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Jeni K  (29 September 2011)        10/10

We ate at Ambrosia 4 times whilst on our holidays and the food was out of this world, the service was excellent and the atmosphere was brilliant...... if you go to kalamaki for your holidays please go to ambrosia its ten out of ten!!!!!!

Steve G  (04 October 2010)        10/10

found this place a little late in the week, but went for the last two evenings .... excellent greek dishes and service .. highly recommanded

Andrea S  (30 December 2009)        10/10

Went in August and did not get round to writing a comment.  Food and service excellent. 

Becky L  (22 September 2009)        10/10

I just got back from Alykes with parents and we go every year for two weeks, and we ate at Ambrosia five times. All i can say is WOW to the food we had and the service that came with it.

Michelle we adore you sorry that dad got you to ask if that guy was on the titanic as the captin but never mind, and marcus we love you to pieces and mum says hope your ok and sorry. If you want somewhere great to eat people with friendly service then go to the ambrosia
Cant wait to go back next year and eat there again see you guys soon xx Becky xx

Bob B  (10 July 2009)        10/10

Just returned from Zante and visited the Ambrosia 4 or 5 times and each time was superb. The service we recieved from Michelle and Alex was 2nd to none and the food was superb. The Ambrosia is 1 of the best restraunts in Alykanas or Alykes if not the best. Keep up the good work see you next year Bob ( banana split ) and Linda     ( Note I THOUGHT POTATO SKINS WHERE POTATO PEELINGS ! )

Liz F (29 August 2008)

Just returned from two glorious weeks holiday, we ate at the Ambrosia twice and cannot fault the service or food, we give ratings after we have eaten and this was 8 and 9 each time, the food and service was really good, would definately go back.

Emma W  (19 August 2008)        10/10

We visited Kalamaki in May 2008.  Ambrosia was our favourite restraunt, we visited 4 times in 2 weeks.  The Lamb Ambrosia was amazing, I am actually looking for a recipe to atemp cooking it myself.

The staff were fantastic, service was the best we could find, and the food was reasonable priced.
If we go back to Kalamaki, we will definitely go back to Ambrosia.

Sarah P  (29 August 2007)        4/10

The service here was dreadfully slow.  We sat for 2 hours waiting for our meal with no explanation/apologies.  The food, when we did get it, was okay but to be honest we were all so fed up we couldn't wait to get out of here.

Theresa S  (17 August 2007)        8/10

yes the service was slow , but i think they had a staff problem , but the food was delicious the nights we were there, i loved the lamb in honey sauce

Neil W  (05 August 2007)        3/10

Just returned from Alykes for the 6th year running and Ambrosia is not what it used to be, food now average to poor ( I ordered Potato Skins but had deep fried Potato Peelings!!) and the service is slow even by Greek standards! 

A real disappointment as it used to be one of the best in town maybe they were having an off night but it didn't even have the atmosphere it used to....ah well may give it another try but I doubt it

Cathy W  (03 July 2007)        10/10

We food here was wonderful.  The staff very polite and helpful.  Would definitely recommend this place.

Michelle H  (01 July 2007)        10/10

Just got back and ate at Ambrosia 4 times, the food was excellent and the Pizza's are the best in town, everyone we spoke to was saying the same thing. I think it is under new ownership as the waitresses where very polite and looked after us very well.


Simon Y  (31 October 2006)         

We went to this restaurant during our Holiday in July this year and the food was great. I had a Spaghetti Bolognaise, basic I know but I felt like it, and my Girlfriends had...something in a pot, but she said she enjoyed it.Reasonable prices and the guy who owns it saw that I was wearing a Brazil shirt with KAKA' 8 on the back and he immediately raised his arms and pointed to the sky when he saw me( Kaka's goal celebration) and from then on whenever we walked past the Restaurant for the rest of the Holiday he would do the same upon seeing us and would shout to me 'KAKA' NUMBER ONE!!!'. Great eatery, Great Food, Great Staff!    

Gillian A  (24 October 2006)         

I am an EXTREMELY fussy eater and found this place great! The chicken and steak were both excellent! Don't know why the comments are so bad! Staff we very nice- especially Zacky who was GREAT to look at! Overall very good and recommend to every1!

Gillian xxxx

Julie I  (05 October 2006)         

     Not sure what happend to others..but we had several lovely meals here!! The Chicken Fillet with mushroom sauce was lovely..the staff were very pleasant and helpful..but I must was always on the quiet side!! Brill for us..I suppose!! Cant say it was a horrid eating experience..coz it wasn't!!

Yvonne T  (16 September 2006)         

 We really enjoyed this restaurant.  There were 5 in our party and everyone had a different starter and main course.

Everyone of us enjoyed the food and the service.

Wendy W  (01 August 2006)         

Would recommend the calamari and the sole. We ate here twice and were not disappointed staff were lovely.

Diane T  (27 July 2006)         

Horrible we had the kleftico and we weren't sure if it was lamb or dog food! The prices were very expensive 6 euros for a large bottle of water! You could buy 6 bottles down the road for 1.50. Awful compared to the maestro's kleftico.

Pete R  (10 October 2005)         

Ordered Fillet steak was more like a brasing stake that had been beaten to death with a mallet, asked for medium rare, came well done, could not even cut it with the "none" steak knifes provided, in the end i left it . My girlfriend got king prawn starter and ended up with food poisoning for 24 hours.


Barry J  (26 September 2005)         

Food was poor - girlfriend hated her lasagne which tasted like a herb timebomb and my Kouvlaki wasnt cooked properly, being cold in the middle. One to avoid!

Stephen C  (05 September 2005)         

I am a good cook, am a fair person and enjoy my food. The restaurant looked pretty good but the food was awful.

Adam S  (29 July 2005)         

Minscule portions! Not enough to feed one of  the Alykes scabby buggy horses!
Hassled in the street to go and eat there, managements attitude stank when we complained about the food. (The quantity was less than the regulated EU portion control )
Plus it's full of pikeys with screaming kids.


Peter C  (25 July 2005)         

Nice location over the main street but that's as far as it goes.  Food was no better than average, service was very slow and price could be bettered in most places in Alykes.  OK but not recommended.

Andy D  (18 July 2005)         

"Come, Enjoy Your Meal Upstairs"...............No Thankyou!!!  

David   (27 June 2005)         

Average but pricey! Drinks dearer than average and a 1 Euro cover charge per person! We had 6 in our party and even the 6 and 10 year olds were charged it. Would not go out of my way to go again.

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