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Porto Zoro
(Beach in Vassilikos)
5/10 Norman F
This used to be a great beach but not since they built the taverna.The people who run it play loud music all day with a thumping drum and base, it's headache time.My advice drive on down the road for a few minutes and visit Gerakas.
View 2 posts by Norman F ip - GB
 Squeezy S


Coming to the Island for the 1st time. I have heard it is easy to get public transport between beaches at this end of the island- is this true? Hopefully...I totally hate driving 'on the wrong side' LOL!  Plus I like to chill not drive.
View 2 posts by Squeezy S ip - GB
  Tracy C

If your exploring the island this beach is a must,  Its beautfiul; the sea is like a bath. In fact the sea is very salty and you can almost float. Snorkelling is good.  Nice bar/restaurant right next to beach but was expensive.

View 15 posts by Tracy C ip - GB
  Mike J
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The best beach in Zante-great snorkelling around the rocks. The music may have changed since the 2004 as it was mainly salsa/latin theme-very relaxing actually. Only down side is that you must pay around 7 or 8 Euros for a sunbed. And take a packed lunch-they rip you off even more in the bar. Still fantastic beach!!!

View 3 posts by Mike J ip - UK
  Samantha H

We liked this beach.  Plenty of sun beds at the seas edge - don't need to burn your feet on the sand  getting to the sea.  Clear water for snorkelling at the rocky end - the rocks look like mushrooms.  There were some little golf ball sized jelly fish when we were there - apparantly they just leave a sting like a nettle!  Taverna for drinks, snacks etc we didn't find it noisy.

View 19 posts by Samantha H ip - UK
  Simon P
We liked this beach: Good snorkelling up the end by the rocks, clean, & decent loungers & sunshades. Music wasn't obtrusive when we were there. Best bet is to hire a car & tour all the beaches south of Argassi: Well worth it.
View 9 posts by Simon P ip - UK
  Graham R
Great compromise beech - decent snorkelling, excellent bar.
View 3 posts by Graham R ip - UK
Porto Zorro used to be a favourite beach but now that the new Taverna & hotel complex has been built at the rocky end it is ruined. Shame as we used to spend many an afternoon there enjoying the peace & quiet. Still i suppose things do change so we'll just have to find another peaceful beach to go to.
View 5 posts by Rachel ip - UK
  Helen G
beware of the steep hill if you go by coach as coaches cant get all the way down to the beach. the beach was ok but a bit stony
View 8 posts by Helen G ip - UK
  Sue S
The beach was very nice but spoilt unfortunately by the bomp bomp music from the beach taverna blasting out. We walked up to the other end of the beach which was a bit quieter which also has a beach taverna minus the music!
View 11 posts by Sue S ip - UK
  Richard S
This was a lovely tranquil beach with a pleasant bar/restaurant at one end. Thats all gone to f**K now I'm afraid as a new beach bar has opened at the rocky end of the beach. Strangely enough I don't find a steady background pulse of Ibiza trance a glorious addition to the human condition in all circumstances . Oh why cant they just not ruin some things??
View 12 posts by Richard S ip - UK
  Peter N
OK you need a car to get there - but lets face it,without one you will miss most of what Zante has to offer.
Porto Zorro is a cracking beach, not too busy, great snorkelling round the rocks and safe shallow water for the kids. Reasonably priced sunbeds. Look for the clay pit at the far right hand end of the beach...
View 23 posts by Peter N ip - UK
  Dan B
Excellent beach, fantastic for snorkelling, the water is really clear and shallow so good for kids and non swimmers. Best beach we visited but will need a car to get there.

Don't miss it!!!
View 6 posts by Dan B ip - UK
  Simon P
Within walking distance from Argasi (if you are like me and enjoy walking!!) Very quiet and spacious beach,glad I visited it this year instead of walking straight past it on my way to St Nicholas Beach.Will certainly visit there again next year.
View 18 posts by Simon P ip - UK
  Julie D
Spent many a wonderful afternoon on this idyllic beach. It had the lot.....great taverna on beach, rock pools and very, very few people. Roll out that beach mat.
View 14 posts by Julie D ip - UK
  Mike O
Nice looking beach, sandy, clear water... Bars on the beach, Beware sea Urchins near the rocky outcrops.
View 6 posts by Mike O ip - UK
  Jacki S
this was our favorite beach and the burgers were really good and cheap!
1 post by Jacki S ip -
  Odette S
I was disappointed after reading all these good comments. There were stones in the water and small stones in the waterline, not just "sandy". Did not stay there.
View 7 posts by Odette S ip -
  Ian Q
Last comment should have had a big thumbs up, sorry !!
View 14 posts by Ian Q ip -
  Ian Q
Great beach for snorkelling, Bar and restaurant both on beach more than adequate (the saganaki special was EXCELLENT) Dont miss this beach!! You will need transport to get there though..
View 14 posts by Ian Q ip -
  Sonia C
Where is this beach please?
View 5 posts by Sonia C ip -
  Laurie A
Arrived late one afternoon. Not many people, beach quite narrow and sandy. Sea had some waves - it was quite windy earlier in the day. Good for a change if nothing else - you'll need some transport to get there of course.... The beauty of the beaches in this area is that there are loads of them, culminating in Gerakus, and you can have a quick swim in all of them! Hire a car and get out of Laganas or Kalamaki - see some of the Island because it's well worth it.
View 14 posts by Laurie A ip -
  Marc W
i went with my girlfriend last year (june 2000) missed the turning for Porta Zorro and turned down a dirt track that was marked up as Mare beach it looked like (Marc) on the sign that's how i spell my name so we investigated - it was paradise we went to all other beaches on the island but nothing competed with this beach and beach bar, the greek brothers run it with their mum & dad very friendly - can't wait togo back next year
1 post by Marc W ip -
  Ralph M
Just came back from the Island (15/07/01)This beach is great,go to the opposite end to the rocks and visit the beach bar 'ARAZO' a round palm leaf covered open building, the homemade cooking by Angela is simply devine (best on the Island)Hubby a Turtle protection officer and their two sons all help out, a real friendly hardworking Greek family that you can trust,make the effort to get to know them and you wont be dissappointed. Ralph Menday.
1 post by Ralph M ip -
  Jo S
Visited Porto Zorro a few times. Lovely clean and quiet beach. Taverna on the beach is a welcome relief from the sun and fairly priced, though the menu is limited.
View 5 posts by Jo S ip -
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