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Angela C          10/10

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leigh and paula make this place what it is........fab! they make you feel welcome and always have time for a conversation and a laugh! every nite was different but they were all as good as each other! can't wait till next year!!! 

  love to everyone
    click to enlarge     angelclick to enlargea and kirsty x x x

Alexandra K          10/10

Hey paula, phillipe flop  and edwardo!!

By far the best bar in Kalimaki..leigh and paula are the nicest, most friendliest people that you could ever wish to meet. They made our great holiday would not have been the same without them!!
Still got the pics to put on yet but we'll get there one day
Hope to se you all next July and our Doncaster Rovers shirt best be hung up with pride (hope you enjoyed your goodies that were sent over and your next batch will be sent over soon)
loadza love alex and ronnie xxxx

Wayne B          10/10

  hello leigh, paula , george and not forgetting amstel ed (hamster head) ha ha hope you are all fine, its took this long to find this bloody website.  Had a fantastic time spent every night in here and leigh and paula were really welcoming and a great laugh, had some great nights in there.  The kids say hi and want to come back callum wants to be head of karioke and carl said he will help on the bar we will sit on the other side and continue to get drunk .

Trying to work out how to put pics on as soon as we do we will put on a few, had a great holiday largely due to the rose and crown and that special pool table ha cheers leigh.  Will definately be coming back out if not this year then next year and we might have a few more with us, get ready
Take care guys wayne, shelley, carl and callum.   hope our england shirt is still ok next to that burnley top ha ha  see you soon guys

Kelly O          10/10

Just returned from Kalamaki and planning to go back soon Rose & Crown by far the most welcoming pub on the strip Leigh & Paula are gr8888888888t !!!!!!!! Leigh do you do your Shaun of the dead look in all pictures or is it just after a dive!!!!!  We will see you in May with the kids & more importantly the Bristol City shirt Say high to Cossy hope he enjoyed his cheese

 Luv Gary & Kelly

Jean C          10/10

Agree with Rosie, Leigh and Paula and staff (steady Eddy) are very friendly and welcoming.  I'm glad they will be running the bar next year and will definately be visiting.  George, hope you have sorted out the CD's for Karaoke!!!

Rosie B          10/10

Went into this bar this year, as I had read some good comments about it. I had stoppped visiting this bar for the last couple of years as it had lost its appeal. I was not dissappointed this year as Leigh and Paula are indeed lovely. I reccomend you visit this bar  during your stay in Kalamaki.  I will definately be visiting this bar again next year when I return. Love to Leigh Paula and Co. and Thanks for contributing to our great holiday..

John & Rachel          10/10



Jess,mel,helen,gill L          10/10

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Thanks for an amazing holiday!! Thanks to all the bar staff leigh and crew and a special thanks to all the Yannis, Spiros, and the one and only GEORGIE! THe rose and crown was lovely and clean very welcoming and like being part of one big family!! We went back every night and enjoyed every minute!!! Thanks for teaching us greek (wink wink) and our Liverpool top had best be up when we come back!! That will be sooner than you think......., September!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All our Love Maneater Mel, Juicy Jess, Horny Hel, G. Gill xxx

Claire B          10/10

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simply the best!!!!!   love this place to bits bar staff leigh and paula are lovely great fun,made my seven year old very welcome too,we spent every night here watching the entertainment and kareoke,and the gorgeous george!! yum!! miss you georige see you in 13weeksxxxxxxx

Matt W          10/10

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(Pictures- Left - Leigh and His Best Mate - Centre - Leigh and Matt - Right - Matt,Paula,Leigh,Kelly)
Hello to one and all
Just got back from Zante, and ive gotta say the place just gets better,
The Rose and Crown has had some changes, and all good!
Now behind the bar and managing the pub is Leigh and Paula, a really friendly english couple who made our nights most memorable,
Also Edward is working the area (a job as kostas) infact its his cousin!
Yiannis is not there this year and kostas has moved to Lagana to Sprios new bar (Central) we made a few trips to see spiros and sadly HE'S GOT RID OF THE PONY TAIL!!!!
But all is good and i wish Spiro and all the gang all the best
A special thank you to Leigh and Paula for making our holiday so enjoyable!
All the best
Matt n Kelly
p.s - Leigh - Enjoy the fish finger butty mate!

Lisa D          10/10

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Hello to Yiannis, Joanne George etc.  Its lisa. had wonderful meals here. Been coming to Zante for 5 years now. Just keeps getting better.  Have a wonderful summer if i dont get iout there to see you this year.

