Piccadilly - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Neil W          10/10

A truly excellent place to eat don't read the other negative rubbish on here (from years gone by) this is the best Greek style restaurant in Alikes with a twist of modern European Cuisine.

If you are only eating to fill time between between drinks and sunburn then this is not the place for you! The food is all freshly cooked and will in the Greek tradition take time to arrive - The service is excellent friendly and chilled  . Petros & Christina your hosts are extremely friendly and helpful and also have very good Apartments to let .
We would have no problem eating here every night of the week! And have done! Eat here with confidence!
Neil Watkins & Andrew Fry

Jungle Bar - (Bars in Alykes)

Neil W          10/10

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Jungle Bar is right slap bang in the middle of Alykes at the Crossroads you cannot miss it! And you don't want to! It is in the Top 3 Bars in Town and is run by Vicky & Dimitris who are just fantastic and the drink & atmosphere are too!

Vicky makes a mean Mojito cocktail and Dimitri will get cold Corona Beers to appear out of thin air even when he says he hasn't got any!
Go and enjoy ....like we have many times!  
Oh and thanks to Vicky & Dimitri for Andrews 40th Birthday cake - it was stunning
Neil & Andrew

Ambrosia - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Neil W  (05 August 2007)        3/10

Just returned from Alykes for the 6th year running and Ambrosia is not what it used to be, food now average to poor ( I ordered Potato Skins but had deep fried Potato Peelings!!) and the service is slow even by Greek standards! 

A real disappointment as it used to be one of the best in town maybe they were having an off night but it didn't even have the atmosphere it used to....ah well may give it another try but I doubt it

Fantasia - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Neil W          2/10

Just returned from our 9th visit to Alykes and  I'm afraid I must have eaten in a different place as the reviews on here don't add up to the place we visited! The food was poor and the service ok.