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Nipper S

stopped here july 2014, my studio clean tidy cleaned every day towels changed bedding changed regular pool clean ,plenty sunbeds etc owners quiet 5 mins to main strip ie restaurants ,beach overall very good

Ray Kinner          10/10

Excellent base to explore the outstanding beauty of the West and North Coasts and mountains by car. Very clean , large Pool with plenty of sunbeds and parasols. Very tasteful and good value snacks by poolside restaurant/cafe. Rooms regularly cleaned and bedding regularly changed. Management and staff very caring and always wanting to please. Provide a fridge, kettle and hotplates for snacks. 5 minute walk only to main centre with many excellent Tavernas at good value, ATM, Car Hire, Internet Cafe, Bakery and Trainaki. Only 10 minute walk to one of the best Beaches on Zante. 2 minute walk to Alykes Supermarket offering best choice and best value in Alykes, with Maria a wonderful lady who did much to make our Holiday so memorable.

Mary A

Thanks Derek, been through the brochure and on the website but the Akis dont seem to be showing.

Have contacted them direct and they have said they are not providing any information until January.

Mary A

Can anyone tell me how to book these apartments for next year.  I have looked at all operators and cant seem to find them anywhere.


Michael R          10/10

  We stopped at the Akis Apartments in July and i have to say the friendly welcome and service we recieved whilst there was excellent, nothing was to much trouble.

The rooms were clean and towels and bedding changed regular.Nice pool and surroundings i would recommend the Akis.
Thank you

Martyn W          10/10

7 of us stayed in the Akis and found them to be simple but all that we needed. They are cleaned to the highest standard we have ever seen and are a credit to the owners. The pool is large and cleaned to the same high standard. The food served was always good and inexpensive.The location is ideal with only a 5 minute walk in to Alykes and a Supermarket only 2 minutes away. We also found that the best Resteraunt was the Paradise again only a 2 minute walk, where the food was stunning and very reasonably priced too.

Overall the Akis  and Alykes was the best place we have ever stayed with something for Teens and Parents alike. We cannot wait to go back !

Jenny V          10/10

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 Just returned from another 2wk stay at the Akis studios. There were five of us so we were in studios 8 & 11 both were very clean although after a few days i was wanting my new bed back!

Vivienne and family were wonderful hosts and the food they served in the pool bar was delicious
The pool and the area around the apartments was always kept clean and tidy.
We were on an night flight and managed to book courtesy room for 30euros which we could keep until we were picked up at 2.30am
We will be back again next year!!

Panagiota V          10/10

Just returned from 2 weeks staying at the Akis and it was great.  If you're wanting 5* then go book somewhere that offers it but for what you pay you get clean towels and a clean room.  The pool bar offers great food and drinks at a good price.  A family run business who work very hard all day to make sure you are looked after well.  I recommend you buy the 6 bottles of water for 2 euros from the pool bar as it helps not having to carry them from the local supermarkets.  Never had any problems with anything and didnt hear of anyone else staying there having anything negative to say either.

These apartments offer all you need for a self catering holiday and i would highly recommend anyone to stay here - i am going back to stay so they must be good. 

Claire E          10/10

We have stayed at The Akis 5 times now having been put in various apartments around the pool and also in the block on the approach to the apartments all have been more than adequate for our needs, after all we are on holiday to see the sights and get some sun not to stay in and cook! Vivienne and family are most obliging nothing being too much trouble need extra towels ask and they are yours in fact any problems just ask and they will be resolved. We will be back again in August having booked direct with them this time and we will be using the bar before we go out of an evening we will also have breakfast there before we head of for a hard days sunbathing we feel it is important to put money their way as the tour companies rip them off.
So don't believe all you read we have recommended The Akis to friends who have also stayed there and they feel the same as us great place one of the cleanest pools anywhere we have ever stayed and lovely friendly owners and staff.
Roll on August 26th

Elle P          10/10

Hey, just wanted to say that i cant believe the comments some people have left about Akis!
i stayed there with my best friend about a year and a half ago, had one of the best holidays that ive ever had, the appartments were very basic, but come on, who wants to cook, clean and do all the rest of that stuff you would do at home when theyre on holiday?? surely you want basic?!!!
the appartments where not dirty or in any way unpleasant!!! my only problem with ants and insects was that i left my sheet over the balcony, put it back on my bed and it was covered in ants!!! oops!!!! my fault intirely!!!! if you go somewhere hot, then you should expect mozzies!!! horrible as it is, were all going to be bitten, just be greatful that there are things available to ease the itching!!!!
the appartments are fine and the service was good too!!!!
granted alykes is very quiet, but surely before you book a holiday somewhere, you look into the place you are staying in!!??
i would recommend alykes to anyone, and also i would reccomend staying at Akis!!