Say hello to Spiros for me too, is he still running the other bar on the beach at Agios Sostis?

Sarah H           

had a real good laugh costas taught my 4 year old how to mix cocktails...

costas i'm in love with him and his energy..
great staff.
recommend to anyone... dont let costas sing though if you still want your eardrums
really upset we had to come home

Sarah A           

We went here to watch some football and ended up leaving at half time to go to another bar. There were quite a few people trying to watch football yet the music was on so loud you couldn't even talk to each other. We also felt like we were invisible and were not really made to feel welcome.

Some of the people, who weren't watching the football, seemed to be having a good time but I just thought that if they had football on then those people watching should also be able to have a decent time too.

Michelle H           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge i really miss the rose n crown, yiannis and kostas were so funny and were really nice guys! wish we were still there!!

we are hoping to go back to kalamaki next year so will defo be hanging out here!

Ian & Tracey           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Hi Lara,

 Ian and Tracey here, with little Nathan and Hannah. Just wanted to say what a great time we had  .Great meeting you and we hope everything turned out the way you wanted.Hope to see you again lots of love.(especialy from Nathan).  

Lesley B           

hi george and babis, had breakfast here most mornings, (two teas and two fruit juices first ha ha ) really nice, either for the full english or for cornflakes and fruit, thanks guys, see you next year

Amie B           

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Amie B           

Awwww me n ma babe Kostas!  

Amie B           

hey, can i just say Connor is the sweetest little boy i have eva met!! n hes soooooooo cute!! u probs mite rememba me, its Amie who stood in for Lara one nyt. Kostas beta watch out cuz Connor is the new Cocktail King!  much love to Connor and family, Amie xxxx

Aude P           

hi, thanks for a brilliant holiday, it was a pity we didnt fine this pub the first 4 nights of our holiday, connor now wants to work as a barman and shake the cocktails like his idol Costas, a special thank you to Lara the waitress, who is a very hard working and enthusiastic girl, she lifts the spirits of all who enter the pub.  Its just a pity the DJ NEVER RECOGNISES THE HARD WORK SHE PUTS IN, he never announces her when he is running through all the staff that work there, get your finger out MR DJ AND THANK THE LASS,  HOPEFULLY WE WILL SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR.  IT IS NOW PEEING DOWN IN NEWCASTLE, missing you all.
thanks aude, jim (the one that could drink almost anything put in front of him) and connor (the fabulous cocktail maker)

Amie B           

 reali missin all u guys at the rose n crown n wana c*m bk already!! lara honey if u eva need any help then uv only gota ask n ill b more than hapi 2 c*m ova 2 zante!! big hugs n kisses for my sweet ickle kostas!!  still love him even tho he doesn't return my texts!! (have a word wiv im lara plz!! ) well thats me dun 4 now! love u all, amie xxxxxx

Jo M           

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Hi George, Costa and Yanni!

We are back in rainy England and missing you all already!
Rose & Crown is one of the best bars in Kalamaki and Yanni is a crazy but fantastic DJ!
See you soon
Jo, Mick and Connor   Wink


   hello everyone, really good to hear from u all. glad u all got back safely.

well, things here are still rockin and have been working and playing hard as usual. we've been havin a bit of a heatwave which is always good! (sorry 2 rub it in!)
sorry u left with hangovas srarh and gareth but it was a wicked nite tho!!!!!!! thanks again for my necklace i neva take it off!
aime babe thanks so much for ur help ur a star and u'll do a great job when u eventually work abroad.
things are gettin better and better here and anyone looking on this site shud def come n c us at the rose n crown. gimme a shout and mention this nd i'll give ya sum free shots!!!!!
a big thankyou to everyone who has made this season so far and a big welcome to everyone coming to make it even better!!!!
big loves   lara and the rest of the crew!!!!   x

Amie B           

hey everyone @ the rose n crown! its amie here! had a safe journey home but all thats missin now is my fav bar! am missin all you guys soooooo much!! especially my babe kostas! (love ya!  ) hope your hand is better now! met kostas cousin mario whilst we were in zante n i felt so sori 4 him coz he doesn't speak much english n all he did every night woz sit in the corner at the bar! to all those who have been to the rose n crown lara works sooooo effin hard! had to stand in 4 her 1 nyt n my god woz i tired after! lol n u'll know about kostas special cocktail! (good stuff! ) if you have neva been to the rose n crown before then get your ass down there coz the happy hour with dj yannis just rocks!! love you all @ the rose n crown! will definitely be back soon! loadsa love hugs n kisses amie xxxxxxx

p.s george can you give me your e-amil address so i can send some photos coz they wont upload on to the website

