previous Summer?

Zac G  (31 August 2005)         

   As an expaitriate of Aussie and now a resident on the island you can't beat where the locals choose to eat.  The food was great and the atmosphere, hospitality  and service were reminiscent of Greece.  Thank you for giving me a real taste of Greece.

James C  (30 August 2005)         

Visited the Petrinos in Jul-05 and although it was still the quiet period of the season, the food was delicious - the seafood dishes were my favourite.
The atmosphere was rich in culture and the waiters were very friendly and informative about what places to see and things to do on the island.
I will definitely come back to the Petrinos next year when I come out with my wife and kids in Jul-06.

Sam L  (24 July 2005)         

n going to Zante for a few years now. This year i went to petrino's on recommendation form someone.

Although the service was good, I can honestly say it was the worse meal ive ever had!!!

Barbs G  (20 February 2005)         

I went there many times while I was living in Zante on an extended holiday and we spent most nights at the Petrino. We found the service and the food to be very good. But most of all we witnessed what the Greeks are famous for their Greek friendliness and hospitality.

Maria A  (10 February 2005)         

if you go to kalamaki i would not recommend going here the service was terrible and food was not good

Spamos   (20 August 2004)         

Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I can say. Couldn't wait to get out of the place.

Matthew B  (14 July 2004)         

Visited Petrino three times and it was definetely our favourite restaurant. It was recommended to me by Nik who is the service manager at the Venus hotel and he particularly recommended the fresh seafood. When we arrived, we were welcomed by a very friendly waiter who was most helpful in advising me on the various fish dishes on offer and i opted for the sea bass. It was delicious! The freshest and most tasty fish ever! My partner had stifado which was the best of all the restaurants we'd tried it in and the whole dining experience was perfect. Would definetely return!!

Janet T  (05 July 2004)         

stayed at agios sostis,but heard about petrinos after overhearing some people talking about it on the beach.We took a taxi to kalamaki and thoroughly enjoyed it.It is a true authentic greek taverna,off the main tourist street.I have never tasted such delicious food.The staff were really helpful and the food was hot,and presented beautifully.And the prices were good too.Definately i shall be going there again when we come back in september.Our friends went to michaelos and thought it was so DULL!Petrinos certainly beats that place anyday...

Mark R  (26 June 2004)         

We've just returned from Kalamaki this week and what a wonderful time we had there. We ate at Petrino's several times and could not fault the excellent food that we had but my only critisism is that they never played any authentic Greek music.

Joe R  (28 May 2004)         

worth trying out, has an air of authenticity about it,kleftico in filo pastry is unusual but a must as is either the artichoke/asparagus (I forget which) siciliana starter - a good cange to Michaelos which, in my view, cannot be surpassed

Tracy P  (25 August 2003)         

Super reastaurant offering a great deal of choice. The lamb kleftico is an absolute must, but it was enourmous-make sure you are hungry! and the spinach and cheese pies were delicious. We went several times and would highly recommend this friendly restaurant.

James S  (01 July 2003)         

Absolutely fantastic restaurant, the best in Kalamaki in my
opinion. Very friendly waiters, wonderful food and although it
takes a bit longer for your food to come than some other
restaurants it's because it's all oviously freshly cooked. And it's
true that the waiters run everywhere! Highly recommended

Mal W  (27 June 2003)         

Food is delicious & just a bit different. Service is slow-but the waiters run everywhere! Anyhow who cares how long it takes-we're on holiday!

Sarah B  (22 June 2003)         

The food was lovely once it reached us, the boyfriend got through a bottle of wine before we ate. but i would recommend!

Nick L  (16 June 2003)         

We liked it so much we went back a second time, and we were only there for one week !
The service was excellent. The waiter was extremly friendly and helpfull and was very happy to see us chose greek food. The prices were good compared with alot of the other resturants and the location was a nice walk from the main drag.

Do bring your Mosquito spray though, the buggers got me about three times !

As fot the free shot at the end - it tasted like cough candy mixture to me !

Jean R  (06 June 2003)         

The food here was superb. I would say only try the kleftico in filo pastry if you like feta as there's about 1/2lb in it! The chicken crepe starter was delicious. The souvlaki special was great as was the baked sea bass. They try to offer something different here as well. Didn't see the australian woman just Greek waiters who were very friendly and polite. The service was very slow, bad if you've got kids but for us what's the rush? You're in Greece! I asked for the bill in Greek and the waiter was asking me if I was learning Greek but I just try to say a few words. Anyway he wrote me a lot of Greek verbs down on the back of the menu. He was lovely. We thought the free shot after the meal tasted like Fisherman's Friends and when we asked he said it was cinnamon liquer.

Jezebel G  (01 June 2003)         


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