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Sandie R          9/10

visited valentinas on saturday 23.08.2014 with another twelve family members . were given excellent service and everyone enjoyed the wide variety of dishes on the menu. the meals were really nice, service was excellent and at the end of the evening the hosts not only called a taxi for some of our group but also sent costas on his scooter to order some of us a horse and carriage home. It is always a pleasure to eat here and it is one of the very best restaurants in tsilivi. the food is cooked to order and you can actually see the meat cooked for you in a corner of the restaurant. Very reasonably priced and well worth a visit.

Antonio K

Halo .kostas and laura.valentina and denis.thanks for fantastic holidays and good food we be beck next year .fantastic people and beautifull pleace the best taverna in zante.

Arto K

This taverna is the best in zante to eat traditional greek food freshly made everry day by Valentina and denis and served from kostas we , and we all ways miss this place we be beck.special for verry friendly atmosfer well dun kostas, we miss you Valentinaaaaa'S well what can i say pleas people just go ther is lovely litle green taverna and verry friendly people .

Arto K

click to enlargeThis place is the best in zante to and eat sea food freshly made by valentina and Denis traditional greek food i all ways miss this taverna

Steve V

I've been using this place for several years but after this year, never again!  It pains me to say it but my last visit ranks as one of the worst meals I've had in Tsilivi in 14 (2 week) visits...  There were four of us and after ordering drinks we chose our starters and mains...  First out was one of the mains, this was sent back and then three of the starters came out...  After a "bit of a caf-uffle" in the kitchen the fourth came out but the the other three had already been consumed!  Then the mains appeared, well, three of them. The bolognaise we'd seen once before and two mixed grills...  Then more caf-uffle...  Half a pint of beer arrived as an apology while my mixed grill was being cooked...  However the waitress that brought it took the beer I was drinking which had best part of half a pint in it! Eventually my mixed grill arrived with a really generous portion of chips... A pity really as I'd ordered Greek roast potatoes...  By now I was eating on my own as the other three had finished theirs and I left the chips...  The waitress began clearing the table while I was still eating and then had the cheek to ask if everything was alright.  I told her I was not happy and that I had not asked for chips.  She looked at me and said what do you expect, we are people not robots! The "people" still charged full price and left me wondering what a robot would have charged!  I will never go there again, nor will I recommend it to anyone...  Steer well clear!!!

Jeremy Y          10/10

Been coming to Tsilivi for several years and have heard mention of Valentino's Castle many times but only managed to find it last September for the first time.  Wow! it's definately worth the wait without doubt the most traditional taverna we have found with fantastic food and friendly staff.  Highly recommend the Lamb Kleftico.

Charlotte           10/10

What can I say!! Fantastic Greek food, hospitality and taste of Greek culture brillitant.  Food was outstanding would recommend the Pork dishes.  It is a little out of the way but make sure you visit Valantino's, just stroll along the road out of Tsilivi past the Paradise Cocktail bar for about 5 mins and you will find it!! (locals know it as Valantino's Castle).

Thank You! 

Simone R          10/10

very hard to find! but when you find it, its mind blowing, it has to be the best place in Tsivili. i thought it was called Valentinas Castle though?! anyway its a must go to, the food is very fresh, had to keep going to get stock as thats how fresh it was!! apparently they are struggling here as it is so out of the way but god i have no idea why they are struggling because it is such an amazing peaceful place!! will be definately visiting here again. hope you guys keep open!! Yammas all the best xxx

Florence S          9/10

Had  not been for 15mths but the welcome was wonderful and genuine.The food and local small carafe great.What hospitality and friends just making you feel very thankful to have found this small welcoming spot. The fact that they were so busy in may speaks for itself.Its not in the town center but well worth looking for.Why on earth am I telling you this secret I might not be able to get a table next time I go in october.If you find this resturant I hope it makes you smile as much as it does myself,they are lovely people and the food is so gooooood x

Florence S          9/10

I will be coming back to Zakynthos this year in may.Will try my very best to call on and thank you once again for the great food and hospitality.I will always remember the pleasant nights I experienced at your resturaunt.But most of all the welcome for a woman traveling on her own.The staff made me feel at ease I had great food,and didnt feel alone at all.Both those things are invaluable xxx Epheristo polli Artemis,Valentina and Kostas xxx

Cherie D

Hi there. Thank you for the positive feedback when you visited Valentinas Castle. I am glad that you enjoyed your meals and you found Kosta and Cherie very helpful.  We all hope to see you again soon.

Christopher W          10/10

just returned from tsilivi(zante),and it took us around 8 days to find a real touch of greek home made cooking.the restraunt called valentinas was top notch in every way possible.on my first visit we all had prawns in spicy sweet chilli sauce.and it was just fantastic.for the mains i had lamb cooked in lemon sauce with greek potatos and fresh medditerianian veg.they even bring you out fresh greek bread with a olive oil and balsamic find this little taverna you must head left where the princess hotel is next to the warm and fresh bakery,as you follow the road round you will see a blackboard on the side of the road(it is right opposite and follow the small lane is not where the main strip is..they also own a cracking little bar called ballyhoo which is ran by alan/cherie.many thanks too cherie and koota for such a warm welcome and superb meals at you restraunt and taking care of us all. chris,lisa and the gang.