Gareth & Sarah           


Hi guys,
We just got back and miss our 'local' already!!! Just so you know we had a fantastic holiday made even better by you ( not sure about Costas - well not sure what he is on!!!)
We will be back to drink the John Smiths Extra Smooth and various cocktails. Work hard and play harder, not that Lara needs telling!!! We miss you ( let us know about the tatoo!!!)
All our love
Sarah and Gareth ( who had to fly home with a hangover because of you!!!) xxxxWink

Charlotte H           

Hiya guys just thought id leave ya a message after i sent ya an email. You know how we feel bout this place so no point typin it lol. Love ya all


Paul M           

hi goerge, costas ,spiros and crew thanks for a great time . see you all next year . also if you see yannis who used to work next door in the restraunt tell him we missed him but good luck with his new career singing  in tsivili. YAMMAS from paul, dawn and gavin who leftr the fellside braves jfc football top.

Debbie W           

Hi yes forgot to say that the rose and crown is the best breakfast in kalamaki. weve have tried a few places but the rose is the best
love Deb and Chris xx

Ellie K           

Best breakfast by far in Kalamaki.

Thanks very much

Matt W           

Hello all,

If anyones going to see george and the crew within the next few weeks can someone please tell him to check his emails!

Looks like he's to busy?

Has anyone taken over the karaoke?

Has gearge got the kit sorted yet?


Someone let me know please





Debbie W           

hi george and costa
thanks for a great time in the rose and crown. costa my sister sally says hi and a big thankyou for letting her wear your man utd top.
hope you all have a great season
lots of love from debbie chris sally and my mum and dad xxx

Susan B           

  just back from kalamki 3rd time in less than a year, everyone at rose and crown and parthenon as welcoming as ever,I have brians e-mail address if anyone wants it, see everyone again in september. If you go ,you must go down and see spiros his bar is really nice(still prefer the r/c though.)

Zena C           

Hi everyone!As Brian has no internet facility,he has asked me to convey this message to everyone.He won't be in Zante this year due to his dad being very poorly.He sends his best wishes to everyone at the Rose and Crown but most of all to all the friends he has made over the years who visit.He hopes you all have a great time this summer and hopefully he will see you in the future.

Matt W           

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D'oh sorry Kosta's photo got missed off !


Matt W           

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Gia sou, Just returned back from zante (kalamaki) thought id put a qwuick post up.Well it is true that Brian is not at the Rose and Crown this year, If Brian reads this i hope everythings ok mate.
Also Spiro has decided to expand the Empire! and has moved to Lagana , He has just opened up the "Oasis" beach bar which is set on the beach just on the side of lagana, I was lucky enough for yiannis to take me to see him and he wishes everyone all the best.
The Rose and Crown is still running and even though we attended in the opening week the place is still as fun as it ever was, Kosta is the "Man of the Hour" and his english is getting better !
Yiannis (friend of Spiro) has joined the team at the Rose and Crown and is an excellent bloke, very philosophical!
Ive added a few pics for you all to see and hope everyone enjoys the holidays in Zante this year!
Arite Mate!

Yvonne C           

good look for the new season. hope to see you all soon

Susan F           

hi 2 spiro,brian and even kostas... how r u all... dis is the karaoke queen!!!!!lol... only playing. just to let you know we all had a gr8 time last year and were all thinking of u!!

Trcaey L           

Hello again to everyone at the rose and crown its me again Tracey just sending a quick hello and missing you all Brian i hope youve still got James saints rugby shirt centre place on the ceiling as we are coming back to check .Looking forward to seeing you all very soon bye for now . TongueTongue

Lisa and laura G           

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hey costas brian and spiros and hayley

dya member us!! da mad scottish girls from inverness. doing karaoki. because i got high, no woman no cry, wonder wall and im blue da ba di da ba di. we had a fukn brill holiday and we still want a job wif u!! we'll b bak!! hope t hear from yas xxx


hi everyone its spiro just righting to say hope u have a great xmas and a happy new year and hope 2 c u all back in 06 we'll be waiting

p.s. 2 clair barnes yes ur gillingham football shirt is still on the roof


i was in kalamaki in june had a great time in the rose and crown,i am trying to get in touch with Brian,can anyone help

