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Accommodation in Tsilivi

Viki K          8/10

Good place with friendly staff. I love this place

Deb B          1/10

Christina apartments look great on the photos - they make a good job of their marketing.  however...!! Having been to Cyprus a couple of years ago and stayed self catering for much less, this place was a huge shock to me!  the shower had no hook so you had to hold it whilst trying to soap up etc!  the door of the bathroom didnt shut so it was a god job i was holidaying with someone i know very well..!  Christina needs to learn some customer service skills - her first words were 'passport' (no please, no welcome, no eye contact - things i thought would be expected for this kind of job!!) they seemed very reluctant to let us have a room on the last day to shower (you have to leave the rooms in the morning and when you dont leave for the airport till 2am its noce to have somewhere to clean up..they had no safe place for your suitcases, just trusting that leaving them in the reception is ok...the rooms were not really equipped for self catering, we had a kettle, 2 ring stove thing, 2 glasses, a fridge - no cutlery, plates, pans, bottle opener etc .  we were also right near an end of corridor which meant every time someone was leaving early, you were woken by them dragging suitcases along the corridor!  i am not normally a moaner, but this place pretty much sucks! i would never go again or reccommend to anyone.  i dont think Christina liked Brits! - find another place to go - she doeanst deserve our hard earned holiday money!!

Jon K

hellllooo ther this hotel is awesom bob dressed as robin most of the night  byers as a g*y poweranger with a gimp mask on  watch out for the poweranger that hides in the bush's and dustbins

Bev P          6/10

With a two hr dealy, not a good start lol When we arrived at Christina Apartments in August, first impressions, the pool area looked clean, the staff was nice. When we got to our rooms, there was only two single beds and a camp bed (we wanted at least three beds as there was three of us in one room??) we was not advised on this when booking at all!! which the rep was trying to say we did, where we would have not paid 600 and not get a bed? The towls was left with black marks all over them, and the telly not working, a shower curtain hanging off the wall, and also NO AIR CON!! ahhh, We was offered the choice tho of a fan for 15 euros a week which would just blow hot air at us so we thought we would save the money. After speaking to the rep about the air con, (as we did request this when bookin) she couldnt say much, she replaced the black towls for some slightly cleaner ones, got the telly working, as for the faulty shower curtain, we was lucky to have one basically as most of the rooms didnt, and the bed .. well she couldnt do anything.. we asked to be moved, but that didnt happen. The rooms, i dont know how many times they are supposed to be cleaned, our beds got changed about three times in two weeks, and we had to ask the maid to come in to clean our floor on a number of occasions. The staff was friendly, speacially the bar man .. christina apartments is only about a ten min walk to the main stip, but girls, be careful .. alot of italian stalians about .. Food and drink is really cheap at the bar and out and about, when leaving the hotel, we was getting picked up at 4.00am, we paid 30 euros to keep the room on till 12.00 at night, Overall the pool was generally always kept clean and tidy, but the rooms was not expected at all .. any questions about anything just leave a comment

David W          2/10

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Although the complex has a very plush marble reception area, with a decent pool area with enough loungers and a snack/drinks bar, the rest of what we have to say here will give you the actual picture of how it was in Sep 2008.


The brochure will not tell you that the apartments are on an almost 1:1 slope. There is an old and new block (new in the brochure), but both get the considerable road noise at all hours, plus the eye popping sound of air wrenches and male shouting in Greek at most passing traffic from the family's garage located snugly between the road below and the apartments (See photo). We'd recommend you take earplugs too as the apartments are also directly below the flight path for Zante airport, so you'll be surrounded by noise. There are sliding double glazing doors which keep the noise out, but you will need to pay the extra 35 Euros to be given the aircon remote to do this.


Each apartment has own balcony but there is no privacy from the adjacent balconies. The beds are not very good with their 'wafer thin' mattresses, and are thick with dust underneath, as well as on top of the wobbly wardrobe (we knew as our suitcases and shoes were heaving with dust from these places). The lighting in the apartment is poor throughout, and there are no reading or side lights. The bathroom was like the black hole of Calcutta (See photo). 

