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Rochelle H (03 July 2015)

I came here on my first girls holiday when I was 16. Biggest regret of my life. 3rd night in the albianian boy in plus soda spiked my drink and my friends. At first I wasn't aware of what had happened, he then took me to 'find' my friend who had been taken away from another staff member. He took me down the side of the club and sexually assaulted me. The holiday ended there.. It was spent in hospitals, in court ect. The dj in this club and another man were involved and aware of the situation. My attacker was called Sebastian. I hope nobody else has had the same thing.

Barbara L (25 August 2008)

Ladies Night!click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

Barbara L  (08 August 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge Well it's 14 degrees and raining in Ireland so I'm missing the sunshine and great times I had in Greece last week.

Many thanks to Frankie,  ο Γιαννι και η ματερα του, the lovely waitresses, and the Irish weather report-quoting DJ. My brother, sister, and I had a great time in Kalamaki, and the Ouzo shots at Plus Soda are a definite highlight.

We all want to visit again soon and finally get to see Frankie's fire act. I'll post pictures from Ladies Night when I get back to New York in a few days.

-Barbara, Martin, and Katie

Ruth H  (28 July 2008)        10/10

OMG missing me fave bar already.. plus soda! so wana go back next year!!  x

Sammie C (13 July 2008)

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Hey con,yannis,frankie and everyone else there,

Only been back in England for two days, but it already feels like ages.
mermaids and plus soda are amazing places.
here are some pictures for you.
sammie x x x x

Donna   (11 July 2008)        10/10

Hello Con! Hope you are well? I am still missing Zante loads! Hope Mermaids is still serving fantastic food! Wish i could come out and see you all, hopefully next year! Has much changed? You still got moody Yannis there he he!!!?

Been so tempted to leave my job and just come over! Will have to do some saving then come and visit!
Big hugs, Take care..send my love to Adele and everybody else
xxx Donna (Ex-Thomson Rep!)

Dj G  (09 July 2008)        10/10

Just a quick word,

DJ Ginge, has left Plus Soda, and taken over the entertainment management of

The Factory Club in Argassi.

I would like to thank everybody for their support in this tough season, this position is also

a winter appointment, I leave the club in safe hands, and thank Con, Yanni, Frankie and Elder

for all your hard work.

DJ Ginge.

Carl B  (30 June 2008)        10/10

Plus Soda is now on FaceBook

Hi all, just a fast message to let you all know that you can now find Plus Soda on FaceBook so check it out via the below link:

Please come along and become a fan and show your support for the best club in Kalamaki and post up your reviews, photos and videos for Plus Soda.

You will also be able to find out about upcoming events plus lots more fun to be had.

Lydia B  (25 June 2008)        10/10

More Pics...

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Lydia B  (25 June 2008)        10/10

The new style bar and changes are great - couldn't believe the difference - stylish, roomy and modern, great atmosphere and good music. As you can see by the photos everyone has such a good time in there. Just like to add that the friendly hardworking waitress is an asset to the place too, not at all pushy - just lovely. Particularly enjoyed the fire eating and cocktails tasted great. The greek night looked good fun too (or was that in the restaurant?) anyway, must give that a try next time! Can't wait to return in a few weeks.............Lydia & Marie x

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Joanna   (23 June 2008)        10/10

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The best bar in Kalamaki. Thanks Ginge, Yanni and Frankie for a fantastic holiday. I wanna come back!  Defo worth a visit if your going to Zante
Hopefully we'll be back soon

Dj G (02 June 2008)

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Here are some more

Dj G  (02 June 2008)        10/10

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All is going well @ PLUS SODA,  Here are a few pictures of the place, and the guys

Marianna W  (31 May 2008)        10/10

 Hi Con, Yannis and everyone else!!

Marianna and Elly are coming back at the end of June!!

Look forward to seeing what 'changes' have been made?!  This will be my fifth year to Kalamaki and can't wait.

Transfers not included... how much should the taxi cost??

See you soon

Marianna xx

Collette W  (26 May 2008)        10/10

Hi there!

I was the lady with the 4 yr old daughter who was dancing with my friends little boy almost every night last week, the Bristol girls who were soo bad at quizes but OK at Karaoke!
This is a fab club, Elder the waitress is lovely and very friendly, sorry I don't know the names of the bar staff but thanks for so many free shots and the flowers!
Loved the flames on the bar, managed to get it on video! DJ Ginge is a great entertainer too. A fab welcoming club. I could have gone in there every night and I found it the best on the strip. We only sat outside but the interior looks very swish.
May see you again next year! Happy summer!

