Salt n Peppers

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Desire   (21 March 2004)         

We've been to Zante 9 times now, but this is one of the best restaurants. They have greek food, chinees and italian food and
everything tast great.
The kitchen is surrounded with glass, so you can look in the kitchen.
When you don't know what to choose, ask the boss they have everday a special diner.

Lee H  (27 April 2003)         

I am going to Laganas from 13-27th July and have been to this place loads during the last 6 years that ive been there!! This place is fab!!! Superb food,atmosphere and great staff!! Its really cool to go somewhere and 'genuinely' get remembered and welcomed!! One of...if not the best restaurant in Laganas ;0)

Robbie A  (18 April 2003)         

Salt & Pepper is fan-dabby-dosi. The service is pleasant and the food is magnifique. The wonderfully cooked steaks followed by a refreshing fruit salad is a must for all.

Kim C  (01 October 2002)         

i think the restraunt was lovley , the waiters are very polite and speak very good english . I I would recomened it any time because i know my friends work in the restraunt yianni & andraous.The food is very good .

Muffycat   (28 May 2002)         

As good as ever (been going there for the last 8 years) We ate there on 11 of our 14 days. Try the steaks - there great!!!

Clive G  (07 October 2001)         

Probably the best food in Laganas, makes Acropolis look 2*. Well served, good service,and not overly expensive.

Ei   (03 August 2001)         

Despite possibly being a mafioso/greek only/gay restaurant (we were given quite a few funny looks!) had a fantastic meal and were waited on by v sexy men-who could also dance in a traditional greek stylee. Lovely-and was probably our dazzling beauty that attracted the stares!

Mrs M  (02 August 2001)         

We tried loads of restaurants in our two week stay and this was by far the best. Lovely staff and a great range of food and drink. If only the could open a restaurant in Crawley we would go there all the time.

Lozza   (31 July 2001)         

This reataurant is great. The food was lovely and the waiters weren't too bad!! the best part of our meal there was when one waiter started to dance...very sexy!! Definately go there!

Emma R  (10 July 2001)         

Great food, great service. Go there.

Muffycat   (27 June 2001)         

We have been using Salt n Peppers since 1995 and it's still one of our favouites. Good food,large portions and good service

Paul M  (21 June 2001)         

Great food. We chose this restaurant to go back to for our last night of the holiday.

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