Self catering see photo - well, there's no toaster, just two plug in electric rings, a fridge and kettle.

Single toilet paper roll provided. If you do any food you can't eat it anywhere in the complex outside of your room all food and drinks around the pool have to be bought from the bar (hardly self catering then, we thought).


Greek night sorry but very poor; small food portions, music is not live as advised (CD player) and the sporadic dancing is by Christina and a chap dressed in black no traditional dress, smashing plates, etc, as you can find elsewhere.


I would advise anyone going on holiday to make sure you don't pay a lot for these apartments and only use them solely as a base to go elsewhere.

I'd go back to Zante, but not to Tsivili and certainly not the Christina Studio Apartments!



Far more commercial than led to expect Lots of resturants/Tarveners mostly doing English menus, Sunday roasts, and has a McDonalds. Walk the length of the village in 15 mins. Best food was from 'The Med' on the main street.



Beware taking any flights in the early morning if you arrive in the morning Olympic will count this as your first night's accommodation, even though you have not had the room or slept there. This bites twice though, as if you have an early morning flight out you will be asked to leave the room at midday the day before we were facing 16 hours without a room and nobody there was all that bothered, Olympic Rep included.


The insult is that they will have 'extended' the previous occupant before you for 25 Euros to use the room before you arrive, effectively double selling the room for that period before you arrive whilst the present occupant waits for a flight out, and you're still travelling in the UK. You will know this has happened by the still wet floors, and what your neighbours will tell you. Only do day flights!!!!!!!!


Olympic reps

The most expensive way to arrange car hire or any trips is to book through the rep. The trips you can get direct for just over half the price in Tsivili, and the car hire a lot less. The reps are on a commission and will sell you anything and everything they can, but once you've paid they will not follow up on anything at all.


Car Hire

One tip the majority of the roads are narrow and bendy don't go for a larger car than you need to, and road tyres are a better choice than 4x4 tyres if you need to brake on a steep descent or narrow passing point (we slid 20 feet on chunky 4x4 tyres when braking and slowing coming down a steep gradient from the mountains hot tarmac and chunky tyres not the best mix!).


Zante Airport

No tannoy announcements for boarding or delays the check in staff shout from the desk by the door; people in the duty free shop or upstairs did not hear the call. Once through departures you can buy food and something to drink, as well as duty free shopping.

If you're after cigarettes get them on the island as they're actually cheaper then the duty free shop. On that point everything is equal to UK prices in the duty free shop.



Paula D          9/10

I don't normally post my comments with regard to holidays on the net but after returning from the Christina Apartments in Tsilivi, Zakynthos - I felt I had to put a few things straight after reading some of the what now seem like silly comments. 
To be honest as this was a last minute holiday I had no expectations of these apartments as the Travel Agents hadn't got much deail on them so I read various reviews from different websites which, were mixed which made me think, what was I letting myself in for??  But I have to say I loved the Christina Apartments, they were very basic but clean - they also had air conditioning which is a life saver in 38 degree heat! (If you want luxury I suggest you fork out the extra few quid to pay for it). They are on a steep hill so would not recommend for elderly people but if your looking for a holiday where you can just chill all day and walk into resort at night (Tsilivi - 10/15 min walk) these are perfect.  Christina and her family run the resort and this is the first time I had stayed at a family run resort and it made all the difference.  They were so friendly and welcoming and would do anything for you, the Greek night every Tuesday is a brill night and we got to know lots of people staying at the apartments.  The pool bar serves kinda snacky food which is nice and drink, you will be served as long as you can drink but the music is lowered at 12 and turned off at 1.30am.  Once you close your sliding door you can't hear anything anyway.  What other apartments would have all the staff waiting to kiss and hug you goodbye and wish you a safe flight - as I said before the family run aspect made the holiday more personal!
I had read a review which complained about the aeroplanes flying very low over the resort??  I'd say roughly 4 planes fly over during the day but like at home you don't really bat an eye-lid but I had taken notice because of the review.  They are not allowed to have night flights in Zakynthos because of the Turtles, they are protected and the noise of the planes might disturb the nesting on Lagana beach. 
Overall brilliant holiday, would highly recommend the Christina Apartments!!  I am sad  to be home now and will be paying them a visit some time very soon. 

