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Alan Clee  (19 June 2014)        10/10

Hi Ellie thank you so much for my present i hope to see you soon

Petra a tomas M  (30 August 2013)        10/10

click to enlargeThank you very much for your amazing customer service, personal service and excellent food. We like to remember this holiday and thanks to you. I hope that you have not visited for the last time. Petra and Tomas from the Czech Republic

Susan C  (20 May 2011)        10/10

can highly recommend eating here, food great and service by Ellie is second to none, nothing is to much trouble even giving us a lift to our hotel.

Nicola S  (05 September 2009)        1/10

Not really sure where to start on this one! The location was beautiful especially at sunset. I was in Kalamaki for a family wedding and this was the choice of venue for the reception. This was based on some members of our party eating here and really enjoying the food etc. However me and my family had eaten here prior to the wedding and one of our meals was particularly bad, it was a chicken salad, can't ge wrong with that you'd think, except it was literally covered in the most awful sauce ever tasted (and this wasn't stated in the description) We didn't complain but when our plated were collected the lady very abruptly asked what was wrong with the salad! I told her the sauce wasn't very nice and the description didn't say anything about the sauc, the response I received was amazing, She started shouting that no one had ever complained and I was rude to tell her that it wasn't very nice!! Anyway we paid and left it at that.

The wedding reception - Prior to the meal we had drinks at Cavo Doro bar as the Rooftop is soley a restaurant, no bar facillities. After a few drinks we made our way next door to the rooftop, the devil woman again started with her barrage of abuse, this time directed at my parents because we had had drinks next door and not with her. Incidently my parents were paying her for a 3 course meal for 50 people plus 30 litres of wine, not to mention other drinks people were buying throughout the meal!
She semi redeemed herself at the end of the meal when she presented my brother and his wife with a wedding cake she had baked as a gift to them. My sister in law asked if she would bake a cake for my nephews 1st Birthday which followed 2 days after the wedding, she very kindly said yes and that she would bake it as her gift to him, I will admit I felt bad and thought maybe she had been a little stressed. However, the day of his Birthday she was right back on track, Upon collection of the cake she presented my sister in law with yet more abrupt shouting and ranting because after the wedding meal we had returned to the Cavo Doro to continue our celebrations! Bearing in mind we had been at the rooftops for almost 4 hours at this point and spent a HUGE amount of money. She then gave my sister in law a bill of 30 euro's for the birthday cake!!!
I have never encountered any one so rude and ill mannered and out of principle would never return to her restaurant. Her attitude towards paying customers is outrageous.

Dave T  (11 July 2008)        10/10

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Susan G  (21 October 2007)        10/10

We had 2 weeks in Kalamaki and ate atThe Roof Garden every night,the same as alot of other people were doing.The variety of food they serve is amazing,between us we tried loads of different meals and never had anything to complain about.

Demi and Ellie treat you more like family than customers,nothing is too much trouble for them.Ellie even rang our lad at home who hadn't come on holiday with us this many people would do that!!!!
We ate and drank as much as we could possibly manage and for 2 of us the bill never came over 30Euros,unbelievable.
If anyone can find fault with The Roof Graden they are very difficult to please.
We keep saying we will try somewhere else next year but after finding such a lovely resort with such lovely people there is every chance we will be back again.
Thanks for looking after us so well.
Sue and Terry George.

Hayden S  (12 October 2007)        3/10

Was unimpressed with this place, i asked if my daughter could have a roll without sesame seeds on as she will not eat them or if i could pay for another roll so she could have bothe the roll bases and was frankly and rudley told no, that is how they come, a simple request that was ignored, food wasn't that nice too, my sons pancakes were uncooked in the middle.

Andrew H  (29 July 2007)        10/10

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The Roof Garden is a lovely place to eat, and the views are fantastic.


We ate twice there this year and each time the food was gorgeous and well prepared.  The first visit I had the daily special Rib, Chicken and lamb chops mmm beautiful and the rest of the family had chimichangas and fajitas. No one was disappointed and all left full.  Try the steak Oscar the sauce is to die for.


On some evenings the service may be slow, the food is well worth waiting for.  And to finnish the evening off sit back with wine or mythos and watch the sun set! PRICELESS


Vinnie, Karen, Katy and Jordan


Dave T  (24 July 2007)        10/10

We just come back from 3 weeks and not just us but most people we meet ate in here every night the food is outstanding and being a ex chef i know what i'm on about.

You all made our holiday and maria melted our hearts click to enlargewe can not thank you enough Demis for helping Tamara after her accident with the quad.....THANK YOU MY FRIEND
This is a great family run restaurant which is fantastic my son is a boxer and i can pack away food but we both tryed a mixed grill between us.. and could not finish it....we had fun one night when a cpl got 1 each and their faces when it arrived ....... try it.....but share it lol
the food is all fresh and made on premises
The views from the rooftop are breath taking and the sunset is amazing very romantic and relaxing...
efkaristo eisai poli evgenikos
We all hated saying goodbye to family but we know will see you again next year 29-6-2008 till 20-7-2008
3 weeks again love to all
click to enlargefantastic chef and hostess best on island
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Fay M  (11 July 2007)        10/10

