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Amore Bar
(Bars in Tsilivi)
9/10 Lazarakis M

A truely relaxed and friendly place to be. George, Julie and Ivan make you feel at ease, it is like an extension of your lounge, where you can be yourself, watch the world go by and share a laugh and a joke with the staff and like-minded people. love the place and always will. Thank you Owen.

1 post by Lazarakis M ip - GB
  Carrie W

hi, me and my twin sister were in tsilivi in june/july. we loved it and were wondering if you were looking for any staff for next summer. we would be able to come out after the 23rd of june and would also be able to stay through the winter months. please email me on if you have any information, thanks. carrie and becki williams.

View 2 posts by Carrie W ip - GB
  David G
hi george mary, ivan, poppy, tony, & alan.  will see you again in october, good bar if you want to relax and have a chat in the company of semi-concious folk.fabulous company and real pleasure to know.
View 2 posts by David G ip - GB
  Paul B

hi george and co how are you we left tsilivi on sunday 10th july after two weeks we came into your bar a few times and found it to be a nice place to have a drink and friendly chat the last time were in was sat the 9th with my son callum thanks for your hospatality hope to see you soon.  paul/tony/callum/

View 6 posts by Paul B ip - UK
  Darryl H
What a great place!

Nothing beats a good old breafast and a chat with Ivan!

You must try it!
View 5 posts by Darryl H ip - UK
  Jean & Dave
george& mary are well chilled most unusual to say he is a city fan, nice bar , good breakfast, great company, has his own vinyard so his wine is really nice {poli cala> proper drinks and interesting conversation, and if you like music george does also,
View 3 posts by Jean & Dave ip - UK
  Sue & Lenny
george & mary really made my holiday , my partner already knew them from a previous holiday. they welcomed me like they had known me for years. cant wait to see them again next year
1 post by Sue & Lenny ip - UK
  Karen B
George and Mary are great they made my birthday special whilst on holiday there for the first time. Mary makes an excellent full english breakfast (recommended) the bar is very friendly and relaxing and a quick hi to harry the bar man there thanks to putting up with our mixed drinking. I will be back...see you all soon...luv Karen
1 post by Karen B ip - UK
  Steven S
george and mary are very dear friends.we first met them about fifteen years ago and never looked back. if you want a nice quiet drink or two this is for you. the company is good too. mary now spends most of her time at thier restaurant NEFILI , up past the red lion about fifty yards and onthe opposite side of the road. go for the meatballs supberb. enough from me, georeg and mary if you read this lots of love and seeyou soon (july 2002)
View 2 posts by Steven S ip -
  Jane S
View 3 posts by Jane S ip -
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