Tracey L           

Hi to everyone at the ROSE AND CROWN the best place to drink have a laugh and make new freinds for life.I was in kalamaki in may of this year for 3 longs glorious weeks with my family and friends .I would love to give Brian a big kiss cos every time i saw him he always had a big kiss for my even with my partner James there and Spiros ive got you on video giving James your Hello magazine pose. If you havent guessed who it is yet well hopefully youll remember my name is Tracey my partners name was James .One night James and Spiros was planning a night out and i had to go to the rose at 3.00 in the morning and drag him out .Hopfully youll remember me if you do please get in touch .goodbye.

Kirsty W           

come on barbie, let's go party!!

karaoke katz here....a.k.a kirsty (the man) georgina (ken), ami (barbie) & stacey (barbie)! we loved this bar just as muh as you loved our singing!! dont worry though, we will be back next year to sing our hearts out! we also left you a little message in the karaoke book..and on the wall....haha!
see you all soon!

Zena C           

   hi spiros !miss you and brian loads.thanks for your care of yvonne,miss my screaming orgasms,spiros!brian,spoke to you a few times on the phone this week but would like to say you're one of the nicest people i ever met,i know we will continue to be friends for a long time to come.can't wait to see you in the summer.

  spiros,i know you and george have a lot on this winter,but do try and make london.will close now,love you loads.
    zena xxx

Emma F           

costas we will all miss u

 brian we will never forget your singing and when are we meeting up
spiro thanks for that night with your help
     love to all
  love ema hayley and susan   xxxxx

Emma F           

hi to all at the rose and crown we miss you like crazy brian keep singing and every one will keep cheering for you costas keep practicing with the straws you'll get there one day and spiro wot can we say but thanks for everything  and yvonne keep singing your brill and dont let any1 tell you and differant . we had a greate time talking to you and your mum     thanks again we will be back next year so be prepared  love to all

Emma F           

the rose and crown is one of the best bars i'v ever been to on holiday and i really really miss brian and spiro and kostas so much they all made it the best holiday ever and i thank you all so much


Susan B           

I don't know about the best bar in kalamaki,we have been to many bars in many places in the world and find the staff here some of the best,just back 1 week ago (second time this year) spiros, Brian,little man,and all the staff next door are fantastic,going back again next year,wish we could go back this year again,if you want a really GOOD night out this is the place,and if you wan't GREAT FOOD go next door,ask Spiros what to eat as his mum is the greatest cook in the world,try the greek roast potatoes,

Sharon W           

Cannot really comment on what the bar itself is like.  We were next door at the restaurant - owned/run by the same people.  I only drink Gordons gin (yes, I know its fussy and it drives me mad as well but I cannot stand any other sort).  The restaurant said it did not have any Gordons gin and would go next door to the Rose and Crown to get it from there.  The waiter returned with a Smirnoff Ice and said that the Rose & Crown didn't have Gordons gin.  WHAT?  This is supposed to be an English pub and all English pubs sell Gordon's gin (and I should know, being an ex-landlady of a pub).  Seems to me that the so-called English pub was so English after all.

Needless to say we didn't go there.


hi everybody its george thank you all for your very good comments!!!

Yvonne C           

hi everyone. i cant believe it has only been 5 days since i arrived home. it feels like a month. im missing you all so is the first time where i have seen my mum being herself. you certainly got her out of her shell.i have never laughed so much in my life. i am definately coming back next year with a bang so be prepared. say hello to reni for me. i cant wait to see her at the wedding in bulgaria and congratulations again. you really suit each other.. well what can i say about costos. he is a law on to him self. if you want a real good time in kalamaki then this is the man to be with. make sure you take me on one of your trips to laganas. spiros never seems to stop. i want to no what you are taking so i can have some. cant wait to see you in london. you have better come because i no where you live.(i dont really) hayley  was a fantastic singer and i wish her all the best and make sure you rest your voice so you dont get another throat infection. last but not least brian. he was like a best friend, protective brother and a dad all rolled into one. he was fab. cant wait to see you all.  bye for now.xx