Willie B          10/10

Again our eighth visit in a row to Tsilivi. Every year we go to two places Sandras Bar and Valantinas Castle. Food Top Notch , Prices Great . Wine Great / AND now Artemis had gone and got Mythos on Draught and its Magic. So we Love this place and they take pride in what they put on your plate. Too add to this they are local people and everything is fresh if they dont have it fresh that day they will tell you. Mussells and sardines are a must try.   

Dianne D          10/10

 We look forward to seeing you all again in May - the best place for food and company!

Tony & Dianne

Rachel S

We didnt visit here as I am vegetarian and there was not alot for me to choose from but many people from our hotel visited Valentinos every night and did not have 1 bad thing to say about it! Its worth trying!

Tina H          4/10

Paid a return visit here for this years` holiday(Sept/Oct 2007),as we had been before 2 years previously and really enjoyed the meal. Have to say that this time around we wouldn`t quite rate it in the same category as would have done back then. The meal was very nice but the portion sizes had been skrimped on-whilst prices were still the same. The service also wasnt the best-you were left feeling that they had already basically shut up shop and weren`t doing anymore work this season(even though the owner said that he remembered us from 2 years ago). Pretty disappointed really-especially as the first visit here was as good as it was.

Mike G          5/10

Looked forward to my visit here but was disappointed. Sat on a table under the bar, largely forgotten about, food no better than elsewhere

Gerry I

fantastic yet again great family run restuarant,food excellent.Valantino cooks everything fresh  and Joanne and Artemis are two wondrefull people.Hi to you all and thanks again for a wonderfull time.
A restuarant not to be missed in Tsilivi. 

Rachael B          10/10

Hi Jo and Artemis
It was so great to see you both again and little Antonio
We all really loved coming to your restaraunt, your food is the best. Especially love your lamb on a spit on a Saturday, although all of it is fab . The lads loved the food too and thought you were both great
We wish we could come back to see you again soon, will have to win the lottery so we can come every few weeks.
You are a really lovely couple and have a really fab restaraunt. Thank you so much for everything.
Hopefully we'll be back
Rachael and John

Rachael B          10/10

Hi Jo and Artemis.
We totally loved your restaraunt. It was by far the best food around and we loved the warm friendly atmosphere. Hope little Antonio is OK  
10/10 for food and great times.So good we are back on the 20th July. See you then!!
Rachael and John

Gary C          10/10

Found for the first time and straight in as number one on our list. Lovely enviroment, beautiful food, nice people. We had the Stuffe Cabbage leaves first time and the Special Oven Beef second time and both were wonderful. Must try

Gary F          10/10


 jo&artemis you totally have the best place to eat in tsilivi fresh ingredients cooked to perfection by valentina,dennis&rest of the crew .atmosphere v.relaxed&friendly. After visiting Tilivi over the last 6 years it is with regret that I feel that I must share this information with the rest of the world. P.S  hope we can still get a table this may 2007.   

Faith S           

A lovely authentic Greek restaurant just a short walk from the centre of Tsilivi, lovely outdoor atmosphere, perfect food and friendly service. We ate here twice during our 7 day holiday and all the food was of a very high standard. Particularly good where the mussels in white wine, the stuffed aubergine, the sea bass and the vegetable soup. With drinks before, a bottle of wine with our meal and coffees and Metaxas afterwards a meal for 4 was costing about 65.Highly recommended for quality and choice. 10/10

Sheryl G           

Valantino's Castle - What can I say? Perfect

The food was fantastic, the service lovely!  We too only ate here once on our holiday but will be back.  The atmosphere was so laid back but attentive - my mouth is watering just remembering!  The spicy prawn starter was scrumptious and our main courses (Lamb chops with mint gravy and Befteki) were cooked to perfection.  If you don't visit anywhere else in Tsilivi go to Valantino's!  YUM!
PS I too am from UK not USA!

Louise & Paul           

This year we returned to tsilivi to get married on the 20th of September, and we picked this restaurant the year before as we were so impressed with the food, atmosphere and hospitality. I picked the menu I wanted and it was , can I say absolutely bloody fantastic, it was SUPERB !!. The food kept coming and everyone was really impressed. We had spit roast lamb, on our arrival the lamb was still roasting and all of our guests were very impressed. Artemis and Joanna could not do enough for us. Artemis even brought his gun and my husband gave a gun salute. Artemis and Joanna are very kind , caring and generous people and I cannot thank them enough. We ate at the restaurant 5 nights out of 14. The menu is small, however this is always a good sign as nothing is frozen evrything is fresh and cooked to perfection. Wherever you go in Zante please go to eat here and say hello from us.
The price is also so cheap and very very very GORGEOUS.

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