Alykanas Harbour  (0 Comments)
Alykanas HarbourAlykanas Harbour late September. As the sun sets, storm clouds gather on the horizon.
Bridge to Agios SostisThe bridge to Agios Sostis Island, Laganas, home to the Cameo Club and a popular wedding venue.
Cameo Island - Laganas  (0 Comments)
Cameo IslandLate summer sunrise over Cameo Island.
Crystal Beach - Kalamaki  (0 Comments)
Crystal BeachEarly morning Crystal Beach, Kalamaki, Zakynthos. The weather is perfect and the beach is prepared for another busy day.
Junk or Art? - Kalamaki  (0 Comments)
Junk or Art?
Kalamaki Beach Sunset  (0 Comments)
Kalamaki Beach SunsetLate summer sunset, Kalamaki Beach. The clouds capture the last of the days sunshine.
The Old Bridge - Argassi  (0 Comments)
The Old BridgeLate Summer sunrise in Argassi, Zakynthos. It started to rain as soon the picture was taken.
View over Zante TownThe panoramic view of Zante Town and harbour from Bochali. A must see if you visit Zakynthos.