Lesley B           

walked into this bar, for the first time in a year, greeted by the right name, with a hug, and the right drinks placed on the bar before us! now that is service! spiros, brian, and costas, thankyou for a great time xx

oh and had some great breakfasts too, cheers george

Ami B           

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hey! karaoke katz here! just got back from staying in kalamaki and we loved the rose and crown, i dont know if you remember us but you should...we are hard to forget with our amazing singing voices (or not!) aqua-barbie girl...what a song! kostas you rock man, keep downing those sambuca shots and dancing with bodyboards  and brian keep playing cool tunes, you have a fab voice! we will deffo be back next year to sing our hearts out, maybe we will come back at christmas so singing wham-last christmas, will be more appropriate then! lots of love ami aka dory, kirsty aka kirstnip, the man and ken, stacey aka stack and georgina aka gobby! xx

Soph W           


  Your bar is excellent we had a brilliant time !!!! Special hello to

Claire B

I visited in may and since have not been able to access any photos. can someone tell me if my Gillingham football shirt is still on the ceiling in the bar??

Cath C           

This is a really friendly and welcoming place! The karaoke is addictive, I think Brian's going to miss Chris's rendition of Burnin' Love!! Thanks for adding a sparkle to our holiday - Spiros and everyone is doing a great job!!

Love, Cath and Chris. xx  

Claire P           

Don't forget Brian!

Can't wait to see you all again!
Claire xx

Barry P           


Cant wait to see you guys we will arive on sunday the 28th and we will be very thirsty !!!!!!!
Looking forward to it cant wait !!!
Barry and Claire

Diane B           

We went in June/July, and was in the Rose and Crown nearly every night. Loved every minute. We saw Hayley Belle every time she was on - Fantastic.  Hayley, Candy and Brian really took to our teenage son Lee.  Didn't want to come home, they played a big part in our wonderful holiday. Thank you all.

Diane, John and Lee

John P           

      hi goerge

click to enlarge

hope u r enjoying your mornings off? heres a picture of u and callum he couldn't get enough of them lolly's hope to see you soon {cheer,s mate}

luv gaynor,perc and callum



John P           

 We had at brilliant time at kalamaki and every 1 at the rose and crown are really friendly, they do a wicked breakfast we  hope to be back soon

luv Gaynor, Perc and callum
cheers Goerge  

Clare L           

hi , it's the karaoke queens!

as u know we're back in sept only 5 weeks till u can b serenaded by us again. can't wait to c all the guys brian our daddy on the mic.  sexy spiros behind the bar , and cutie costas always smilin, do a handstnd, and george em loves u , and we don't think ur bad either.
get us a cocktail ready , sex on the beach sept 1st!
loads a luv
em , clare , lucy  xxx

Tina D           

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Tina D           

very welcoming, very nice waiters brilliant all in all

keep it up lads

Laura R           

hey evry1 at the rose and crown!!! ur bar iz quality eh and i no me n lisa are th best at karaoke!!! dont worry we'll b bak soon lookin 4 jobs haha! luv ye's brian, costas hayley and the rest o the crew!!! lotsa love fae

laura and the inverness crew!!! xxx




hi TERRI-ANN sorry to disapoint you but heather is no longer working with us...

but we have some new staff here this year hayley and
candy they are exclellant...
you know the rest, brian and costa!!!


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...after 12 the party begins inside the ROSE N' CROWN  which is fully air conditioned and very nice lights inside... singing songs from our very big karaoke song list to choose old and new songs..........every singer gets a free shot. 


click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

HAYLEY BELLE THE BEST LIVE MUSIC IN TOWN, here is a tast of some excellant nights in the in the ROSE N' CROWN... dancing all around the place, as you can see this place is for all ages with the most friendly staff in the resort 

Angela S           

Hi to Hayley the best & most beautiful waitress in Kalamaki,Candy the nuttiest cocktail shaker, Costas the most handsome barman, Brian you Scottish crooner you!! Well what can we say the best bar in kalamaki by far. Anyone would be daft not to visit you all. What a night they will get, the warmest of welcomes, the laughs from all the friendly bar staff, you are all nutters!!! The spectacular Hayley on the Karaoke no one can sing Songbird like you. Thankyou to Spiros, Yiannis, George and the rest of the family for making us so welcome.

Angie & Dave Sheldon ( Hayleys mum & dad)


click to enlarge

click to enlarge


here r some pics!!!




Terri-ann W           

hi heather, it's Terri-ann, i have text you a few times. but had no reply. Have you still got the mobile number you gave me?
I'm back out there next year, hope your still there, and hope to see you soon.

Josh M           

Stopped for drinks nearly every night. Nice and friendly staff

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