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John M (14 June 2013)

Sad to say now closed 29th May 2013

Maureen G  (20 August 2012)        9/10

you must go to zeus. it woz quite a walk for us but we knew from a previous hol how good it is. woz lovely to see spiros and george again. had a chat with spiros but as always george woz too busy on the street. very friendly place, just go.

Christine C  (16 September 2011)        9/10

Very friendly attentive staff and the food was good as well - nicely cooked and choice of menu.  Would recommend.

Kim G (19 May 2011)

Happy Days at Zeus the guys Spiros and George were lovely guys so friendly and made you feel so welcome hope to see you again soon guys love kim

Jim D  (13 August 2010)        10/10

click to enlarge Hi guys, can we have a table on the 29th august please, looking forward to seeing you all again. A great place to eat!!

seen any?

John P  (09 July 2010)        10/10

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  Give this one a try and you wont be disapointed, its very good.

I had the stuffed sirloin twice during our stay, sirloin steak stuffed with bacon & cheese.
The staff are excellent.

Paul H  (04 June 2010)        10/10

best in the town . yammus

Lisa W  (03 June 2010)        10/10

hi wot can i say what a fab restaurant, it was our first time in tsilvili and we are going back.. espeacially to zeus...the two brothers spiros and george are great and so friendly   ( happy days spiros ) ....... we went for a week and ate there 5 nights fantastic....... check out the lamb kleftiko with feta cheese yum yum........ if you are going def check this place out then off to the ark next door where george behind the bar does a singing act what a laugh......great cocktails !!!!!   we are going back for my partners 40th next year and cannot wait to see them all again......fab fab fab xx see you all soon

Lynn W  (31 October 2009)        10/10

Thank you for all our lovely meals again on our visit to Zeus.  Great staff as always.  See you all again next year.  Lynn, Frank and Lisa White xx

Jim D  (27 September 2009)        10/10

Many thanks for the lovely food and the fantastic hospitality on our holidays, I would recommend Zeus to anyone wanting excellent greek food.

P.S. George-Seen any more cement mixers? to get friendly with!

Siobhan H  (14 September 2009)        10/10

Ate here twice during our recent two week holiday and it was excellent.

Very good if you're looking for traditional Greek Food. My fiance's Mum said she had the best Kleftico she has ever tasted there and she's been going to Greece for years, it comes out in foil which is on fire, very impressive!!
Prices are good too, main meals are about 7 or 8 euros.

James   (22 July 2009)        10/10

Zeus Taverna. What a place! It was so absolutely fantastic, we went there nearly every night for 2 weeks and never got bored of the food and service.

Firstly, the food was fantastic. Wheter you wanted Traditional Greek food or if you wanted to stay with more English food, Zeus delievered spot on everytime. The service was extremely quick for the amount of people they were cooking for.
Secondly, the service was amazing. All the staff was always smiling and always joking. They were very polite and very helpful indeed!
I would like the congratulate all the staff; Spiros, George, Adela and Soula for obtaining a great Taverna.
Hope to see you all next year!

Jim D  (20 June 2009)        10/10

Just got back, ate here 4 times, food excellent, nice to see Spiros & George busy despite the recession, the chicken souvlaki is superb!

Jim D  (23 April 2009)        10/10

You can't please everyone, been going here for years, see you soon,

jim(the runner) and sandra

Alexandra D  (15 January 2009)        1/10

we ate here on our first day in zante we were reccomened from our rep to come here....well where to i start this was the WORST meal ive ever had and the service well if you want happy days shouted in your ear every 2 mins thats ok!!! the boss sat at a table smoking in front of the customers and as soon as the bell rang he put it down and went into the kitchen....YUK!!!!  The waiter outside tries very hard to get you in but when your on holiday thats not what you need and i dont need someone telling my children they can have free ice cream when they have finished there dinner thats my choice.

our main course came but there wasnt much of it my husband joked that it was a starter and not a main not very feeling in fact we had to get some chips on the way home!!
unfortunately we WONT BE visiting here in june!!!