Cloe B          10/10

i stayed at the akis apartments in 2006 it was great i had a great time and would love to go there again. the people there were kind and the staff were polite and the food was lovely in the pool bar

Susan L          7/10

We had alovely weeks holiday at the Akis in Sept 06. Room was quite basic but very clean and the maid came in everyday.A lovely quiet location with a fabulous pool. Food served in the bar was very good and the staff very friendly. Our Olympic holiday rep was very helpful.  I did get bitten badly by the mozzies despite using lots of sprays etc only downside to the holiday

Georgina W           

I had to post a new note just to say, the Akis pool and bar are excellent.  BUT if you stayed in the block with the black railings or the block just on the drive overlooking the drive one way and a rough grassy patch on the other, and you haven't complained you must have money to burn.  The Akis studios looking down over the pool are by far superior and as we have all paid for the same holiday, why should we not get the same comforts and cleanliness.  I wasn't bothered about a kettle and toaster I can live like the Greeks for a week but not like a dirty Greek!

Georgina W           

From the moment the Rep put us off the bus and said your rooms are just up those three steps up a dusty track ALARM BELLS should have rung, we looked around to ask a question and she was gone, back on the bus and away in a cloud of dust.

Keys were hanging out the doors so we let ourselves in to be bowled over by the smell of drains, and by the way, we seem to be in a block next door to the Akis....thinking it was the wrong place we went to the Bar and we were told if it smells try number 11, it not only smelt, the bathroom flooded when you turned the shower on and No 11 smelt no better.  We asked to be moved to the pool area but were told it didn't belong to Kosmar!  More Brits got off another  bus at the bottom of the lane and they were just as disappointed as we were!    We all complained again and were given keys to choose a room in the older block of the complex, apparently most of the best rooms belong to Olympic!  We have been to Alikes before and we know rooms are basic, BUT there is basic and clean with good service, basic and dirty with a couldn't careless attitude...and we had the latter.  Lipstick on mugs, dirty cutley, one towel each and when they got soaking wet as they inevitably do with their shower system, they were not changed, when we left there were two towels in our bathroom which were beginning to smell as they had been there for two days.
The REP was useless, when we did see him he was jaded with the job and just doing time till he went home in a few weeks rumours have it that Kosmar were going to pull out of there last year but didn't...rumour has it they are going down the pan and it is not surprising.

Jo M           

what a fab holiday every thing we wanted really quiet and relaxing the Akis were basic but nice kitchen was really naff no kettle or toaster but we had a great laugh trying to cook breakfast as the smoke alarm was situated above the cooker, gave up and ate at the poolside bar where the food was very nice and resonable.  Met some very nice and friendly locals especially Colin at the Santa Barbara.  All the resturants were very nice and resonable.  Visited the Greedy Greek resturant nothing special but my husband said he now understands why its called the Greedy Greek (very expensive).  We are definatly booking for next year with a big family of  brother in laws and sisters and children and a mother in law to

Sue B           

Well it just shows that some people arn't fussed and would pay good money to go somewhere not worth it.
i have being to other greek islands and none of them were as basic as the akis.
but if you wanna spend silly money then go ahead its up 2 you but personally i wouldn't recommend it.
Also if anyone gets room 6 one of the white doors falls off and theres alot of ants so request an upstairs room if possible.

Laura A           

We stayed at the Akis apartments from3rd sept for 1 week, not sure what some people are talking about???   No 11o/clock curfew, no mossies (but did everyting to prevent them) only 12 euros for the safety deposit box (rather pay and be safe than have nothing left), Shower was something to be desired but always is in Greece and for the sake of a couple of weeks i can handle it!!! Basic utensils but i never use them anyway, have always ended up buying extra toilet rolls anyway but if you asked Katrina she always sorted you out with anything, we had toilet rolls extra towels even a chair from round the swimming pool!! (don't ask don't get) Had a fab week, and would revisit!!!!