Steve T          9/10

We came back from christina apts on oct 4th. 8 adults to 4 apts. we had a fantastic time and were very well looked after. rooms were comfy and very clean. apts are just in the right place,a little stroll to the nite life. Christina was great with us all. the greek nite was brilliant. we are definitely going back in june 2008.

Bill O          8/10

I come back from Christina on 30th September. The room I had was good, always clean and shower worked all the time. I have been going to Zante for 20 years now and yes I have stayed in better but I have also stayed in worse, it all depends what you expect from Greek basic accomodation. Although I did not spend a lot of time around the pool when I came back in the evening and had a few drinks late on there was no problem.The staff were always friendly, always got a good morning on my way out. I sprained my ankle late on in the holiday and so instead of walking I asked one of the staff to ring me cabs to go out, again this was no problem for them ( phone cards were 4 euro to use the same phone but I was never asked for any money). All in all another great holiday on zante and although these are a bit far out of the village for me I would not hesitate in going back to them.

Sam E          3/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeWell the hotel was a nightmare, I dont know what room that other women and fam were in but ours was horrid. I came back with a rash from the bed covers, the staff were ignorant and soo un helpful!! We brought a toaster cos theres nothing to cook on, and we had to hide it from the maid cos on the notice it says you cant bring in any electrical products of your own, its just a ploy to get you to spend at the bar, and from what we tried the food was horrid. And I know you dont go on holiday to stay in your room, but my fellas a diabetic and needs carbs in a morning with his insulin shot! But the thing that made up for it was the view, we were suppose to have inland view, but the sea view was amazing!
As for the cutlery, etc what people were moaning about, we had two of everything, so that was ok, you do only get one toilet roll on arrival, but it is self catering, so its expected. the towels were a little grubby, but ok and we got plenty, and changed every two or three days. The bedding was horrid, not cleaned properly and as I said I had a rash from head to toe with it, had to sleep on my own towels i took. The bathroom is a nightmare, our shower was either scolding hot or cold no middle ground, the shower curtain was so grubby, the mirror and shelf had smears, water marks, toothpaste and god knows what else from previous people cleaning teeth etc, which wasnt cleaned when we got there. and the floor...the drainage was not done properly and its was 1-2 inch of cold, dirty water continually there, we had to ruin a pain of my fellas flip flops, to use to stand on for the toilet etc! It was like an andventure every morning and evening
the cleaner tho bless her, did the best with what she could and we left her a tip as she had it rough from the staff running the place.
As for the steep hill, its not too bad, and beleive me ladies, after two weeks there my bum loved it, like a little work out, lol!
overall, as many people have said if you're using it just as a base and to sleep its fine, but dont expect much, we deffinatly wont be going there again, like some one else said, for the sake of spending a few more hundred quid for some where, nicer, cleaner and friendlier, do it!!

Marie B

hi iv been reading some of the comments and i just have to say that some of you are completely mad !

give the place a break ! we were there last may with our daughter and we were very surprised on arrival, we thought we were in the wrong place. christinas had just had massive renovation and it really showed. i admit it was basic but our apartment was spotless, and very spacious, kitchen utensils were basic but who cares ? if you wanna stand there and cook a meal then thats up to you, i thought you went on holiday to get away from all that ?? as for mice and cockroaches we didnt see any, we saw loads in gran canaria . yeh its not a 5 star hotel so if thats what people want then they should book a clearly stated top rated hotel. all in all we would definately go back to christinas coz at the end of the day if you want a cheap break then well worth it .click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Rachel M          4/10

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I have a couple of other photos to add here.

Rachel M          4/10

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We just returned from here last Thursday. We have been to Tsilivi twice before and are used to the basic greek rooms but I totally agree with the comment below. These were more than basic. Grotty!!

