Anagenessis Village Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Brian D           

For 'we liked it', read... WE LOVED IT!!!


We wouldn't hesitate to go back! One family we met there were on their seventh visit to the Anagennisis, another family on their fourth! That tells it's own story!


Without a doubt, the friendliest staff I have come across on holiday.

Location wise, I have selected 'excellent' but I would add that 'excellent' is for those who are looking for peace and quiet! It is a 5 minute walk to the nearest market, a 10 minute walk to the nearest resturant (Michaelos, which is a MUST, the food is the best ever!), a 15 minute walk to the town centre, and a 20 minute walk to the beach.


Taxi's are cheap, and hire cars make life easy, but to be honest, the poolside is so nice that we preferred lazing there to going to the beach anyway!


We met loads of lovely people, and the setup there lends itself well to mixing and making new friends.

Ther perfect base for a quiet holiday or for exploring the island by organised excursions/ hired car.

Akis Studios - (Accommodation in Alykes)

Brian D           

Just back today from two weeks in the Akis... so review hot off the press!

A 5 minute walk from the centre, behind the salt-flats for anyone familiar with Alykes.
Not the most scenic part of town, but it is nice and quiet, but accessible. Supermarket is just 100 yards away, and a few surrounding dars ensure you won't dehydrate in the glorious Zakynthian sunshine!
The studios themselves are without a doubt the mist basic we have stayed in. The loo was so small that whether standing or sitting, I had one foot on the shower base at all times!
The shower itself has lukewrrm water at times, mildly warm at others... and annoyingly, had to be hand-held.
Rooms were cleaned daily, and were clean enough, but there were three days out of the fourteen when THEE bin wasn't emptied... not the general rubbish bin, that I could cope with... ... THEE bin, the one that thankfully we have no need for in the UK thanks to our sanitation system (therein lies the answer to the age-old question... what have the Romans ever done for us!).
Anyway, I digress!!!
The pool is lovely, warm and clean. A good sized pool, but never too busy during our stay. There is also a lovely wee kiddies pool at the end of it.
Only minor gripe... as the pool and sunloungers are free and open to the public, people from neighbouring accomodation and elswhere in the town use it regularly. Whilsn not problematic whilst we were there, I can imagine that it may be busy at peak time.
All in all, we had a great time. It is a decent enough base for a holiday of the relaxing kind. A bit basic, but if you can live with that, you should have a good time.

Cheers Bar - (Bars in Alykes)

Brian D           

Great friendly place, where the staff were very friendly and helpful (not to mention tollerant of me when those flamin cocktails proved to be more than I could handle)

Linda, Ashley and Sharon work hard and are very welcoming.
Linda even gave me a lift to the neighbouring town of Alikanas when the bank machine in Alikes wouldn't part with the readies for a trip that was due to depart in 10 minutes... ... what a star!!!
Pool table is well maintained and reasonably priced, and internet access is reasonablly priced too.
Good selection of entertainment (Sharon... ... you really need to practice the word... one more time... it's GLAIKIT!!!), with music quiz, gen knowledge quiz, films, comedy shows and footie.
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend a visit to Cheers on your visit to Alykes.

Paradosiako - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Brian D           

Excellent authentic Greek food at reasonable prices.

Great ambience, lovely view, and good service.
Try it... you won't be disappointed.

Ponderosa - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Brian D  (26 September 2005)         

We dined at lots of places on our two week holiday in Alykes, but this was the first one we returned to for a second visit!

Staff were very friendly, and the food was excellent.
One of the most reasonably priced restaurants in Alykes.

Zorbas - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Brian D           

Have to be fair and say that we only dined there once, but once was enough!

I have never tasted Kleftico like that in my puff!! Scraggy bits of meat, in a chillie type tomato sauce! Yuk!
My wife wasn't overly impressed with her meal either.
Possibly just an off night, but on the strength of that one visit, and with so many good alternatives, we dined elsewhere for the rest of our vacation.

Michaelos - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Brian D           

The best restaurant in Kalamaki, and having been to Alykes and Alikanas too, In my opinion... the island!!!

Food is authentic, home-made and cooked to perfection.
Waiters are very efficient, and polite.
Place is spotlessly clean.
Dennis, the owner, is very friendly.
We dined there in May, and loved it so much that when staying in Alykes in September, we hired a car to visit it twice during our holiday. Well worth a visit.
(It was also a nice touch that the waiters remembered us from our visit in May)
Favoutite dishes?
Meze for two is a feast to behold!
Kleftico and Stifado are scrumptious.
Try the baked apple for desert... it is incredible.
10 out of ten, only because I cant go any higher!