James L           

click to enlargeStayed at the Akis for two weeks amd came home on the 27th of August.Quiet and friendly,very hot one day reaching 54 cel in the shade and that was why we were there.OK the maid service was not great the mozzies bit my wife 56 times in one night,but in a little taverna across the salt flats and to the left away from the main shops ( just in front of a supermarket)was Paulies or something like that, but I know one of the waiters was named Paul and all the staff were friendly and the food was great typical Greek cuisine.As for people saying that the Akis was Basic so is all of the Greek islands that I have visited,but then if you want the boring comforts of your own home Stay Home and that will mean more room for me and my friends when we go to Zakynthos to relax.

Sue B           

Just got back from a week at the akis,

room was small and really basic with no kettle or toaster...come to think of it there wasnt any kitchen utensils, the fridge was noisy,dogs barked constantly,and there was a plug socket hanging off the wall not to mention the bathroom flooded everytime you took a shower because the water wouldnt go down the plug hole...also the shower had to be hand held which was annoying and the maid only came in evry other day to empty the bins and she changed the beds and towels once.
you get asked not to smoke in bed but all you have is two beds so you dont really have much choice, its 15 euros to hire a fan or 32 euros for the air conditioning, the safe is also 15 euros which you dont get back at the end of your holiday.
the akis is about a 10 min walk from the main stretch of shops but the road you have to walk up isnt lit and so can be quite scary at night time.
Really close to the salt flats which if you arnt familiar with greece is basically a swamp that houses millions of mozzys which i got attacked by on seceral occasions.
overall nice resort but i wouldnt go back to the akis probally not even alykes because its really quiet and you can walked the main stretch of road with all the shops in about 15 mins.
notice i clicked quietness...excellent its only excellent if you dont want any noise personally i found it annoying that it was so quiet and there was an 11 oclock noise curfew...oh and one last thing the transfer from the airport isnt 40 mins as i was told it took us two 1/2 hours!

M K           

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Yes we had a great holiday, Jack added to the entertainment!  It all seems like a distant memory now

Diane T           

Yes it was Jack you would never forget that scream would you! I think everyone knew Jack buy the time we went home.Did you have a nice holiday?

M K           

returned yesterday from Zakynthos, stayed at akis, lovely place, vivien and family very friendly and helpful. v v hot so we hired a fan, that lasted 2 days and traded it for air con (paid difference of course, 70 euros total quite a lot I thought but there you go) total necessity to sleep, room was like a fridge after that it was great.  apts basic but clean and cleaned regularly, agree with d thomson, I also missed a kettle and toaster, but managed to boil a big pot and use a little pot as a scoop to make tea ( when in rome as they say!) afterall I did take tetleys with me! and coffee!  supermarket 2 minutes away which sells nice soft fresh rolls and lots of cold meat, fruit veg etc for continental brekkies.  we thought the bar snacks very reasonably priced, 3.50 euros for burger and chips (they toast the bun so if you want a soft roll remember to ask them not to toast the bun!) 2.00 euro for a toastie - 4/5 choices. 1.50 euro for soft drink.
Recommend these apts. but remember a good mozzy spray!
PS to d thomson is you son jack?  if so what an earpiercing scream that wean has!!!!!

Diane T           

Just got back on Sunday from Zante had a lovely time the weather was red hot for the 14 days we were there. It was nice and quite around the pool until my 3 yr old son got in and shattered everyones peace! The apartments were basic but kept clean enough only gripe was there was no kettle or toaster so you really had to go out to eat.I would stay again but i would take a stereo and a mini kettle.The food and drinks at the bar were ok but expensive. We eat at the maestro most nights their kleftico was the best! Best place on the island if you want somewhere for families and is still got its traditions.

Lorraine S           

went to the akis on the 18/6/06 had a lovely time rooms are bit small but cleaned every day the people who own it are always there to help an very polite they were great with my kids an the food was lovely in the snack bar pool was very clean  wouldnt hesistate to stay there again.

Alan M           

Just been in touch with our travel agent,Kosmar still have the Akis appts.What has happened is,Kosmar have have overbooked on certain dates,but we wer'nt told what dates.As we  go in september we were told our dates are ok.I hope this is some help to you Robbie.

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