Jaimie K  (14 October 2008)        1/10

I don't really know where to start here.  On arrival we were greeted by a jovial chap who showed us to our seats, we ordered our drinks and on the whole everything looked lovely.  Starters were delicious and then the problem came, the waitress knocked over the bottle of red wine which proceeded to cover my shirt and shorts. PROBLEM. Her way of rectifying this was to apologise and then go to the kitchen with the starter crockery/cuttlery before clearing the table up next to us. When I shouted her back she got another waiter to come out with a bottle of carbonated water and some paper hankies which he sat on the table before again rushing off to deal with outher customers.  As it happens the water did a better job than I expected of taking out the stain although it did not fully remove it.  At this point I decided to bite my tongue and continue with the meal as up until then we had a decent evening.  On completion of the meal the bill arrived and I was a bit miffed at the bottle of wine being listed despite a fair amount of it ending up over our table and down my atire.  When the waitress asked if everything was ok she was told that it wasn't ideal as we didn't actually get to drink the full bottle of wine, her reply again was sorry.  We asked to speak to the floor manager who offered to knock 50% off the price of the wine, although he tried to dupe us by offering us 50% off the cheapest item on the bill rather than the wine.  To top it all off when we left the restaurant the young member of staff who greeted us into the restaurant then decided he would have a laugh at us as we left the restaurant which almost resulted in there being more than wine spilt in the restaurant that night.  Terrible service and disgusting customer care although I do have to say the food was nice but who wants to eat good food sitting soaked to the skin??

Sue M  (29 August 2008)        10/10

 Great place to eat and sink a few shots of Urso with George! Whenever we visit Tsilivi we always pay a visit here like old friends. Good food one of the best lamb Kleftikos in village. Happy Days George and remember lonely nights?  

Peter W  (09 August 2008)        10/10

Just back from two weeks in Tsilivi and had 4 or 5 meals in Zeus.(The best restaurant in Tsilivi ) The Meze starter for 2 was fantastic as was the Lamb Kleftiko,Beef Stifado,Moussaka and the house wine.George,Spiros,Lina,Lorena,Becky and Petryos were always happy to see you and could not have been more helpful in making sure your nightout was anything more than enjoyable.Hope to see you again guys, keep up the good work.
All the best for the future Peter,Dorothy,Matthew and Niamh ,Kilsyth,Scotland
Yiamas, HappyDays!

Zoe Y  (01 August 2008)        10/10

Zeus has got to be the best restaurant in Tsilivi, George is brilliant. . . me and my mate have even got him as a friend on facebook. The rest of the gang are also great (Spiros, Petros, Becky, Lina & Lorena. . . I think thats her name). Hats off to the cooks too, the food was outstanding !

We ate here 3 times during our holiday and even the nights that we didn't George called us in as we were passing for a shot of Sloe Berry Vodka YUM
Do not miss this restaurant or you will seriously miss out

Emma A  (19 July 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge

Food and service excellent, very friendly staff. We ate here most nights and will be definately going back.

Si and Emma

Amy C  (19 July 2008)        10/10

Zeus is amazing, Zeus is the best
Eat there once & you'll forget all the rest
Undeniably friendly, a family affair
Sprios always keen to find you a chair

Traditional greek dishes that melt in your mouth
A selection of wines ensuring no drought
Vacation 'must do' if you're up for a giggle
Even the prices won't make you wriggle
Relax & let the entertainment begin
Naughty George may tie you up with some string
A great place is Zeus, day or night…give it a try at least once before your flight!

"H A P P Y  D A Y S !!"

Sue G  (18 July 2008)        9/10

Zeus is a great place to eat.  Food is very good, especially the lamb kleftiko - my husband had it twice whilst we were there!  Mousaka really nice too. George and Spiro are mad but happy, nice mad!!  All the staff are really friendly and helpful.  We would definately go back.

Yammas!!  Happy Days!!! 

Maria K  (16 July 2008)        10/10

Fantastic food and fantastic people!!! What more can i say? Happy Days!!

Will be back next year for more Beef Stifado.Yammas

Margaret C  (28 June 2008)        9/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge we have just got back from tsilivi 26th june 2008 we went to zeus about three times and each time the meals were excellent, the service was very good and they were reasonably priced, the staff were really friendly, happy days george spiras and thanks for the napkin ring xxx margaret, bob and jessica xxx

Charmaine W  (27 June 2008)        10/10

click to enlarge We loved it here, they were really good with the kids and made us feel really welcome even tho they were normally very busy, fantastic food and fantastic service, we would definitely recommend it.   Try the traditional greek dishes too, they were really good!!!!

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