Whitehouse Studios

Accommodation in Alykanas

Rich E          9/10

Great place loved it. Nice and hot weather. The handy pool cooled you down nicely. Karen and Pavlos great hosts...booked again for next year and looking forward to it. wish we could have stopped longer but you have to go back so you can earn the cash to go again.

Robert B          9/10

We were last at the White House about 4 years ago and very much looking forward to going back this year. Can anyone advise if there is WiFi anywhere, if so is there a charge?? Many thanks, Bob

John E

Hi Eddie,

You can book the Whitehouse with Thomsons
  J E

Barbara W          10/10

Back yesterday from a 2 week stay at the Whitehouse Studios. Fantastic weather. The best we have had for many years in Alykanas - just a shame that we had to come home. Our Holiday for next Sept was booked as soon as they went on sale this year, such is the popularity of The Whitehouse & has been our choice since Pav opened his doors all those years ago. It's just one of those places you keep coming back to & we met many folks who were there for the first time but have already fallen in love with Alykanas & think Pav & Karen do a fantastic job, and are planning a return visit next year.
If you want a nice meal in a traditional  in a traditional Greek Taverna try The Paradosiako by the river going in to Alykes. George has extended the menu this year with even more mouthwatering dishes. Yum !

Karen C

  Four of us (two couples) stayed at the Whitehouse for a week beginning of September 2011 and we had a great time. The studios were great, very clean and plenty of room. Karen and Pavlos were fantastic hosts and should be congratulated on the good job they do keeping their customers well fed and watered!!

Everything we wanted was within walking distance and we booked again for next year as soon as we arrived in the UK. Can't wait to go back - it just seems so far away til next september
If anyone is going there then a walk to Redskins is a must - for their home made ice cream (plenty of flavours - some alcoholic) and they do some fantastic sandwiches!!

Doreen D          10/10

Just returned from another fantastic holiday at the whitehouse studios 10th year running, we had a relaxing time during the day and a good time in the evening at Bonkers. Pavlos, Karen and two children fantastic hosts. Already booked for next year in sept only two rooms left so you have to book early.

Barbara W

Hi Chris, no hairdryers - you will need to take your own

Chris D

Hi, can any one tell me if there are hair dryers in the apartments, or will I have to take one with me.

Paul M



I have booked with first choice for 2011.  I hope this helps?





Eddie L

We stayed at the White House, the first before Pavlos and Karen were married and the second after they were married and after the pool was built. We agree about all the nice comments about them and the studios and would like to stay there again but we can not find any way of booking The White House or contacting them. Can anyone please help.

Paul R

Stayed in the Whitehouse apts August 2009 , we were charged 70 euros for 2 weeks for the air con. Staying in the Venus apts 2010 , bang next door to the Whitehouse , Any comments on the Venus apts would be helpfull. Left it to late to get into the  Whitehouse  apts , but ill be back on the ball for 2011. Hope this helps Cheers

Kirsty J

Hi, I'd also like to find out how much the aircon costs for the White House as I'm visiting in July.

Thanks, Kirsty

Stevie M

Does anyone know how much the White House Studios charge for air conditioning? The Letsus Hotel charges 50Euros per week which I feel is quite expensive.



Barbara W

Hi Kim,
Have been using the White House apartments since they opened many years ago. Can tell you that the 3rd bed is usually a single in the same room as the double. Apartments are one room only with kitchenette & bathroom. Enjoy your stay !

Kim B

Can anybody please tell me if the third bed is in the same room, or seperate.
I know it is a studio, but somtimes in Greece, we have found that they are seperate.
Thank You

Annabel S          10/10

Hi Jessica,

I am arriving on the same day as you!
whitehouse studios is very nice, we stayed there last year!
there is a beach just down the road from there (it is lovely, with water sports and boat trips to see the turtles, blue caves and the shipwrek about 20euro) and then up the road is the resturants and gift shops.
One of the best resturants is Lavante.
At night they go horse and cart rides to the next village and up to the Lemon tree resturant. Theres not that much night life, the main bar that has a dance area is the Flame bar, all the staff are very firendly in there.
From the village you can take a train trip up to the museum to see abit of greek culture and there is a wine tasting bit at the end!!
You can get a cab to the next viallage down which is tsilivi, it has a bit more night life and is lively, that was about 15 euro each way.
 If you are interested in horse riding, Yannis (who brings down his horse for the horse and cart rides) takes people out, experienced or not. it was about 20euro for an hour and 40ish euro for 3 hours on a beach ride (but i think u have to be experienced for that.
i think thats about all really!!
if you need anymore info contact me on angelxmolly@hotmail.com
Commenting back to Sarah,
you can book through First Choice, however it does book up really early to to avoid dissapointment, book in advance, we only just got two weeks there bookin in January!! but still did not get the dates we really wanted.
Annabel x

Sarah A          10/10

We have just arrived from a 2 week stay at Alykanas village. One of our better holidays.  we had lovely weather.  Our favourite resturants were the appolo and the indian opposite the letos supermarket. not the one next to the car rental.  if you are going to book any trips do not do them with the hotel do them your self at the harbour or in the local shops. food in the supermarkets are quite expensive take your own ceral, tea coffe etc if you can.  we went on a lovely boat trip which we booked on the harbour. a fun day out


Jessica G


I'm going to the whitehouse studios on the 21st july. its going to be the first time i'm going there and i want to know any local information if possible please?? I heard its very good there and they are now booked for the summer!!


Hi - I'm still trying to book the White House Studios to no avail!  First Choice rang Head Office who said they were still on 'stop sale'.  However, another agent called me today to say they seem to be available one day but not the next.  Can't find them on website either.  Nightmare!  Can anyone recommend anywhere similar in Alykanas that's near the beach, nice and cheap?! 

Miriam P


I am going to be staying here for two weeks in May 2009 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the supermarkets near the studios stock soya milk and soya margarine as I can't have cow's or goat's milk?

Thanks very much! 

Cathy W

Hi, don't understand what you mean by can't book through First Choice.  I went into the First Choice shop locally and they were taking bookings for White House.  It is in their adults only section for 2009. However, when you go to the First Choice web site I haven't been able to find it.

I also know a lot of people who have already booked for 2009.
Hope this helps. 

Alabasium D

Hi all.  How do you book for Summer 2009 given First Choice can't book a holiday there.  I was told it was because WHS had yet to sign a contract.  Does anyone know how you can get in touch with the owners directly?  We've been before and want to return with friends.  Any advice gratefully appreciated - we didn't get a holiday in 2008 so we're desperate to have one in 2009!!

Amanda H

Have already checked there and out of my price range , i usually stay at alykanas beach studios with kosmar , i have e-mailed them directly numerous times to ask if i can book direct but have had no reply ,

thanks anyway

Cathy W

Hi Amanda

The obvious choice has to be Thompsons Alykanas Beach Village, which is opposite White House.  It is now classed as a Thompsons super family complex.  Not the same atmosphere as White House but may suit your requirements better.  I know a lot of people staying at ABV use White House during the day. 
There is also the Letsos Hotel at the end of the road but I don't know who has that next year as they were Kosmar this year, although I believe you can book them direct.
Hope this helps.
Cathy x

Amanda H

Thanks Cathy , does anybody know if you can book anywhere else as i have contacted first choice and they have told me that from next year these are going in the adults only brochure and i have 2 children


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