Dj G  (16 May 2008)        10/10

Hi to you all
Well we opened on Monday, this week, despite the fuel strike,  and boy what a busy time we have had getting PLUS SODA, together.
We had a rather little low key opening, with Family and VIP'S , we have had really good turn out even though it has been quite wet and cold  in Kalamaki.
The new style bar is working very well, and the club has more room in side, Yanni , Frankie , are busy mixing the cocktails and keeping happy behind the bar. We have a lovely waitress named Elder, who started this week. We had our first quiz's and Karaoke, and the club nights have gone very well.
Seems its a cheese and RnB crowd, with a little house.
We would like to say thank you to past Guests, who have been coming this week, and have commented on the changes to the club. they are getting people in really well after midnight and we have been very busy and had a few very late nights, which we hope will continue.
So when you come over we are looking forward to seeing you.
DJ Ginge

Louise   (06 May 2008)        8/10

Hi, me and my friend went their last year, was good entertainment on eg quizes and hypnotist (never worked though). Looks like a really good club inside although never got used which was a shame really, would be good if it got used this year were coming out on the 7th of august. If you go definatly try a comfortable ( southern comfort, vodka and red bull) was gorgous and got you really drunk. When we wne there had a really good and will definatly be going back again.

See ya sooooon . . .
Louise and Sophie x

Dj G  (26 April 2008)        10/10

Arrived on Monday, flying from Gatwick to Athens and then taking the coach and ferry, to  Zante, what a journey , pretty packed trip as people were returning for easter on the island.

Made my way to Kalamki, from the new coach station in Zante town , which is a vast improvement on the old one, very easy to get taxis's from there as well.
So this last week has been busy catching up with people, looking at the new work on PLUS SODA, its gonna look a lot bigger than before, and with the major changes in side, it will be even bigger inside.
Mermaids should be open for the 3rd of May, and look out for the new girls, LU, Amanda and SAM, who have been working so hard to get Mermaids ready.
Looking forward to a great season.
DJ Ginge

Dj G  (22 March 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge

Well Hello to everybody at PLUS SODA,

 Just a quick word, DJ Ginge returns to Plus Soda for 2008. 
After having a great meeting with Con in London a couple of weeks ago, about how the club has fared since I last worked full time in it in 2005. Con made me a very generous offer to return,  I have agreed, and excepted his offer and it feels like I am coming back home.
I really missed the Island last year, even though I had a lot of offers to return, but was busy with other work, in the UK and Caribbean.
I am looking forward to seeing a few friendly faces and meeting some new ones.
I know the club had a hard time last year, however  for 2008 its about to undergo a Major Exciting  New Refit. Plus Soda  will undergo an extentsive interior change round, which we feel will improve the look and feel of the club, espicaly after the midnight noise curfew.
We have lots of new entertainment lined up for our guests over the summer,
which we are looking forward too, running.
I hope that this season, between Con, the Staff , myself  and of course you our guests, we can put PLUS SODA, back on top in the  Kalimaki, area, and have some great fun too.
Looking so  forward to seeing you all
DJ Ginge Coldwell.

Gill B  (13 October 2007)        10/10

hi yannis and all at plus soda thanks 4 a good week really enjoyed ur company and the great drinks hope u all watching the rugby later come on england will be coming back next year for two weeks hope u can cope with us hope you have a good rest when season over all our love and best wishes yannis con adele and all the staff who maid us feel welcome and took time to chat se you next year david gill carl

Lydia B  (24 September 2007)        10/10

Great to visit Plus Soda one night, must say they serve great cocktails - the baileys + banana one was especially nice - served in a sexy glass ....(just like the guy who made it lol )

See u next time!
Lydia x x

Stacey F (02 September 2007)

Just back from kalamaki and why does the actual plus soda club never open? the girls working their give some lame excuse lol. does anyone know? its a real nice club inside it should be used!

Adam C  (27 August 2007)        8/10

Hi I'm Da Guy With Blonde Spikey Hair Came In A Few Times Only To Dance Lol

I Move Over Next year And If Your Still Looking For A Dj I Am Here But Depends What Music You Want Me To Play..
But Will See You In September An Permantley In July Next Year

Angela C  (27 July 2007)        1/10

 just read the previous comment and i am reminded of a similar incident with a member of staff! We accepted the invotation to watch the hypnotist. We were asked did we want drinks and we ordered water and asked if that was ok! which she replied "of course".She brought the drinks and took the money. A few minutes later a few people came in, the waitress turned to us and said "Sorry girls would u mind leaving, we want people who are buying proper drinks, well i do especially!!" Needless to say we left, we expected than this and therefore did not return!

Joanne, andrea, marilyn & F  (23 July 2007)        3/10

The club itsels is fine, but one night when the hypnotist was on, there were 7 out of the 8 volunteers that were younger than 18. They shouldn't have taken part, but they knew non the wiser ebcause the hypnotist didn't tell them the age limit.

The hypnotist also said there would be no removal of clothes, and that its good clean family fun. Nearing the end of the hypnosis, we were disgusted to see many of the participants being asked to make love to inflatable sheep and do the full monty.
We were eld to believe it would just be fun, but the hypnotist swore and got angry with one of us, because we refused to join in with the show.
The bar staff were friendly, but the hypnotist needs to sort his attitude out, seriously.

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