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Karen R          10/10

 Just returned from another lovely holiday at the grape vines apartments (29th July- 12th August 2011). Andy and Miri made our stay as welcoming and relaxing as always, anything that can be done to make you stay even better Andy can't do enough to make all her guests comfortable and happy. The restuarants and shops are just a short walk, the lighting around the apartments is fine, you do not need a torch to see your way back in the dark. The rooms and pool are all kept to a high standard of cleanliness (the pool is crystal clear, aways). Many people that stay once at the Grape vines return year after year after year. We can't wait for 2012, we will defiantly be returning. Thank you once again to Andy and all your staff for another wonderful, relaxing and restful holiday.

Joanne M          10/10

Myself and my boyfriend have just returned from a weeks stay at the Grapevines in Alykanas and we had the best time ever. We were made to feel very welcome by Antigoni (the owner) and her staff. Our room was really lovely with beautiful views from our balcony. The location was peaceful and quiet but it was a short walk to the bars and restaurants in town. We highly recommend the Mantalena for the bestest Gyros Pittas (for the best price as well - 1.60 eros). Also Antigoni cooks some very reasonably priced meals, a frappe was only 2 euros. The swimming pool was very clean and we spent many hours swimming. The beach was only about a 15 minutes walk away and it was stunning with views out to Kefalonia. We also highly recommend the train trip to see Spiros museum and taverna with copious quantities of free delicious local wine. If we are able to return to Zakynthos we will most definitely be booking to stay at the Grapevines.

Jo and Sakis

Karen R          9/10

the grapevines is lovely, nice and clean. Andy and all her staff are brill always helpful and friendly and fun. We stayed 2 weeks, end of July Beging of August. Reg says hi to Bazil!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne S          10/10

hi its mike and joe summerill here just to let anyone no who nos us we will be at the grapevines on the 31 of aug this year along with the gang pauline cyril olive margret and colin oh and hi ti sue and mick hogan hope youy see this my new email is jo.summerill@live see ya all soon cant wait

Richard M          10/10

hi all,had a break from zante last year but booked for sept and going back for the fourth time to the grape vines.cant wait.lets hope we get a bit of summer here in old blighty before we go.

Ben Y          10/10

In grapevines now. we have a week left. Great bar and bar staff Miri and Andy. crystal clear pool and we are having a great time this year. The appartments are basic but we dont use them often we only use them to sleep and shower in. But the rooms are kept really clean by the cleaner who has a great personality along with all the people that work here, unlike last year. Also the food in the snack bar is great this year and the service is fast

Peter P          9/10

 just come back from another great 2weeks at grapevines,andy is running the bar with part time help from a guy called miri(speaks good english)it was very quiet for most of the holiday,one or two brits and a couple of greek and italian families,bookings are well down this year!andy told us they will be with first choice for 2010,t.cook to expensive

Isabelle J

Hello, we stayed at the grapevines 3 years in a row and would very much like to contact Cristina and George who used to work there. She gave us an email address before we left but it doesn't work! Can anybody give us an email address for them please??? Andy and Izzy

Sue A


just to let all grapevine lovers know, you can now book your holiday with t cook.
we have been and booked ours this morning and had no probs, so all you zante lovers get down to that travel agents yammas

Kyriakos M

hello to everybody!!!

From the upcoming year Grapevines Apartments will cooperate with Thomas Cook.
greetings to all Grapevines friends
Kyriakos & Andy

Joanne S          10/10

hi to all the gang cyril pauline tony and olive thanks for another great holiday best one yet we all hope to meet up again next year hi to em and rula thanks for the loveley necklace and earings you made me they were beautiful and hi to sue and mick hope you had a great 2 week im sure you did hope 2 see you next year as well are email is jo can you give this 2 dave and jean as well and give us an email soon ok love to all from jo and mike summerill

Sue A          10/10

hi everyone we have just come back from a fantastic 2 weeks at the grapevines, would just like say hi to jo, mike and all the gang, hope to see you again next year you load of crack pots and thanks dave and jean for a great second week, i still keep picturing you dave pushing your quad up that hill with mick it was so funny also sal and john, and our scots mates dot, glen, henry, yvonne, and aleana, hope you all had a great second week. everyone at the grapevines looked after us so well like always, i never have to complain about anything. i cant wait to get back next year, its just like home to us one big happy family. so to everyone who is going to the grapes shortly have a great time and give emmi and rula our love, and also andi. yammas

Roy W          10/10

Our first time in Zante and we were very lucky to have chosen the Grapevines,

Andi and Kyriarkos were impeccable hosts and Emmi and Roola were a hive of Information.
One night we had dinner with all the family, it was a great success.
A very relaxing holiday, met Keith and Vanessa, very nice people.
Hopefully we will return to The Grapevines, with who is yet to be seen as First Choice have decided
to withdraw Grapevines from their brochure next year but, as there are more than one way to skin
a cat, who knows.