Hardly any kitchen equipment and the fridge was forsted up, no door on the freezer. The bathroom was cleaned but still manky and the shower was more than basic and the curtain foisty and mouldy. The towels were two hand towles and we couldn't tell if they were changed in a fortnight maybe twice and even the "fresh ones" smelled. Had to buy toilet roll for the duration never experienced this in Tsilivi beofre and even though were self catering you are not allowed to consume any food or drink around the pool which had not been purchased at the bar.
The staff were quite ignorant, not very helpful could speak basic english but seemed to be nicer to the couples and families who spent all day and night there eating and drinking whereas we spent some days on excursions and the beach etc. It seemed like you were putting them out of their way by being there.
The pool area was nice and there were enough sunbeds and location was good although up a slight hill I will try and add photos to give an idea. Our holiday was quite cheap in comparison to last year and this was reflected in the condition of these apartments, for the sake of an extra 100 I would suggest staying somewhere with a cleaner and friendlier atmosphere next time!

Tracy A          3/10

We stayed at the Christina Apartments for a week in July. This was our first time here.

We were very disappointed by our room. It was basic to say the least. Our kitchen equipment consisted of 2 plates, 2 mugs -  1 chipped, 2 knives - only good for buttering bread, 1 spoon. All the crockery was very old. The fridge was iced up and had a funny smell.
The room was spacious but the furniture was very very basic and could do with replacing - we had no handles on one drawer. We had a good view from the balcony and it was large enough to sit out on.
 however we thought the bathroom was horrendous. Terrible shower - i felt it was very unhygenic as the shower curtain rested on top of the toilet. The tile floor was trecherously slippy.
We only got clean towels once when we were there and these were hand towels - and we had to ask for them. Also you have to supply your own toilet roll - we have been on many holidays and this is the first time we have had to do this.
Some days our room wasnt cleaned and we never had a change of sheets.
On a plus point though the pool area was fantastic and we couldnt have asked for better - Large, clean pool, plenty of sun loungers.
The pool bar was ok - lots of flies which put me off eating anything and the tables never looked clean.
The location of these apartments is very good, just on the edge of the town - 5 minute walk away from all the fab restaurants and bars and about 10 minutes from the beach. and the little hill is not steep at all. I managed it in 4 inch heels!
We will definatley return to Zante and Tsilivi - we fell in love with the place but next time WONT be staying at the Christina Apartments.
Plus points for Tzilivi
Definately do the Turtle Trek and Shipwreck tour - Make sure Chris is your guide - hes fabulous.
Level Bar and Two Brothers are fantastic
We never had a bad dining experience and we ate in loads of different places.
Enjoy your holiday xxx

Kelly B          8/10

 hi wejust returned after spending 2 weeks at the christina apartments,

 Christina and her family do a woderful job although it does not have a childs club etc.. it is a wonderful greek getaway, It has a very clean pool and a good bar area though it can get very noisy on Greek night & pool party night. 
The 2 bed apartments are large & roomy (although the showers are a possibly the worst showers we have ever used!)
it is a nice walk to the beach and if its your first time in tsilivi you have to try our friend Thomas restraunt Edem its fantastic, if you fancy a cooked breakfast try Stamnas also a great place to eat. Be aware that it is 10 euro for the horse &carriage ride. (they will charge more if you dont agree a price 1st!)
and 5 euros for a taxi
We took my met my parents for a week of our holiday & they stayed at Christina as well also enjoyed it, they stayed in the 1 bed studio and thought the room wasnt to the same standard as our 2 bed!
anyway hope you enjoy your stay there we are booking again for next year YAMMAS!

Sam E

I'm going to the Christina in sept and wondering what its really like? I've read some really bad reviews on different websites, and I'm more than a little apprehensive. If anyones been recently can you let me know, thanks   I went to tsilivi in June this year and stayed at the Planos apartholtel, and loved it, tryed to book there again, but completly sold out hence why I booked here, lol, but wish I'd read reviews first. But for people who have been asking about how far away it is, its only a few mins from the planos/tsilivi area, we walked by it a few times while there, thats why I booked cos its close to the part of tsilivi we liked, but if you're wanting the main bit,(near popeyes etc) its a good 20-30 walk.