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We have just returned from a 2 week stay in Kalamaki. Once we tried this restaurant we were hooked and didn't go anywhere else! (bear in mind we've eaten at both Jamie Oliver's and Brian Turner's restaurants)

The food was fresh and the portions are big and very tasty, our favourites were the mixed grill, chicken fajita's and the beef stifado. We mustn't forget the house wine either!
We also ended up going there for breakfast a couple of times, although we don't usually eat breakfast and the English breakfast is excellent, both in value for money and quality. Included is orange juice, tea or coffee, toast and jam, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, bacon, hash brown, baked beans & mushrooms and all for 4.50 Euro's!
The Manageress was lovely and always made sure we were looked after. She even gave us bottled water to take to the beach one morning and a bottle of wine on our last night, which were really kind gestures.
Definately the best restaurant in Kalamaki!

Joanne G  (10 July 2007)        1/10

Just arrived back from 2 weeks in Kalamaki, tried lots of the restaurants and this was the most expensive and the worst.

My husband had a Roast Chicken dinner, it was frozen veg, instant mash absolutley awful.
I had pizza and this was a frozen one from the supermarket next door.
Loved Kalamaki, lots of great places to eat, the roof garden not one of them.
Joanne & John.

Barry R  (29 June 2007)        10/10

Ive just spent 2 weeks in Kalamaki and only got back Sunday, the roof garden was a good restaurant the lamb chops was out of this world and i challange any1 to go to another place and get the same for the money, the service was good, they always had a smile and always on the ball, EVERY time we was there when we asked for the bill we got free drinks everytime. And i also challange anyone for the price to try the mixed grill my dad is 17 stone and didnt get half way through. the price was good the service good the food was corrrr a def reccommended place

Paul C  (18 June 2007)        4/10

June 2007 Ordered beef stifado ... Got stir fried beef. Waiter said beef stifado when he put the plate in front of me. Did.nt inspire me that the staff knew what they were doing

Lauren N  (14 June 2007)        10/10

went to this place a few times it was always nice enjoyed evry meal...... who is eddie?? did he have curly black hair?

Marie   (25 May 2007)        10/10

What a load of rubbish the last comment was, this place has the BEST food in kalamaki

and Dimis and lefteria are lovely lovely people, ate there alot of the time, had fantastic Steaks, wraps, anything you have is beautiful.
I really highly recommend this place always a warm welcome.
Thank you both for all my lovely meals I had whilst staying in Kalamaki
Miss you Ree x

Michael B  (22 September 2006)         

we tried this place for a snack at first which was a stroke of luck,  the toasty we had was disgusting, burnt to a crisp,  the lady who owns it with her husband gets some weird kind of enjoyment throwing things at the stray dogs as they pass,  if they tried to go in they would probably be on the menu. 


Vicki C  (29 August 2006)         

  Food was excellent and deffinately value for money. The views from the top restaurant were great and our daughter found a great little friend in Maria!

The staff were very friendly, will recommend to anyone who visits Kalamaki and will be eating there next year

Susan G  (17 August 2006)         

The best restaurant in Kalamaki by far. The food is wonderful,an amazing choice on the menu and it is all presented well and served hot. Value for money is unbelievable. 

We tried other places but kept coming back here.The owners and staff are brilliant,lots of fun and lots of free drinks. 
Eddie is a professional womaniser and never misses an opportunity ....but he sat with uis showing us pictures of his wife a baby girl,he's a real character.
Up on the roof it is brilliant ,watching the sunset over the mountains.Couldn't think of a nicer place to sit and enjoy a fantastic meal.Will definitely be returning.

Paul W  (15 August 2006)         

Visited the roof garden 3 times on our trip and it was excellent, do not hesitate to try this resteraunt if you are going. The view from there is lovely out over Kalamaki beech and the food was fantastic, my last dish i tried was the lamb kleftiko ( apologies if i spelt that wrong) it's a greek dish and it is wonderfull. Enjoy.

Mel L  (14 August 2006)         

haha wot can i say the restauraunt 2 go 2 if u want entertainment by edwardo(eddie) i am totaly shocked by the coment that he has a wife and kid coz he stalked me down all holiday and was always askin me 2 meet up with him!!! wot a womaniser! the food was really really nice definatley worth visiting. (if ne 1 is in touch with eddie is there any way i could contact him  thanxxxx xxx

Alex A  (03 January 2006)         

This restaurant does great food and has a gorgeous view.  I wouldn't trust frank as fra as I can throw him tho, he's a bit of a user.  just letting u guys know.

Helen K  (15 September 2005)         

Bradley, email me on this address and i will give you franks number xx

Bradley G  (14 September 2005)         

Yeh I had a great hating being back tho...depression. I really want to go back, it was my first time, I went with ma mum and I loved it! =D We went to the roof garden restuarant cause we were friends with Eddie, Frank and the people who owned it. Did you have a good holiday? Eddie was the guy who stood outside and forced people to go in, haha, and he also waited on when it got busy. I wish i could make contact with them. Its good your making contact with frank!

Helen K  (14 September 2005)         

yes still text him i dont know who eddie is did you have a good holiday when were you there

Bradley G  (13 September 2005)         

Do you text him? Do you speak to Eddie aswell? lol...*is intrigued*

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