Restaurants in Kalamaki

David N  (13 October 2003)         

Sophias is a great bar to chill out and have some fun, we watched the england - turkey game there on the outside big screen, which is spot o and everyone was really friendly. Recomended *****

Amy B  (25 July 2003)         

we stayed at sophias for 2 weeks myself,my husband and my 3 children .i think the bar staff were fantastic i thought the management were fantastic especialy nick and rea who were most helpful whenever we needed it they were always very kind to my children even the chef nicko was very nice when he was in or out work i found his cooking one of the best on the island ,and all i have to say is i take pity on the rude girl who wrote the attrotous comments about the hotel because i think she got mixed up .thank you lads for a summer to remmember hope to see you very soon

Lesley B  (28 June 2003)         

had breakfast here a couple of times and it was realy nice, especially the omelettes, i find the previous comment a little hard to fathom, all the staff seemed happy when i was there.

Charlie B  (04 October 2001)         

The best chicken on the Island in here for 1500drc George is really funny and all the staff speak great english and have a good sense of humor, and Tobes you know what I mean and the Anyway on the road from Kalamaki to Laganas on the right hand side. Thumbs up!!!

Andrea D  (06 September 2001)         

The food here is quite good as long as you have plenty of time to wait for it, and expect a very long wait!! If you complain, the owner George will ensure your meal takes even longer. He told us this when someone else complained after waiting over an hour. We saw quite a few people just get up and leave, but he didn't care, he just ran them all down. We found him to be arrogant which is a shame because the rest of the staff work very hard. He also likes to run down the other restaurants in the area, beware Chives because he runs you down whenever he can. Good food if you want to spend a good part of your holiday waiting for it!!!!!

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