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Mary & Georges Bar
(Bars in Tsilivi)
 Angela M
i have just got back from Zante and had a wonderful holiday which was made all the more perfect by visiting Mary and Georges Bar.....after clubbing every night we would stroll back to our room via M and G's and had more drinks ,plenty of belly laughs and fab conversation with both M and G and the wonderful Julie...felt like i'd known them all for years....fond.memories will be with me for ever :)w
1 post by Angela M ip - GB
  M M

very freindly people. Great family bar. Poor breakfasts but had a great time on many night there

View 3 posts by M M ip - UK
george and mary
are very good friends of ours . i am sitting back here weighting for you to have a sumfick else who gives a tuppenney
View 5 posts by Stevo ip - UK
  Caroline L
Its a lovely family bar,with a relaxing atmosphere.The staff are very friendly and polite.Mary & George are lovely people.They sell all sorts of drinks cocktails,beers,wine and also spirts.If you dont want to go clubbing this bar is for you.You have to go there a couple of times to enjoy the bar to its full extent.
1 post by Caroline L ip - UK
  Veena M
Not a very pleasant experience was to be had at George and Mary's. No hunks, and Mary looks like a man in drag. And after eating 'the best breakfast in Tsilivi', I had to endure food poisoning for most of my holiday. The people were not helpful at all, they were all very rude, and I wouldn't recommend the place to anyone.
View 5 posts by Veena M ip - UK
Gordon, Pat, Mary, Lindsay, Maloclm & Kenneth thought this was the BEST BAR in Town. The Hosts were Great to Scottish guests.
View 2 posts by Km ip -
  Gill S
sorry forgot to tick we liked it!!!
View 10 posts by Gill S ip -
  Gill S
Brilliant bar - Mary & George were so friendly. Got very drunk there most nights - see you all soon
View 10 posts by Gill S ip -
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