Sally C          10/10

Hi Jeanette, I have the email for grapevines it is or the tel number is 0030 2695083056. We have also atayed at the grapes several times, and are sorry to see they are not in the brochures for next year. hope you have luck booking. regards Sally.

 p.s. if you want one of the new apartments they are all upstairs but are much bigger than the old ones ask for 17/18or 19.

Nessa C          10/10

Just got back from another great holiday at the Grapevines. As usual the weather was great and it was lovely to see Roula and Emmi again they were running the bar instead of Christina and George. We were very sad to here that First Choice have dropped the Grapevines from next years brochure especially as Andy has had some new appartments built.  Andy is waiting to hear if another company will take them on but nothing has been agreed as yet. If not she is hoping to take direct bookings and her email address is for anyone that is interested. I would like to mention Cosy Corner Bar and Restaurant run by Shortie and Jules a great couple. Give them a look (near beach appartments) you wont be disappointed. Good food and good company We had some great nights with them. We will definitely be back next year and hopefully it will be at Grapevines cos we love it

Pauline J          10/10

Hi to all our friends who go to Grapevines.  We will be there on 2nd September which will be our 4th year.  It will feel strange without George and Christina who made us feel so welcome.  We also dont care what the previous bad comments have been, we love it there but if we 'sing' grapevines praises too much we might not get booked in ourselves next year!. (So no, dont go, it is horrible)!!
Hallo, Jo, Mike, Olive, Tony, Judy, Dave, Colin, Margaret, Tracey, Colin, hopefully we will all be there in our spot, at the bar, Mythos in our hand, in 11 days time, cant wait.
Pauline & Cyril

Jeanette H          10/10


Glenn P          9/10

Hi Mick & Sue, yes you can book massage now. Dot passed her final exam on July 26 so she is now fully fledgedCheers Glenn & Dot

Sue A          10/10

hi dot glen are you stopping at usual place or at the grapes. christina give us your email last year but stupid me lost itwe would have emailed you other wise. it will be lovely to see you again, will you be on your own or with your friends?we were their in june for micks birthday and had a great time, we hired one of those beach buggies it was brill. anyway seeyou september.sue and mick yammas

Glenn P          9/10

Hi Mick and Sue we are back on sept.14 see you then.Like you we love the place.See you soon.Cheers Glenn and Dot

Sue A          10/10

hi everyone just to say we are back at the grapes on the 9th of september. we had a brillant time in june and met some lovely people. buts its not enough and we need some more. cant wait to get back and see emmi and rula, andi, litsa. and of course little laura our holiday rep.they all looked after us why we were there and also to meet some more nice to all them what are due for going to the grapes have a brillant holidayyammas

Joanne S          10/10

hi everyone its joe and mike here we will be at the grapevines on sep 2 with olive tony pauline cyril cant wait and hi to jean and david if your out there will you be there in sep and hi to george and chris if your reading this we will miss you loads and i dont care what anyone says grapevines is the best

Pauline A          7/10

Just had to send a e-mail to say,we have just got back from the Grapevines last night & had the most fantastic time,although we did not spend much time at pool (cause we love the beach) or the bar,we found the rooms were basic but clean,bed linen & towels changed regularly,plenty of hot water,what more do you need.We loved Vraski,best Restuarant (we thought) but also had good food wherever we ate,the people we met, were lovely Greek & English,spent most of our nights & early mornings at Fever Bar with Julie & Yianni,we are looking to go back to Grapevines end of September,so for all the moaners if they to go to Greece & expect it to be like the UK,don't bother going.I was concerned before we went after reading some of the negative comments about the Grapevines but it just goes to show you need to go & find out for yourself as we all want different things in a holiday,Zante had all we wanted - Relaxation,good food & nice people. 

Peter P          10/10

sue/mike,thanks for your help,site really brought us up to date on all the news,we are flying from manchester on sun 20th july hope we don't get any delays(won't hold my breath) peter. 

Sue A          10/10

hi peter. we were looking forward to seeing chris and george also. but they have left the grapes now. chris told us last year she would not be there this year as she wanted to stay home with the new baby but she did say george would still be there. must have been a change of plan. anyway dont let this put you off emi and rula are lovely and will look after you. they have run the grapes before with their dad christos a few years ago. we had a brilliant time why we were there and really enjoyed it. oh and bye the way chris had a boy and her and george are over the moon. i hope i have been helpful. anyway have a brilliant holiday. sue. yammas

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