Joanne B

hi could anybody tell me the phone number for the christina including the code for greece.we are staying there from the 12 aug and want to leave the number behind as a contact for family should they need me.this is our first time in zante and im so looking forward to it.

****** *


im going to zante this thursday the 2nd and i reali cant wait im going with my mum and sister but i was just wondering how far is it to walk 2 the beach?? please let me no thank u 

Catherine K


I am going to christina studios in Tsilivi in september and I'm just wondering about how far away they are from the main night life/shops/bars/restaurants and the beach.I am not hiring a car but worried this could be a problem.
Would be grateful if anyone can give me some information about the proximity of the studios away from the main resort centre.
Thanks  please email:

Rachel M

Lucy these apartments are right at the opposite ends of Tsilivi. The Christina studios are at the Planos end and the Filoxenia is right at the opposite end, off the Tsilivi map. It'll only cost a few euros in a taxi though, last year we stayed at the Filoxenia it was great! This year staying at the Christina fingers crossed for the same!

Lucy V

I am going to stay in the Christina Studios this Sunday with my boyfriend (1st July) and my brother in law and partner is staying in the Filoxavia apartments?

Are these very far away from each other??? How long would it take to walk?
Also can you reccommend anything to do that will be a memorable experience. Something that you would remember alway.  None of us has ever been to Zante before.
Thanks in advance for your time.
xx Lucy xx

Beth D

hey x
going to the Tsilivi Admirals in july just wondering if anyone knows if the Christina Apartments are near the Tsilivi Admirals?
xx :)

Selina R

im the rep for the christina, lats year and this, it is located, past jupiter, keep walking, past the taverna, and then past the kiosk then its above a petrol station, about a 10 min walk into tsilivi, just a bit closer that th flexiano.

Rachel M

Hi we have been to Tsilivi twice, first time stayed at a hotel called Jupiter Hotel and last year the Filoxenia apartments (which were a little out of the way). We like to go to the Two Brothers on a night, could someone let me know Where the Christina Apartments are situated? They sound great, did someone say near Paradise Bar? Don't mind a short walk but the Filoxenia was slightly out in the sticks! Thanks!!

Marie B          10/10

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 hi all, we stayed at christina apartments last may and i have to say we had a great time !!!!

on arrival we were met by two lovely ladies who insisted they carry our bags. when we were showed to our room i said to my other half " are we in the wrong hotel?" only because the room was huge, clean, had adequate kitchen facilities, anyway who wants to cook on holiday? after speaking with our rep yhe following morning, she told us that the hotel had undergone massive renovation, well i have to say after reading some of the comments on here i was extremely worried and even thought about changing hotels but there was absolutely nothing to worry about.
christina and mama were great with us and our 6 year old daughter, and at the end of the day you are in there country so a little bit of greek doesnt go a miss.
as for the music at the bar, it wasnt that loud and was off by 11.00 most nights.
tsilivi itself was beautiful, the beach was great and our daughter loved it !!
if anyone is gonna be staying in tsilivi whatever you do dont miss out on the two brothers cocktail bar, you cant miss it coz everytime we walked by he would squeeze his hooter and all the staff would shout something over to us in greek !! dread to think what it was, lol.
we went on both boat trips, first on the turtle one but make sure you book with the ones that dont hassel the turtlesor dock on turtle island as it is strictly forbiden. the next day we took and old wooden pirate looking ship to do the caves and shipwreck beach, we booked half day from 9.00 till 3.00 as we thought our daughter would get bored, but she loved it !book with one of the tour operaters in town as we got a great deal 40.00 euros for the three of us for both trips including coach transfers !!
the weather was fantastic mid to high 20's all days, got a great tan, all in all a great holiday, we are just looking online at the moment to book to go back this coming may, cant wait, blue lagoon cocktail here i come !!!!

Keeley M

hiya im going to christina's apartments in july and wondered how far it is to the town centre. or how far it is to the club egnima. if anyone can help please email me at  thnx

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