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Amber R  (27 May 2012)        5/10

Not fair that maccy d's got took down. the good thing about it getting took down is that me my mum and my sister, Alanna, went there once and Alanna chocked off of how much salt there was ! she was only 3! shes 9 now!

Kevan H (28 August 2011)

MacDonalds has now been replaced by a Subway, but did not eat here, can have a Subway at home.

Steve F (01 August 2009)

  Good bye Mucky Dees!  Forever! 

Mr B (21 June 2009)

MacDonalds no's now closed !

Emma   (10 January 2007)         

never ate here cos i was on hols to try new thing, HOWEVER, i don't see why so many people are against having mc ds here- you seem to be forgeting that there are actually people who live in tsilivi and maybe they enjoy having it there, i know lots of greeks who go there! so if you don't like it then don't go. there are loads of other nice restaurants to try like fiorentinos just down the road (in between pieros and joker) look carefully cos its so small you might just miss it!

John A  (22 October 2006)         

Yeah, fair enough there shouldn't be a maccy d's in Greece, however it's only there because of us English! Going to maccy d's is missing out on the wonderful greek food there is to offer in Tsilivi .. however, when you needed a quick bite to eat and didn't want to go through the whole waiting to be served, then the food and the bill, maccy d's was good for that. The service was good, the food was HOT!! (never experienced that in maccy d's before) and they served beer!, so yes i agree maccy d's should stay in the U.K and the U.S, but it still was a nice place to eat.

Nat & Luci  (22 September 2006)         

Mcdonalds was awesum we went there loads of nights when we were to hot to eat a big meal.. it was great because it was across the road from where we were staying

Jane H  (07 September 2006)         

  with 3 young kids & 3 teenagers in tow, we had to go to Mcdonalds.  No different to any other Mcdonalds other than they sold alcohol, greek salads & had cartons of pop rather than fruit shoots.  Kids wolfed it down. 

Bev G  (20 August 2006)         

best chicken sandwich ever had

Rachel J  (03 July 2006)         

boooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Gill P  (23 June 2006)         

only had 1 big mac meal at mcdonalds to get a quick snack before watching the england match in the paradise bar. Have to say the big mac was lovely - v juicey. The fries were called "medium" but the carton size was massive compared to UK standards

Steve M  (05 June 2006)         

I have to be honest - I LOVE McDonald's. This bloody one was closed when I was there (summer 04). Gutted. Nothing like a greasy Big Mac to help you as you stumble home after a good night!

Sam & Peter  (05 January 2006)         

what's wrong with you people, you're on holiday for fecks sake!   leave mcdonalds and try some greek cuisine!
 jeez some people!  Stupid 

Wayne C  (27 September 2005)         

If Maccy Ds is that good why bovver to go to Zante. Just stay at home and have it. Not saying I have never had a Big Mac,large fries and a chocolate milk shake on the odd occasion  but I don't really want to go all the way to Tsilivi in Zante and walk down a nice little high street and find a McDonalds that looks totally out of place. Never even tried to make it blend in with the other restarants and tavernas. It just looks like its been picked up off of any high street in England and dumped  there.

Rachel J  (08 September 2005)         

maccy ds is great thank god its opened up again

Lisa   (20 August 2005)         

i dont no why everyone complians that there is a mcdonalds in greece!!!! we went twice while we were here (we dont really eat them in england) and the food was fine and there were always loads of greeks there eating. it was nice to not have to wait round forever for the bill aswell!!!!!!

Wayne C  (03 August 2005)         

What a load of old rubbish McDonalds is. When in Greece do what the Greeks do and eat Greek food. What ever next Kentuckey Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut. 

Terry   (29 July 2005)         

You want to eat at McDonald's?  You've got to be kidding me!  there are so many REAL restaurants you would need your examined if you choose to eat here.  It was open when we were there in May and I hope it will be closed by the time we return in September.  What a blot on the landscape. I agree with one of the other comments - you know it's open before you see it because some ignorant peasants will have dropped their McDonald's litter wherever they finished their burger.  These people should be shot... slowly.  If you want to eat muck, stay at home or go to the land of the free (that's a laugh) and eat with other brain donors like George Dubya.

If the service is bad or the food is sub-standard then what do expect. If you choose to eat here then you deserve all you get.  Have a kebab from Gyroland and do your tastebuds a favour.

Lynne C  (31 May 2005)         

sorry to say that this place is now open again - as is obvious, due to the amount of rubbish lying around, with the mcdonalds logo on it.  Why not try some Greek food, it's got to be better than eating junk.

Julie A  (16 May 2005)         

Just to let you Mcdonalds was still shut...apparently it is up for sale!

Gary F  (20 September 2004)         

Brilliant, this place was closed all week, which suits us, especially my 4 year old daughter who when she saw it said " that awful", as she does not like the place!!!

Danielle A  (13 September 2004)         

mcdonalds was excedingly poor. it was closed for the first week we got there and the next week we went there for an evening meal. the staff were rude and wunt get wat we orded because the order was to far back in the kitchen and they couldnt be botherd to get it. the prices were higher than a posh restaurant. DONT GO ITS A LOAD OF POOh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt F  (10 September 2004)         

Mcdonalds should be -100000000000000000000000/10 it was terrible which is about all i can say

Ronnie V  (24 August 2004)         

We found it amusing that it was closed the whole two weeks we were there. It must have seemed like a good idea to whoever thought a francise in Tsilivi would please the Bank manager. I'm all for choice but most restuarnats serve 'burgers and chips' so Maccy D's never stood a chance. The fact that they couldn't even be bothered to apply for the required licence speaks for itself it up. Pie and chips anyone?

Claire N  (22 July 2004)         

it was never open because last year they had poor sales rateing so they just closed it down. we think though it was because of so much food poising they gave people x x

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