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1. Wort-Ton soup
2. Chicken and Chinese mushroom soup
3. Chicken and sweet corn soup
4. Crab meal and sweet corn soup
5. Hot and sour soup
6. Chicken noodle soup
7. Vegetable soup
S. Sea-food treasure soup
9. Vegetable rice noodle soup


10. Chinese bread
11. Spring roils (vegetarian)
12. Sesame chicken deep-tried
13. Deep-tried Won-Tons
14. Fried or steamed meat dumplings
15. Shrimp toast
16. Barbecued pork spore ribs
17. Prawn cracker s
18. Fried chicken wings
19. Chicken satay (4 sticks)
20. Deep-fried king prawns


25. Chinese mango salad
26. Tomato salad with avocado and tofu
27. Bang bang spicy chicken salad
28. Chilly beef noodle salad
29. Tomato and okra salad


30. Plain Fu Yung
31. Vegetable Fu Yung
32. Chicken Fu Yung
33. Beef Fu Yung
34. Shrimps Fu Yung
35. Special Fu Yung


81. Beef in black bean sauce with green peppers
82. Beef with ginger and spring onions
83. Beef wtth mushrooms in Oyster sauce
84. Mongolian spicy crispy beef
85. Beef with Chinese mushroom and bamboo shoots
86. Beef with onions
87. "Szechuan" beef In hot sauce
88. Beet Chop Sul
89. Beef with broccoli
90. Beef with Eggpkwt In garlic sauce


101. Sweet and sour pork
102. Pork with Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots
103. Pork Chop Sui
104. Meaty pork ribs "Szechuan" style
105. Pork wtrh mushroom In oyster sauce
106. "Cha-Suly" Cantonese roast pork
107. Hu Nan chilly pork
108. Pork wirh bean sprouts
109. Pork in black bean sauce wtth green peppers


111. Beet sate
112. Chicken sate
113. Prawn sate
114. Mixed special sate


131. Squid with seasonal vegetables
132. Squid wirh ginger and spring onions
133. Squid in hot garlic sauce
134. Squid In black bean sauce with green peppers


141. Sweet and sour fish
142. Fish In hot garlic sauce
143. Fish with ginger and spring onions
144. Steamed fresh sea bass in light soya sauce


161. Sesame prawns deep-fried
162. Sweet and sour prawns
163. Prawns with mushrooms In oyster sauce
164. Prawns with Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots
165. Yu-Xiang prawns in hot garlic sauce
166. Prawns with pineapple
167. Prawns In black bean sauce with green peppers
168. Prawn Curry
171. Prawns wtrh cashew nuts
172. Prawns Chop Sui
173. Prawns with bean sprouts
174. Steame d fresh Prawn with ginger suace


181. Chicken Mei Fan with vegetables
182. Rice noodles Singapore style
183. Beef crispy noodles
184. Special seafood combination
185. Meaty pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce
186. Salt and pepper pork ribs
187. Salt and pepper king prawns
188. Beef curry 8 30
189. Special curry


191. Special fried rice
192. King prawn fried rice
193. Egg fried rice
194. Steamed rice
195. Beef fried rice
196. Chicken fried rice
197. Vegetable s fried rice
198. Special curry fried rice
199. Chips
200. Salt pepper chips with garlic


201. King prawn Chow-Mein
202. Chicken Chow-Mein
203. Pork Chow-Mein
204. Beef Chow-Mein
205. Vegetable Chow-Mein
206. Special Chow-Mein
207. Duck Chow-Mein

KIDS MENU (Three courses)

A. Prawn crackers
B Chicken and sweetcorn soup

A. Fried chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce
B. Chicken FuYung
C. Fried meatballs
Egg tried rice(accompanies all meals )

ice cream and syrup


121. Sweet and sour sauce
122. Curry sauce
123. Barbecue sauce
124. Sate sauce
125. Plum sauce

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